This PENGUIN walked alone to the MARKET every day… His story spread all over the WORLD

Hello friends: what do you think about patzen, which ones do you personally like the most and most likely? The answer is obvious because, most would say, cats or dogs, and what, if i told you that in one family, has become a pet, nothing more and nothing less than a penguin, that’s right and not just any penguin, but a king penguin. Are you surprised, you’ll be even more surprised when you find out how this majestic sea bird lived and what it did and believe me, in due time it was able to conquer the whole world meet lala. This is an unusually intelligent, witty and adorable king penguin, who lived in a simple japanese family for many years.

I want to remind you that king penguins belong to the flightless seabird family specimens of this species have bright colors and can grow up to 130 centimeters in height. They live in tierra del fuego on some sub-antarctic islands in the south atlantic and the indigo ocean and, as it turned out in a japanese family, so trustfully that our heroine even became a full-fledged member. For the first time in the world, they learned about lala around the year 1996, when she was already 10 years old and more precisely after all, the popular media of that time talked about her and even made a whole documentary. Many will probably wonder why lala deserved so much attention and the answer to this question will be answered below it all started with the fact that an ordinary fisherman from a village named shing liu had gone fishing as usual when he let down his nets. He happened to reel in an unusual catch.

The young penguin got entangled in the nets and could not get out on her own, but when the man decided to help her with this, he saw wounds on her body. It is not known how they appeared. Maybe she encountered a predator or maybe something else happened to her, but be that as it may, he didn’t let the poor thing go back to the ocean. He didn’t want to condem it to a certain death, so he decided to take the penguin home and help it recover. Admittedly, the wounds on her body healed rather slowly and during her stay with the family.

The penguin began to tame. Of course, the children were delighted to have a real king penguin and later named her lala several months passed and when the bird was fully recovered. Ching liu even took it to the shore to release it, but to his great surprise, lala would not part from the man even a meter away and when he was returning home, she followed him with her little feet, fearing she would not be able to catch up To him for shinglu, the behavior of the animal was completely unexpected. He tried again and again to show it the way to the ocean, but all his attempts were in vain and in general, the bird in every possible way showed the man that it was time to go home, hinting that she had had enough of the walk in The end, no matter how many times the man tried to free the penguin, it did not want to return. It was from that moment on that lala began living with the family.

Eventually, the penguin even started going out into the garden and walking with the other animals, but the most interesting thing happened a few days later, once going to the market as usual, lala did not want to stay home alone. I had no choice but to take her with me, the walk was not long and i knew that it would not be difficult for the penguin at the market. Lala’S attention was drawn to the place where fresh fish was sold. Of course it couldn’t be otherwise, because penguins love fish. I bought her a couple of her favorite fish and we went home recalled shinglu.

It didn’t seem unusual, but the next day lala walked near the door wanting to go outside when xing liu opened the door for her. The penguin quickly headed for the market and what a surprise the man had when lala stopped near the very spot that had exquisite fish from that day on the king, penguin began to go to the market independently. To look for her favorite delicacies, ching liu’s wife even made a special backpack for lala. When the penguin went to the market, they would put money inside the bag. The vendor would pick it up and put out delicacies for the penguin.

We were delighted that she went shopping by herself. Our neighbors never ceased to be surprised that such an intelligent and unusual pet lived with us. After all, it’s not every day you meet a penguin with backpack who uses it to buy fish, said chingloo with a smile. It was the penguin walking down the street that caught everyone’s attention in an instant. When the reporters arrived in the small, japanese town, they simply couldn’t believe their eyes.

Many thought they would just see an unintelligent animal with just like herb does its own thing, but soon what they saw, surprised them. Besides the fact that the king penguin lived her usual life with people, she also helped out at home. Yet even stranger was the fact that lala walked confidently to the market and knew two different ways to get there. At the same time it walked so confidently flapping its wings and looking around as if greeting other people and animals. She looked more like a mischievous child.

Running home from school, everyone in the market already knew the very particular shopper, and even the local dogs looked at lala with surprise and avoided her, because even for the four-legged animals, she was not a common sight. It is also worth mentioning that lala undoubtedly enjoyed life. Among the people, eventually, she began to go not only to the market, but she would freely wander the streets of her small town. Like any other full-fledged inhabitant of the village, it is clear that the japanese family had to go to great lengths to ensure that the king penguin had a comfortable life at home. Lala had her own room with a special micro climate so as not to overheat family members strictly controlled the temperature of the room and adjusted it with air conditioning to the seabird’s needs looking into it.

Not all animals can be trained and not all animals can be domesticated still. A lot of wildlife is willing to surprise us enormously and, as this story shows, even a king penguin can be a true friend to people and live with them in the same house. Unfortunately, no one lives forever and lala is no longer in our world, but even despite this, the memory of our amazing and unusual penguin will remain for a long time. The locals always tell with warmth in their voices about the funny moments they experienced with a seabird and were able to see her with their own eyes, because if someone told them about it, they would never have believed it. Lala stayed forever in their hearts.