Woman learns she’s been listed as a missing person for decades, what she discovered next is insane

Woman learns she’s been listed as a missing person for decades. What she discovered next was much more shocking if you’re adopted, the search for your biological parents can be a roller coaster of emotions, even in the best of cases, so Spirit thought for Sean Bolton who decided to try and track down her birth mother when she was 26., you can never really predict how a quest like this will play out and poor Sean ended up discovering far more than she bargained for this process was going to totally flip her life upside down. Sean had long been aware that the people who raised her weren’t, her biological mother and father Gene learned that as a matter of fact, while she was still just a kid that must have been quite the surprise for a child to take in, of course. But little did she know that things would get so much more shocking when she grew up age 26 and in a pretty good place in life.

Sean felt the time was right to try to track down her birth, mother she’d recently gotten engaged. So perhaps she was at a reflective point and felt now is as good a moment as in whenever her motivations were. She soon came up with a plan to set the bomb rolling Sean figured a good place to start would be to see if her mother had a criminal record, so she got in touch with a police Bureau in the area where she’d been born. She spoke to someone there and gave as many relevant details about herself as she could think of the officer soon ran a check and he found something remarkable. The officer was aghast at what he discovered about Shaw.

He knew she was in for a big shock here. So he told her to take a seat. He then revealed a strange truth about her life. Sean had been marked as a missing person for decades. Her life story was far darker than she’d ever suspected.

The sheriff informed Sean that at the beginning of 1980, just months after she’d arrived in the world, an account was placed on file about a missing child. This kid the details laid out had been kidnapped and that child it was now clear, was actually Sean. Apparently, a search for Sean was initiated after her disappearance had been recorded by the police, but nothing came of it. Nobody was ever able to track her down and instead she grew up none the wiser to these events. Yet how had this happened and were the people who raised her aware of it so Sean’s, understandable, search for her birth parents had taken a very disturbing turn and things weren’t going to get any lighter anytime soon?

The revelations were to keep on coming too after she hired a private investigator to do some digging. She wanted answers, but they wouldn’t be pretty when they came. The bi in question got to work and even managed to track down Sean’s birth mother. Yet that’s not all this investigator learned the truth of what really happened all those years ago and despite the fact that the police had recorded that Sean had been kidnapped as a child, the reality was even more disturbing. Her birth mom had actually sold her Sean’s.

Real mother had exchanged your child for money before then going to the police and claiming her child had been kidnapped. She even pretended to help look for the missing kid, presumably to keep her story looking believable, not even her own relatives, knew about the plan she’d set in motion, as Sean herself later explained in a video, my mother’s family. They all believe I was kidnapped in a strange twist. It seems Sean’s birth mother actually suggested to police that the man who ended up raising her a guy named Steven was responsible for the kidnapping. It’S an odd detail sure, but maybe it indicates that she wanted her child to be found by the cops and maybe even returned to her regardless.

Nothing ever came of this as investigators failed to look into Steven’s Affairs properly. So Sean was raised by Stephen and his partner Angie, totally unaware of what transpired during her infancy. Her mother had sold her to these two people. That’S obviously a very messed up thing to have happened, but maybe a silver lining could have been found had they raised. John well, tragically, though they didn’t Sean suffered a great deal of abuse at the hands of Stephen and Angie.

Her childhood was a traumatic, cruel experience and she had little to no stability. Looking back now, she thinks she may have been treated in this horrendous way because of the circumstances by which she’d come into the lives of Stephen and Angie. Whatever the case, their behavior was abhorrent in one of her Tick, Tock videos Sean tried to make it clear to people watching what had been like for her growing up. Speaking of her childhood, she said it was confusing. I couldn’t work out why they didn’t love me and why they treated me as terribly as they did.

Sadly, even learning the truth after all these years failed to lead to any sense of closure for Sean when the pi managed to locate her birth, mom Sean reached out and arranged a meeting, but it was far from a cathartic experience and pretty unpleasant her birth mother Denied any wrongdoing and never even said sorry, sadly reconnecting with the extended family didn’t work out either. Sean’S biological grandmother had never known the truth about what happened and she’d mourned the baby grandchild. She believed she lost forever, but when she actually got to meet Sean, she found her Newfound grandkid didn’t match the image she’d built up inside her head over all those years. The two just didn’t click by this point in time, Sean must have been emotionally drained. After learning such a terrible thing about her past, she now had to deal with essentially being rejected by a family.

She never knew she had. Thankfully, though, there was to be a small consolation in an otherwise heroine story, Sean stick: videos detailing all these crazy things. That happened to her proved really popular lots of people saw them, and some were obviously very supportive and one person even tried to help by tracing down her biological father. Sean now had one last roll of the dice at finding a family member. She could get along with the person who Tracked Down.

Sean’S biological father didn’t publicly disclose their method, so it wasn’t entirely clear how they managed it, but sure enough. They pointed Sean in the direction of a man. They thought was the right guy Sean then reached out, and he agreed to a DNA test to see if they matched sure enough. The DNA test showed that this guy really was John’s dad, as he later explained, to his Newfound daughter. She was conceived by accident and he didn’t have anything to do with her life.

Now, though, the two of them seem to be getting along okay and she even included him in one of her Tick Tock videos by the end of this debacle, Sean was left with. So much to process she’d been failed Time After Time, right from her earliest days and into her adulthood where she was left to investigate her own disappearance with no real help from the authorities. Naturally, such an intense and upsetting experience made her feel pretty shaken up. Yet, despite all that, they put her through Sean claimed to still have positive feelings for the people who raised her as she put it in one of her videos. I did feel love at times when you’re in an abusive situation, you’ll take even little bits of love and cherish that it’s complicated, still Sean’s also taken the understandable decision to several contact with both her adoptive parents and biological mom.

She instead wants to put all her effort into healing and having a better relationship with her own children, given all she’s experienced she’s actually pretty well adjusted, though obviously she has things to work through I’m doing much better now, Sean explains in an upload. I own my own business. I don’t have any contact with any of my family. I do have a very complicated relationship with my children that I would love to repair and I spend every day trying to do that. I’M not perfect Sean also determined to repair her relationship with herself, as she put it in a caption in one of her videos, love all the pieces of who you are.

We grow and become different people with every choice we make choose happiness and self-love and for what it’s worth? A lot of our viewers were extremely supportive. People expressed a huge amount of sympathy for Sean with some claiming to be heartbroken by her story, and lots of viewers were happy that she was working through everything and wished her the very best for the future. Hopefully, all that support will help her finally put this terrible chapter of her life to bed.