Video: Carjacker Tries To Take UFC Fighter’s Car, Pays For His Mistake

A crook was taught a tough lesson after he tried to steal someone’s car. Unfortunately for him, the vehicle belonged to a UFC fighter, who wasted no time making him pay for his big mistake — and it was all caught on video.

When Jordan Williams, a UFC welterweight fighter, stopped at a gas station in Denver, Colorado, he thought it was safe to leave his car running in the parking lot while he ran inside the store to grab a drink. Unfortunately, a crook saw what Williams had done and thought it was a perfect opportunity for him to try to steal the vehicle. He would learn the hard way that he had made a big mistake.

Captured on security camera footage, Williams is seen spotting the suspect getting into his car and attempting to drive away, but the suspect wouldn’t get far. “At first I couldn’t really believe it,” Williams told ESPN as he described the surprising moment he saw the crook trying to take his vehicle. “And then I was like, ‘Holy s**t, there’s someone really in my car.”

Thanks to push-to-start technology, the car, although still running, was not drivable as long as the key was more than five feet from the vehicle. But, when Williams neared the car with his key, “the drive capability re-engaged and the perp began backing up,” according to The Blaze. The crook likely thought he was about to get away with the vehicle, but Williams had a much different plan in mind.

“So, I run-up to the car, and I have a push-to-start car. So, if my keys aren’t within five feet of the car it won’t drive. As I started to run towards the car it started to slowly back up,” Williams recalled. “And man, the look this guy gave me on his face through the window was like, ‘Yeah, I got your car and this is happening.’” Unfortunately for the fool behind the wheel, he was about to learn otherwise. Rather than a successful carjacking, he got a tough lesson as he was schooled on just how big of a mistake he had made.

Williams, seen in security camera footage sporting a fabulous fanny pack, whipped open the car door, grabbed hold of the guy and ripped him out of the car in no time at all. As he threw the man out of the vehicle and into the parking lot, Williams also appears to land a few quick punches, knees, and kicks, leaving the crook holding and then rubbing his head as he walks away in defeat.

Making the encounter even better, Williams posted the footage, which has been described as a “brief but impactful lesson for the thief,” on Instagram for his fans’ enjoyment. It was later posted to the MMA Focus as well as other sports-related YouTube channels. Be forewarned, however, that in addition to displaying some violence, there is some brief foul language as well.

“I opened the door, and it’s funny, the first thing I did was throw the stuff I bought on the passenger seat,” an amused Jordan Williams told ESPN. “And, then, I proceeded to punch the guy. After the first punch, he said, ‘OK, I’m sorry, I’m sorry.’ I was able to get some knees on him, as he was exiting out.”

Although the guy seemed to learn his lesson, Williams said he wished he could have taught him a little bit more. “Wish I would of [sic] hit him with the trip after the clinch work when I tossed him out of the whip, and finish off with some ground and pound but I’ll settle with getting my car back,” he wrote in an Instagram post, featuring the security footage.

“Also I know you see the stillness of that fannypack, fannyback [sic] game was on point this could be a commercial for them,” the UFC fighter joked, taking a jab at himself and proving he didn’t lose his sense of humor following the ordeal. Adding to the comedic mood, Williams ended the security video footage with an image of the guy’s hat, which he left behind in the scuffle, writing, “Forgot your hat?!”

This clip is full of valuable lessons, not only for the crook, who learned that “if you’re going to steal someone’s car in broad daylight, make sure it does not belong to a man who makes his living beating people in the Octagon,” but also for other potential victims. If someone tries to steal your car and it has push-to-start technology, just step back and watch them flounder as the drive capability is disabled — that is unless you’re a UFC fighter with a whopping can of whoop-ass ready to go in your fanny pack.