VIDEO: Heroic Boys Save Dog From Clutches Of A Boa Constrictor

A video captured what has been described as “the worst possible thing” that could happen to a beloved family pet when a boa constrictor tried to make a meal out of a dog in front of three children, who obviously loved the animal. Luckily for this dog, the three heroic boys weren’t about to let their canine go without a fight.

A viral video that has made its rounds on social media time and again captured the moment a boa constrictor attempted to crush a dog in its coils as the snake tried to make a meal out of the family pet. Although details are few and far between, the video — which commenters have suggested was recorded in Cambodia, according to Rare — is 22 seconds of heart-pounding action.

Posted by the IBTimes UK YouTube channel, the video shows a trio of boys fighting a snake that looks to be about three meters long, according to Yahoo News. “This shocking footage shows three children take on a giant snake, batting it with metal rods and leaves, as they try to save a dog caught in its grip,” the video description of the jaw-dropping footage reads.

From the moment the heart-stopping clip begins, the danger is obvious. The large snake is already wrapped around the canine’s lower half as the dog tries desperately to walk away, but the snake’s coils are too tight. The dog appears to yelp amid the commotion, powerless to free itself.

It’s quickly apparent that time is running out and the dog is about to be crushed. Thankfully, however, the dog is not alone. Three boys are present, and rather than just watching the nightmare unfold, they leap into action in a desperate attempt to save their dog, according to Wide Open Pets, and their bravery is caught on camera:

As the giant snake attempts to crush the dog to death with the intention of making a meal out of the family pet, three boys — presumably the dog’s owners — do everything they can to ensure their pup doesn’t meet such a horrendous fate. Armed with what appears to be a metal rod or table leg, one boy hits the snake repeatedly as the other two children strike at the constrictor with the only thing they can find: leaves.

Shockingly, batting the boa with metal rods and leaves proves effective. With the snake’s attention turned on its attackers, one of the children is able to grab the serpent by the head as his comrades then begin to unravel the snake’s strong body, loosening its coils in an attempt to free the canine from its clutches.

Furious about the prospect of losing its next meal, the snake thrashes and strikes back, putting up a hard fight until the boys are able to grab hold of both ends of it. The brave rescue mission proves a success as the dog breaks free and wriggles away, and the video comes to an end.

Although we don’t know whether the dog suffered any lasting physical trauma, viewers are reassured that the canine was likely okay since it was able to run away from the snake after being released from its death grip. Commenters were quick to congratulate and praise the three heroic children involved, saying they “are braver and more coordinated than so many adults.”

There are those, however, who suggest the video may have been staged. “You can tell the dog has been in that situation before by how it just sat there,” one such viewer remarked, adding, “evil ass little kids.” Another YouTube user, also believing the video is staged, suggests reporting such videos. “These people put the animals in this situation to get views,” the commenter wrote. “A hell lot of such videos have been made.”

For the sake of humanity, we hope the assumptions are wrong. Even if they are not, however, there’s a reason this video has made its rounds on social media time and again. Viewers understand the love many dog owners have for their pets. There’s a reason canines have been coined “man’s best friend,” and there are plenty of people — young and old — who’d put their own life on the line to save their furry friend.