Wife dies with Baby in her Womb, but Husband does Something Unbelievable

It’s incredible what can happen when someone has a strong faith and conviction. This man’s wife dies with a baby in her womb, but what her husband does is unbelievable. Suleiman is a banker who has dedicated his life to serving God. He is a devoted Christian who was well respected in his community for his humility and integrity. His life was on the right path.

So how did he end up in a situation where he’s sitting in the waiting area at the hospital and praying for his wife’s life? While in school, Suleiman was an exceptional student. He graduated from high school as the best student and he had offers from most of the top universities in the world. However, this straight-A student decided against going to any of them. Instead, he chose the University in a state.

When asked why he gave up the chance to go to some of the best universities, he said, It was a great opportunity to study in another city, but I think I’m needed more here. I can just feel it. The schools are littered with the best students and it would have been a privilege to study with them. But I prayed about it and those schools were not for me. While in college, the young man continued to be an excellent student.

In his early years in the higher institution, he had some of the best results the school had ever seen. Solomon didn’t have a social life and he had never been in a relationship either. His life revolved around the same three places the classroom, library and his hostel, but eventually one of his friends convinced him to go to a pub with her. She was very interested in Solomon and wanted to be more than friends with him. The young lady had tried various ways to show him that she was in love with him, but when the only thing you can think of is the next paper, it becomes hard to notice such things.

That night at the bar, Suleiman and Karen shared drinks and stories about their academic experiences. They always got on so well together and everyone in the pub thought they were a couple. The barman said to them, all right, love birds, should I bring you another cup of drinks or it seems like it’s time you guys want to take your discussion to a private place. It’s not like that not what you think. I and Karen are just coursemates and good friends who are just having fun, said Sullivan while Karen was silent and just responded with a Rye smile.

He was really blind to her feelings towards him and she didn’t have the courage to tell him how she felt. And that’s when Karen’s friend walked in. You know, when you meet someone in the whole world just stops for a while and smiles at you, some people will say it’s crazy and that things don’t work that way. And I used to say the same thing until it happened to me. There was so much noise in the pub with the music playing and people chatting and having fun.

But when I saw her, everything was just calm and silent and I could just tell I knew that this was different. Marriage isn’t something I always thought of, but I could just tell she was the one. I feel privileged to have had such a moment and I have never met someone like that again and I never will, he said. Those were Solomon’s words described the moment Yanina walked into the bar and into his life. I’m not sure where I stand on a love at first sight, but this young man stated that this was what he experienced.

However, it seemed that their happily ever after would never happen. Iana stepped in and went straight to Karen. She hugged and kissed Karen from behind and you could immediately tell how close they were. Karen introduced them to each other. Sulee, meet Yan, my best friend.

Jane, this is Sulee, my friend. The duo exchanged pleasantries and they delved into a conversation. Immediately. They were engrossed in their discussion so much that they didn’t notice how Solomon was staring at Karen’s best friend. A moment later, another guy walked up to Janina.

He hugged and kissed her from behind. Yanina replied, Is that the man I get to spend the rest of my life with? I am the luckiest woman in the world. Then she turned and kissed him in a man that showed that they were clearly in love. She told him that her boyfriend Brody proposed about an hour ago.

This newly engaged lady was very happy and she stated that she couldn’t wait to walk down the aisle. She asked Karen to be her chief bridesmaid and she agreed. She told her best friend to bring Sulliman to the wedding. Everyone in the bar congratulated them and one man bought free drinks for everyone in the bar just to celebrate their engagement. Suleiman couldn’t stop thinking about the lady he met at the pub.

He couldn’t pursue his interest and she was somebody else’s fiance. But for the next few weeks, she was all he could think about. He prayed to God about it because he couldn’t control how he felt about her. The undergraduate try to stop thinking about her, but instead he sought more information about her. He found out that she was a high performance athlete.

Suleiman started attending most of her ice skating competitions. Although they hardly talked at the Championships, all she did was waved him occasionally. It was the closest he ever felt to her. Yanina was one of the best performers amongst her peers. For all her competitions, she always finished among the top three.

But things changed for this ice skater when she was about to compete for the global Championships. She had just won the national ice skating title and she was one of the favorites going into the global Championships. However, she found out that her fiancee Brody had been cheating on her with one of her closest friends and fellow skater Anna. This shattered an Nina and affected her performances. She didn’t do well in the global Championship.

Instead, she came 6th shortly after Yoana realized she was pregnant from her ex fiance. But guess what? Anna was pregnant from him too. The athlete went through a very difficult period because she was betrayed by a friend and the man she loved. She aborted the pregnancy and she didn’t want to raise the baby as a single parent.

A year after the ordeal, Suleiman finally shared his feelings with the Anita. Although it was hard for her to trust a man again, she eventually agreed and they started dating. Two years later, they all graduated from University. Suleiman became a top banker while Jenna retired from skating and started teaching young skaters who wanted to follow in their footsteps. The couple was very successful in their endeavors.

Solomon’s career progressed at a rapid rate and he remained a very religious man not long after his wife became pregnant. It’s what they have been working towards and they were both very happy. After six months, her ultrasound scam revealed she was carrying a girl, but Janina was also a workaholic. She never stopped going to work even as her due date grew closer. One day while at work, she collapsed and was rushed to the hospital.

Her husband got to the hospital as soon as he could as well. He was worried about his wife but he never stopped praying to God. He had faith in God that nothing would happen to his wife and whatever happened was God’s will. The hospital staff told him to stay in the waiting area while they attended to his wife for over 2 hours and they had made no progress. When he was called to the doctor’s office, he was told his wife had a brain tumor.

He had developed up to a stage that there was nothing they could do for her anymore. However, nothing happened to the child. The doctor told him that their best chance was to keep her alive for a few days, after which they would perform a cesarean operation to deliver the baby. Throughout this difficult period, Solomon never stopped praying or believing that God is in charge of the situation. He agreed to the doctor’s plan because he knew this was what Yanita would have wanted.

Suleiman lost his wife just before they could deliver the baby. However, the medical team told him that there was still hope. They performed a postmortem surgery and carried the baby from the mother’s womb. She was taken to the NICU and placed an incubator. Solomon stated that this was indeed a miracle.

After a few weeks, the baby was discharged and got to go home with her father. Solomon says that he would miss his wife and doesn’t think that he would fall in love with someone else. He said God knows best and he is happy to have his daughter. And his focus is on raising her. What have you learned from this story?