Top 8 Largest Cat Breeds In The World

Unlike dogs, all cats area unit a lot of or less a similar size, once more} again, there area unit Irish wolfhounds World Health Organization might most likely swallow most of the cats whole. Either way, domestic cats have massive breeds, too, not counting tigers and lions, of course.

If you’re a friend of big cats, you’ll love this list of the biggest cat breeds. that one strikes your fancy the most?

Maine Coon

The American state Coon is far and away one of the most giant cat breeds in the world, if not the biggest. These soft boys and ladies weigh between eight to twenty-five lbs. Compared to alternative breeds, they’re good and have a peaceful disposition.

Savannah cat

The great-grandfather of the savannah is associated with the actual Felis serval, a wild African cat. you’ll be able to simply see the family similitude. These lean and mean hunters will weigh over twenty lbs. gratuitous to mention, your house mice wouldn’t stand an opportunity.


The lovely mixture of the Felis catus and also the reed cat transmitted the looks from its wild relation and also the fond disposition of the domesticated one. Chausies area unit quite exotic, however, they make up the definition of an outsized cat with their hefty 7-15-lbs bods.


Okay, enough of the hybrids. Let’s investigate one thing cute and soft — the Ragdoll. It’s a brilliant chill breed because the name suggests, and it will grow to weigh 8-20 lbs, however, it’ll still be devilish and jam-packed with grace. This cat is right for a family with youngsters, simply confirm the children don’t hurt it.

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A tatterdemalion may be a mixture of a ragdoll and a bunch of alternative cats, which suggests that it’s primarily a similar sensible previous Ragdoll however with a bigger variety of colors. the blending of breeds hasn’t affected the scale of this kitty all that abundant, therefore it additionally weighs up to twenty lbs.

Norwegian Forest cat

In the cold Scandinavian lands lives an enormous however lovable beast coated with thick fur — the Norwegian forest cat. it’s going to appear that this kitty consists largely of fur, however essentially, they’re sturdy and exquisite animals reaching up to sixteen lbs.

Siberian cat

The Siberian cat has an oddly dense and thick fur that you just might most likely use for a few arts and crafts styles. These noble beauties will weigh from eight to sixteen lbs. the sole disadvantage of this cat is its origin — Russia. The poor issue didn’t understand what hit it.

Turkish van

This cat breed originates from southeast and Central Asia. they {appear|they give the impression of being} sleek and should seem tiny, however, it’s not that simple to achieve a sixteen lbs mark for a cat unless you feed your pets. Turkish Vans additionally love water and swimming, so the area unit is good for picnics and encampment.

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