When A Frantic Father’s Baby Went Missing, First Responders Found A Nightmare In The Daycare

cornelius jones could hear his one-year-old daughter screaming but he wasn’t able to get to her it was dark and he was frantic so he dialed 9-1-1 and the emergency services eventually got inside the building but how on earth did all this happen cornelius jones is a father from chicago who one night back in 2015 got The fright of his life at the time his one-year-old daughter journey was enrolled in a daycare center called all things are possible for kids on the evening in question jones headed down to the facility to pick up his daughter but when

he arrived everything was not as it seemed there was something strange about the daycare center and it immediately made jones very worried indeed jones had arrived 15 minutes before the child care facility was due to shut for the day however when he got there the place already looked totally closed up in fact all the lights were off inside and the front door was locked and there was no sign of journey first jones rang the doorbell in the hope that someone would answer and bring him his daughter But no one did next he called a daycare number but once again the worried dad was left hanging by this stage jones was getting very worried about his daughter he

tried the center’s number again but still no one picked up the phone that’s when the frantic father decided to take matters into his own hands without a second thought he began kicking the front door however he still wasn’t able to get inside the locked center then jones Heard his daughter’s voice she was screaming and the sound was coming from inside the darkened building that’s when jones knew that it was time to dial 9-1-1 so he put the call and then got in touch with journey’s mom quinisha borum borum who was also jones girlfriend immediately rushed over to the daycare center after getting the horrifying call about journey being stuck inside i was just

trying to get over here as fast as i can that was the worst thing that Could ever happen that i didn’t want to happen she told fox 32 chicago soon the fire department arrived at all things are possible for kids the firemen then got their tools and worked tirelessly to save the one-year-old trapped inside the building some dramatic cell phone footage captured the crew trying their best to prise open the

door to get the journey happily the crew eventually managed to break into the daycare center but once they got inside The ordeal for journey’s parents wasn’t quite over jones recalled not being able to find his daughter in the moments after gaining entry to the building journey’s dad told fox 32 chicago that he was thinking where is she where is she he remembered being able to hear his daughter’s screams but still wasn’t able to spot her in the darkness so i kicked the door like two times and then i heard my baby screaming in the background a video taken that night shows the rescue Crew searching the corridors for the stranded tot but then thankfully they finally found her one

of the police officers flashed a light to the left and flashed it back to the right and that’s when i saw her crawling towards us screaming jones said and my heart just dropped a member of the rescue team then scooped journey up into her arms finally putting an end to what it must have been a very scary experience for the baby as well as a worrying time for the infant’s Parents needless to say jones was relieved that his daughter was not in any more danger but the concerned dad still had some questions about how the upsetting incident had been allowed to happen i was glad that she was okay but i was like real mad i was mad because how could you leave a baby in a daycare how could a child go unaccounted before jones said to the local news station Borum was too furious with a center staffer leaving her daughter behind at the end of the day my thing is i come in i sat her in and out when i picked her up so why wasn’t the list checked before everybody left all things are possible for kids meanwhile offered no comment to the media although jones reporter

dly spoke to staff there after the incident he said that they claimed staff were still on the premises when he came to pick up Journey borum also spoke to the director of the daycare facility who reportedly told the mom that staff had mistaken journey for a doll but borum was not convinced by the explanation she’s not that little to be a doll she pointed out it was only journey’s sixth day at all things are possible for kids and her parents said that they wouldn’t be sending her back what’s more they push for the daycare center to be closed down on account of its apparent

oversight With their daughter if anything it should be shut down i mean nobody leaves kids behind toddlers i don’t care how old they are that’s dangerous jones argued fox 32 chicago reported that the department of children and family services had launched an investigation following the incident there’s no doubt that what jones and borum went through as parents that fateful night must have been horrifying but thankfully journey made it out of the loch building Unscathed the results of the investigation remains unknown.