Video Captures Airline Passenger’s ‘Exorcist-Style’ Meltdown On Flight

Airline passengers were treated to quite the wild scene when a woman began having an “exorcist-style” meltdown on their flight — and it was all captured on video. Be forewarned, however, it’s graphic.

An unnamed woman was captured on video as she appeared to have a full-blown meltdown on a Michigan-bound plane. Although the details surrounding the incident are few, that hasn’t stopped the “exorcist-style” meltdown from going viral after it was uploaded to World Star Hip Hop, a popular content-aggregating video blog.

The wild video shows the unnamed female passenger climbing on top of seats and unleashing a slew of expletives in an incident that some viewers likened to one of the most profitable horror movies ever made, namely “The Exorcist.” And, it’s easy to see why after watching the footage. Be forewarned, however, the behavior is beyond bizarre and the language is graphic.

According to the NY Post, the clip was posted to World Star Hip Hop (WSHH) after the woman was captured on video mounting two armrests in the aisle of the plane, which the site said was headed to Detroit. “Woman Caught A Demon Inside Her & Spazzed Out On A Flight To Detroit!” the title on WSHH reads.

It’s unclear when the incident actually took place. In fact, information about the airline and other details weren’t provided, nor was it clear what prompted the outburst. What is clear is that the woman was freaking out as she climbed the cabin and swore profusely.

“Btches, we’re going to fck all night,” the seemingly deranged passenger is heard yelling in the troubling footage as she bangs on the overhead luggage compartments. Her obscene rant continues and she begins climbing on the headrests, but she doesn’t appear to be speaking to anyone in particular.

Making the outburst all the more uncomfortable, the unnamed woman starts to gyrate as she kicks some of the seats and hits a compartment so hard that it opens and some items fall out. She is eventually escorted off the aircraft by two men, but it is too little, too late. With the crazed outburst caught on video, the footage quickly went viral.

Viewers compared the on-flight freak-out to the notorious and controversial exorcism scene from the 1973 horror classic “The Exorcist,” in which a possessed 12-year-old girl, portrayed by actress Linda Blair, performs a series of bizarre acts, including masturbating with a crucifix while the demon possessing the child growls, “Let Jesus f*ck you.”

With the woman in the on-flight clip similarly declaring, “we’re going to fck all night,” while gyrating her pelvis, one viewer asked, “What in The Exorcist type of sht is this?” as another added, “This video show you people that the devil lives in people.” Others, of course, believe the outburst had little to do with demons and was more likely caused by another d-word: drugs.

“Actually she got too much of da Hippity,” a commenter wrote, using a slang term commonly “used for smoking a substance,” according to the Urban Dictionary. “She had a bad trip, took wayyy too much that time,” another suggested, and many others seemed to agree that drugs were the likely culprit.

“Look’s like she’s had to much flakka! This is what it does to you. Some even worse. Just knock her light’s out problem solved. But Don’t forget to blame it on the demon inside her,” another commenter wrote as yet another suggested “bath salts” may be to blame and suggested others should be thankful this was all the worse it got. “At least she wasn’t trying to eat the faces of the other passengers,” they added.

In addition to demonic possession and possible drug use, others theorized the woman suffered mental illness. “Asylums were meant for people like her,” one such viewer commented. Whatever the case may be, this woman was in definite need of help. What we should be focusing on, however, isn’t her outburst, but rather how it was handled.

Kudos to all of those who remained calm and to those who removed the woman from the flight without any apparent further incident. Although this woman’s behavior caused the video to go viral, it’s the behavior of those around her that should be grabbing our attention. This could have gone very differently. Thankfully, others kept their composure, and they should be praised for a job well done.