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When No One Showed For This Little Boy’s Party, Stranger At Chuck E Cheese’s Made An Unusual Offer

When angel kazanus threw her little boy evan a birthday party, she no doubt hoped that it would be an event to remember, but when no one showed up to the celebration angel watched, her son’s excitement turn into disappointment, and it was then that a stranger at chuck E cheese’s made them an unusual offer. July 2018 was said to be a special month for little evan kazanis, who hails from new jersey. Why july? Because it was then that the little boy was going to turn four years old and to mark the occasion his mom angel was throwing him a special birthday party to ensure that it was a birthday to remember angel invited 30 youngsters to a local chuck e cheese. What’S more, the proud mom had already reserved a special area within the restaurant.

Now all that she had to do was wait for the kids to turn up and let the good times roll on the big day. Angel and evan got to the restaurant in good time and patiently awaited the arrival of their guests as the minutes ticked by, though it soon became evident that no one was coming to join them, and so it looked as though evan would be celebrating his fourth birthday Alone, recalling evan’s heartbreaking reaction to his no-shows in august 2018 angel told inside edition, he was looking at the door. You saw the disappointment on his face. Naturally, then her son’s sorrow left the mom feeling deeply upset, but it wasn’t just evan and his mom who were troubled by the upsetting situation. You see when restaurant staff realized that no one had turned up to the youngster’s party.

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It sat in them too, and none of the team members were more upset than chuck e cheese’s, employee taylor and xena and xena later recalled her reaction to little evan’s disastrous birthday. Speaking to inside edition, she said she was upset and she wasn’t understanding how you know. People just couldn’t respond, but you know she held it together and never for a second. Let evan know that she was upset, which i think was super awesome after the party failed to materialize, though evan and angel decided to leave the restaurant and cena couldn’t get the dejected little boy. Out of her mind, though, and as a result, she later invited the pair back to the parlor, where she intended to surprise them with a very sweet gesture.

You see, after witnessing angel and evan’s disappointment, encina took to facebook to announce her intentions to throw the little boy another party and to make the celebration extra special and xena appealed to her friends and family to buy birthday presents for evan. Happily, enzina’s plea worked, and it must have been very persuasive too. In fact, before long, she had friends, colleagues and family members alike, responding to her request within three to four days. I had about 13 gifts, the kindly chuck e cheese’s worker later revealed, so when evan and angel returned to the restaurant, just over a week later, enzena was able to surprise them with a whole pile of presents and friendzina being able to turn the youngster’s frown upside Down made all the effort worthwhile and xeno later revealed the day. Evan came back in seeing the smile on his face was everything i wanted.

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I had one goal going into that day and my goal was to make sure that he left happy and he left going. Oh, my god mom. This is the best day ever and while evan was unable to control his excitement, his mom was overwhelmed with emotion too. I was shocked. Angel admitted i had to keep myself from crying.

So once again, the mom found herself trying to hide her reaction from her son, though this time it was for a much happier reason. I didn’t want him to see how this affected me angel revealed. They made him feel a million dollars like he was the most important kid in the whole world and for that the happy mom hadn’t zena to thank, but while angel was singing in zena’s praises, the chuck e cheese’s staff member was just glad to have given evan A birthday to remember and this time for all the right reasons, what’s more to show all the people who’d sent the youngster gifts, just how happy they’d made him and xena went online to post some pictures of heaven’s celebration in the images evan is ripping open. His presence with glee and the happy four-year-old even got to meet and take pictures with chuck e cheese himself. Alongside the heartwarming pictures, she’d put up enzena posted a message stating that the experience had been the most rewarding day, she’d had in a while in her caption and xena continued a week ago, this little boy had his party at chuck e cheese’s and played alone.

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Today, evan and his mom are having the best day ever. Thank you so much to everyone who helped me make evan’s birthday such a special day. My heart is so full and so so happy and then xena wasn’t the only one made happy by evan’s little smiling face. You see, enzina’s post subsequently went viral and she was inundated with kind messages from people who were grateful for her selfless actions. In one comment: kaylee waters who seemingly sent evan a gift, wrote yay, i’m so happy this sweet little peanut could have the birthday he deserved, thanks for putting this out to the facebook world, so we can all add a little love to their day.

Meanwhile, craig a daryl added, thank you for being such a kind and thoughtful person what you did for that little boy was just beautiful. You have made such a difference in his life and his mothers. Thank you for what you did and continue to do. Happily, then, evan had finally had an extra special birthday party that he’ll no doubt remember for many years to come.

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