Woman Turns Into ‘Monster’s Inc’ Character When Her Lips Swell

A woman from Pennsylvania went viral after she was left looking like a “Monsters, Inc.” character. After her lips ballooned to eight times their normal size, many people claimed the “freakish” images had to be fake. However, she proved them wrong and explained that she was to blame.

Kailee Jones said she got fillers for the first time because she felt her lips were disproportionately small compared to the rest of her face. After a lip-filler injection unexpectedly resulted in her kissers ballooning up to “eight times” their normal size, she was compared to a character from “Monster’s Inc.”

According to reports, the Philadelphia resident had 1 milliliter of filler injected across her top and bottom lips. Jones stated that her lips swelled quickly during the next hour, which she attributed to an allergic response to the filler. Jones’s social media images with her excessively engorged lips received over 3 million views, with people stunned and puzzled as to how this bizarre look occurred.

“I’ve always had thinner lips, and they disappear when I smile, so I wanted to make them fit my face a little bit more,” Jones explained. “The pictures don’t even really show how big they were…it was crazy.” Attempts to reduce swelling with ice, she said, only seemed to worsen the situation.

“Once it hit, after an hour or two they were really big, and then it was 48 hours of them being that big,” lamented Jones, whose colossal lips reportedly left her unable to drink or even speak normally. “I would say they were eight times the size of my normal lips; it was unreal,” the mortified woman exclaimed.

“I looked like the ‘Monsters, Inc.’ character,” she added, alluding to the cartoon character Fungus with full lips. Jones claims her family felt the same way. “My brother didn’t even know I was getting them done, and I walked in like that, and he was just like, ‘What the hell?’” the distraught woman recalled.

“My mom was very worried and was scared my throat was going to close, so she kept checking on me,” Jones declared. “I was scared it was going to go to my throat, which is what doctors said it could do, and my throat could close, basically,” said the alarmed woman. “That was my biggest fear and then also just thinking ‘Are they stuck like this?’ “

Jones has since shared a slew of selfies on social media to warn other women about the effects of “inflation.” According to Jones, many commenters assumed she had purposefully fluffed her lips to that size.

“YOU LOOK LIKE AN ADULT STORE BLOW UP DOLL! STOP IT YOUNG LADY,” said one cruel commenter. “[Oh my God,] I thought she glued sausages on her lips as a joke but I guess [they’re] real,” cracked another. Another added, “When vanity is more important than your health …Sis you’re beautiful …don’t risk it .. it’s not worth it.”

One commenter echoed Jones’s “Monsters, Inc.” analogy, comparing her to the character Fungus after his lips became entangled in the “scream extractor.” Doctors prescribed Jones a weekly course of oral steroids, which thankfully caused the swelling to subside over the course of three days.

Despite the traumatic cosmetic experience, the young lady hasn’t completely abandoned lip-plumping processes now that they have shrunk to a more normal size. “I definitely am scared of getting them done again, but I do like the way they look now, so I don’t know if I will,” she said.

That admission by Kailee Jones caused social media users to criticize the young woman. “And she said she’d do it AGAIN???” one person wrote. “The girl is nuts! She’s lucky that her lips went back to normal after whatever antibiotics/anesthetic the doctor gave her! DON’T do this again!”