Triplet sisters give birth on same day when doctor looked on their ultrasound he was shocked

Triplets sisters give birth on same day. When doctor looked on their ultrasound, he was shocked, to say the least. The dom triplets had been born into interesting lives. It’S already unusual to be born as a trio, but growing up with a life like theirs made things even more interesting for these sisters. However, the most fascinating thing about their lives happened after they took a dna test together.

Not a single person in the world could have figured out the result that the identical triplets received. We’Re sure that you would not have suspected what they showed either. Don’T believe us keep watching triple the trouble. In december of 1977, the world welcomed the birth of the dom triplets, nicole, erica and jacqueline. Apart from the three lovely girls, there was another dom child.

Also a girl, have you ever considered just how rare it is to give birth to triplets. The truth is that it can be dangerous to carry more than one single child, because complications often happen on top of that. Many parents feel stress upon hearing such an unexpected development: tattooing, the triplets all parents will tell you that parenthood is a challenging and daunting task.

You can probably imagine how hard it must be to raise twins, but it can be even more difficult to raise triplets a lot of people eventually tell identical siblings apart by their personalities. However, this trick will not work when you’re dealing with infants most babies behave in the same manner.

The dumb parents had to come up with an amazing way to tell which baby girl was which, but you might think this is more than a little strange. The couple went ahead and gave the children their first tattoos. That’S right. The dom parents place tiny dots on the baby’s bums so that they could tell them apart. The dots were based on the order of their birth.

This is the reason first born nicole, had one on her rear and erika who was born next had two on hers. However, they decided not to give jaclyn one, since it was no longer necessary. It was a good thing that they did not go for anything wild and the tattoos could now pass off as mere freckles as they grew up. The dom triplets grew up in jordan, a small town in the state of minnesota, where there were less than 30 000 people living there. It was a tiny town, so it meant that the sisters stood out even more than they would have if they were in a big city.

The girls had a great childhood constantly on the move playing various sports and traveling the country with their parents, thanks to the size of their town. They were close with. Almost everyone in school, close, as can be most popular, are under the belief that the multiple birth siblings are close to the point of inseparability. This was true for the dom triplets as well, even though others started to develop their own sense of style as soon as they got the chance. The three of them continued to maintain this aspect of their tripletness.

At one point, nicole, even told playboy magazine, we rarely hold our own identity. We were always known as u3 or the triplets. In fact, some might even go as far as to say that the sisters only earned their separate identities after they all tied the knot. Their big break when they were in their teens, the girls started to get even more attention. We doubt that she’ll be surprised to hear that many people told them to go into modeling.

A lot of people thought that this field was perfect for them. However, it’s not ideal to embark on such a career. When you come from a small town, because opportunities were definitely scarce. It was a good thing that the girls got to participate in the competition called the great model search run by teen magazine. They were 16 years old at the time.

The best thing about it was that they ended up winning. This was their chance to branch out. The three girls appeared on the cover of teen magazine and this fetched them even more opportunities in the industry what they planned when they were about to graduate from high school. They started to talk about the plans they had for the future like their peers. It was time to start thinking of a career path.

They decided to put aside their blossoming career and hope to study nursing at the university of minnesota. Instead, don’t you think it was still great that they wanted to work together in such a noble profession? However, this plan did not become a reality, since they saw a flyer on campus that went on to change their lives forever. It was a flyer that advertised a contest hosted by playboy. It turns out.

The magazine was on the lookout for models who could join the girls of the big ten special edition, taking a risk. It was too good of an opportunity for them to simply pass up. However, was it going to be worth it? They talked about the matter carefully, since they knew that they were certain things associated with the publication. It was a huge decision, since they were going to be vulnerable in front of the entire world.

More than anything they needed to decide if they were ready to do such a thing. In the end, the triplets made up their mind after they received encouragement from their family. Nicole, jacqueline and erica then talked to a casting agent who was blown away by the natural beauty and charm, the three of them possessed at that point. They could no longer take back their decision because it was now time for them to disrobe and participate in a test shoot for playboy. It was a huge moment for the triplets and it became a winning one as well.

They emerged victorious from this. The dom sisters made history by becoming the first triplets to be featured on the playboy centerfold, his famous father, when jay married erica. He also married into a famous family on top of coming from one. Dr phil was a producer on the hit tv that everyone seems to know we’re talking about. The popular talk show dr phil.

Of course the host already knew erica before the wedding and liked her from the start. He must have been glad that she was going to be his daughter-in-law. Allegedly dr phil had been excited when jay told him that he was planning to propose to this then girlfriend. In fact his old man encouraged him to do it. The two of them were close enough.

That jay asked dr phil to become his best man at the wedding. He said that his folks love erica almost as much as i do. We have to admit that we feel jealous of how things worked out for them. Three families together. Luckily for her sisters, it was not only erica who ended up finding the man of her dreams.

Jacqueline. The youngest triplet also found love when she met billy dolan the two post, a lot of photos with their friends on their social media accounts. They seem to be on very good terms with jay and erica because they often go on vacations together. Nicole also found her true love in the form of her now husband, michael kelly, on the doctors. The doctors, dr phil’s, show occasionally invited celebrity guests to appear on the show.

This is how the dom triplets ended up there. Their first appearance did well ratings-wise, so they started to appear on the show on the regular. They often talked about different women’s health issues and topics revolving around their perspectives. The son and father worked as producers on the show. They came up with a great idea for a segment that was going to attract the attention of their viewers.

The dom triplets did not know that they were going to experience a life-changing moment when they started to guest star there, the pregnant triplets. It was great to see the triplets go on the show because they were always so insightful and pleasant. They definitely made for a rare sight and it helped that they raked in great ratings for the show. However, people were more interested to hear about their interesting medical problems and experiences. It turns out that they did not plan on marrying so close to one another soon.

Their fans learned about another thing that they experienced without planning it in advance. They fell pregnant around the same time. It was a big milestone for the triplets, because we all know that pregnancy is basically a huge miracle in itself. However, it was incredible that they were all expecting within months of each other. It was in 2010 that the dom triplets gave birth to their firstborn children.

No, the coincidences did not end when they got married and fell pregnant at nearly the same time. Another impressive coincidence happened when they ended up giving birth to girls as well. When you consider the statistics, it seems like the dom triplets were blessed as new mothers hoping to get parenthood right. They decided it was it’s best to lay low and stay away from the spotlight so that they could focus on their families. However, it was not surprising when they ended up under the limelight once more they’ve been attracting a lot of attention, since they could remember.

After all, they gave birth to their respective first children. In 2010. The triplets stayed out of the limelight until march 2017 by then they also delivered their second-born children. This time they had been blessed with boys since jay and phil were producers for the doctors they cooked up a way to bring them back on the show. We know that it’s amazing that they got pregnant and gave birth to their daughters only months away from each other.

However, they managed to replicate the experience when they gave birth to their second-born children as well. The triplets now had daughters and sons as firstborns and secondborns, who could have thought this was even possible. Such a thing sounded like a wish that would never come true. However, the triplets could make it possible if anyone could still. We bet they considered it a blessing.

The kids had best friends without needing to make an effort, and this made things even easier for the families. The triplets have gone through a lot together from posing for playboy to raising their similarly aged kids. Perhaps you’ve also noticed just how popular dna ancestry test kids have been getting recently. This is because they make it possible to conduct a quick test in the comfort of your own home. It’S no longer prohibitively expensive or inaccessible, like it used to be the test kits.

Supposedly break down the details of your ethnicity and lineage, although there are ugly reports going around, there is one thing that jay and erica have that no rumor can destroy the two of them, have a lovely family and nothing will change that they have a beautiful daughter, Called eva elizabeth and an adorable son called london phillip, the siblings spend a lot of time with their cousins too.

Contrary to what others say, there sure seems like there’s plenty of things going right in the dom mcgraw household. We don’t know what happened to their plans. It might be that parenthood took over their lives which made them abandon the project. They also said they’re still open to do another shoot for playboy, should they ever receive another invitation, no matter what they plan to do in the future.

We’Re sure about one thing they might try to lay low, but the limelight will just find them again thanks for reading.

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