Woman Living On Welfare With 10 Kids From 5 Men Shares List Of Goals

This woman has 10 kids with 5 different men. She lives off her government benefits and doesn’t care what people think about it. Now, she has just one goal left.

Mandy Cowie, a proud welfare queen, has lived on welfare for over three decades with 10 children to 5 different men — and she likes to brag about it. She currently takes in over 34,000inbenefitseveryyear,andatleast3,000 of that has gone to covering much of her body with tattoos. But, it gets so much worse.

Mandy isn’t content to just suckle from the government teet herself. She wants her children to do the same and is trying to convince them to follow a similar path as their mooching mother. What’s more, she says she wants 50 grandchildren, and there’s a disturbing reason for all of this insanity.

Mandy has big dreams and a big goal. Sadly, she doesn’t want this big family to better the world. Instead, she wants her kids on the system, with her hopes of 50 grandchildren, so she can continue raking in benefits from the government and become the biggest benefits family in Great Britain.

“Ten kids and full of tattoos, mate,” the 49-year-old single mother with ten children to five different men said of herself. “So what if I’m on the effing dole, mate. Don’t like it, eff off. I had my first one at 18 and my last one at 36, and I’ve told them I want 50 grandkids before I die.”

Mandy, who already has 16 grandchildren, was featured on Britain’s Biggest Benefits Family, a television show which profiles families that pride themselves on living on benefits — something Mandy Cowie most certainly does with no shame whatsoever. However, excessive tattoos aren’t the only way Mandy has questionably spent the taxpayer money that she’s given.

Mandy, who smokes quite a bit herself, also admitted to buying cigarettes for children when they are well behaved and “do good” by helping her with cooking and cleaning, even though her jobless life should provide plenty of time for that kind of thing. As if that’s not bad enough, Mandy even admits to letting her children drink alcohol at home.

“People may be shocked that I’ve been on benefits for so long, but I don’t care,” Mandy said. “I can’t work because of the kids, and while the pregnancies weren’t planned, I love having a big family,” she added. “I probably wouldn’t get a job that would pay as much as I get now anyway. People might judge, but if it’s there on offer, who wouldn’t take it?” Mandy asked rhetorically.

After living on the dole for three decades with no education or work experience, Mandy is probably right. She’d be hard-pressed to find a job that pays $34,000 a year for the skill set she has to offer. What’s more, if she could find such a job, there’s almost a guarantee that someone else would be better qualified for the position than someone with no work history.

As for her ten kids, only three of Mandy’s children live with her, while the other seven have moved out. Still, she is able to collect disability benefits for a son, child tax credits, child benefit, and a jobseekers’ allowance. Although not all of them live with her, the apple sadly doesn’t fall far from the tree as Mandy’s kids are already proving. While 14-year-old Charlie likes to stay home and smoke rather than go to school, Mandy’s 24-year-old daughter, Cristal, is already manipulating the system for benefits.

After picking up some tips from her mother on how to maximize welfare money, Cristal explained, “I’m still with the baby’s dad, but he doesn’t live at my house. People say he lives there, but he doesn’t.” She added, “If we were to live together, our benefits would get stopped, so we might as well be together and live in different houses.” One can only wonder how truthful she’s being about the baby-daddy not living with her.

Much like America, it looks like Britain has a real welfare problem. In fact, according to Express, the British government spends more than $201 million in welfare benefits on 27,000 large families. And, like Mandy points out, it’s “offered,” meaning she’s not breaking any laws. So, who’s to blame? Is Mandy at fault for her lack of work ethic and taking advantage of the programs available or is the government to blame for the programs being so easily abused?

The truth is likely that responsibility should fall on both, but neither Mandy or the government that gives her cash are feeling the pain. Instead, the burden falls on the hard-working taxpayer, which is something many find to be simply unfair while others believe it’s just what you deal with to ensure that those who need the benefits don’t end up going hungry. Regardless of which side of the welfare debate you stand, one thing is for sure, and that’s that leeches like Mandy, who admittedly exist to create more government dependents, certainly don’t help those in need for whom these programs were designed.