When This Baby Was Diagnosed As Terminal In The Womb, His Parents Made An Incredible Decision

For expectant parents, the months leading up to the birth can be incredibly anxious, especially if there’s a problem with a baby. Drew, an Ariane corstine, can certainly relate to that as Medics diagnose their unborn son with a terminal issue in the womb. Residents of Anchorage, Iowa, Drew and Arian first met back in 2008 during their time at Wartburg College. They eventually got married in 2013 with a former running a clinic named Embrace Life Chiropractic. Meanwhile, Arian worked as an English teacher at the city’s high school.

Before long, though, Arian decided to join her husband at the clinic looking after the business. With the pair seemingly settled, they planned to have their first child together in 2016. Sadly, though, Aryan suffered a miscarriage later that year, leaving them heartbroken. As a result of that devastating loss, Drew an Ariane understandably took their time before making another attempt. Indeed, it wasn’t until December 2017, when the corpse Deans received news that she was pregnant again, bringing smiles to their faces. However, after what happened previously, they called upon a midwife to help them with a pregnancy. Despite taking that precaution, the pair were then given some slightly concerning news. After the preliminary blood tests, the doctors discovered that the baby didn’t have much iron, so they handed Aryan a new set of vitamins to help boost those levels.

Unfortunately, though, the problems didn’t end there. Some five months into the pregnancy, Arian underwent a diagnostic ultrasound before planning a trip withdrew to a conference. However, the test results stopped them dead in their tracks. It was strongly believed that the child’s brain tissue was malformed, leaving the corpse teams devastated. We just held each other for about an hour, and Drew recall to the Des Moines Register in August 2018.

It was one of the worst days of our lives. After receiving the results, a permatologist then explained the issue in greater detail after some more imaging tests. According to those results, the baby was missing a large portion of its brain. After those tests, Drew an Ariane looked for another opinion, but the news didn’t improve. Indeed, while the new specialists believed that the child’s brain was more fully formed, they also claimed that it wasn’t divided in half. Despite the differences of opinion, though, the expectations for the baby didn’t change. The best prognosis we had was that the baby would only live a few days, Dr. Jonah Conklin told the Des Moines Register.

With that in mind ruin, Arian were given options by their doctors, which included ending the pregnancy by induced labor. However, the couple had other ideas. Due to their Christian beliefs, Drew, an Aryan, wanted to deliver the baby naturally. It didn’t feel like it was my decision to make, the latter said about aborting the pregnancy. We knew that our baby was probably not going to be born alive. Whatever happens, it’s in God’s hands. After a very difficult period, the courtes then decided to commemorate the last few weeks of Aryan’s pregnancy, taking a vacation to Costa Rica in June 2018.

The pair also organized some lowkey baby showers with loved ones, but the celebrations remained bittersweet. One month later, the big moment arrived. Arian was taken to the Mercy Medical Center’s neonatal Hospice unit in July 2018, with doctors informing her that the baby needed to be delivered now after turning down a cesarean delivery, she then spent the next three days in labor. On July 29, though, she finally gave birth to her baby son, Matthew. After provoking fears that he’d already passed away, baby Matthew started to show signs of life after releasing some internal fluid. Not long after that, Aryan started to breastfeed her son, which came as a massive surprise. The nurses rated him a ten out of ten on that sure calm, they told us.

Normal newborns don’t do that well. Keeping nearly prognosis in mind, the doctor subsequently wanted to conduct an MRI scan on the baby to check his condition. A few minutes later, drew an Aryan and received some quite incredible news from one of the neonatal neurosurgeons. Indeed, despite all of the previous tests, Matthew had been wrongly diagnosed. As it turned out, the baby’s brain had formed completely, but due to a considerable build-up of fluid, it had moved to the side of his skull.

The fluid in Matthew’s head came as a result of a shrunk induct in his brain, which proved to be the real issue. After that, Dr. Conklin tried to explain how the misdiagnosis happened. When you’re using imaging technology like an MRI on a baby that’s inside the mom’s uterus, you’re looking at something that’s very small and very far away, Dr. Conklin told the Des Moines Register. If you’re trying to look at a heart defect, for example, you’re looking for something that’s about the size of a quarter or half a dollar through all the tissue. That’s a part of the mom’s body and the fetus’s body.

After the detection of the real problem, Matthew underwent brain surgery with a shunt being placed inside the shrunken duck to help clear the fluid. Thankfully, the operation was a success, withdrew and Aryan taking their son home. A few days later, however, Dr. Conklin offered the pair some words of caution. The baby still has a long road ahead, Dr. Conklin added. There’s a whole gamut of possible neurological impacts, including autism, learning disabilities, and other pretty severe neurological disorders. Unfortunately for Matthew, he went back to the hospital in August 2018, suffering from meningitis.

Juan, Aryan’s son, was set to stay at the hospital for about three weeks, with a former offering a positive update in that time. Meanwhile, the pair also set up a GoFundMe page for Matthew after his birth, with the donations totaling more than $40,000 by September 2018, going towards his medical expenses. As for Arian, who dubbed her son Matthew the great, she referred back to her faith when reflecting on everything that happened. It’s so amazing that just a few days ago he had brain surgery and he’s just here in our house like nothing happened. She said if you don’t believe in miracles, God sent us, Matthew, to remind us they’re real.