This Old Man CRIED His Eyes Out when He Saw His Stuff Had Been Taken Out Of The House

Dad don’t worry, i’m going to work something outbut. I can’t visit you at all, because i don’t have any more PTO at work. Angelina told her father, 87year old chris harvey when he called her from the hospital. He had called 9-1-1 after a hard episode thinking. It might be more serious, but the doctors said they had to run more tests and there were several things they needed to check before he could return home.

He called his daughter who lived in Miami asking if she could come home to Austin texas and help out, but she couldn’t okay, darling. I think, the doctors are just worried about my health at, my age and they’ll. Tell me more soon: enoughhe mumbled holding his cell phone to a zero in his hospital bed. Eventually, they hung up and the doctors asked chris to remain in the hospital for a few days while he checked everything and decided what he needed for treatment you need to go to Austin and check. Your grandfather he’s all alone Angelina insisted to her son peter.

I don’t know if. I can mom. He responded, they were speaking. Onthe phone and angelina would not take no foran answer peter. You need to be there for your grandfather.

Who knows how long he’s going to liveafter this, especially if his heart starts failingand you’re, his only grandson. Remember that healways said you would inherit his house andhis things when he passes. Maybe you should checkthe house and see what appears it might need. Sohe can live comfortably for, however long he hasleft and it’s a great time to bond with him. Toopeter was quiet for a second and hismother thought he might have hung upbut.

He finally answered in a strange tone. Okayokay i’ll go hannah will go with me. I think ican ask for some time off work since i haven’ttaken a vacation in a while good. Thank you. Sonmy work wouldn’t budge, but i trust you to helpyour grandpa.

As best you can. I love you dear shecontinued relieved that her father would not bealone after he gets discharged from the hospitali love you too mom bye, unfortunately, angelinahad, no idea what her son was really thinkinga. Few days passed and the doctors finallyprescribed chris several medications afterchecking his test results. They released him fromthe hospital warning him not to strain himselfbecause. He had to be careful with his health evenafter getting better chris nodded at all theirexplanations, but he was not paying that muchattention.

He was worried because angela didn’tcall the day before and she told him that peterwas coming to stay with him. He didn’t have hisgrandson’s phone number, but he hoped to see himat the house. So he took a cab from the hospitalto his home. He was surprised to discover somefurniture on his front lawn and recognized itas his own. Moreover, his door was slightly ajar, buthe, remembered that the paramedics who took him tothe hospital had shut it completely.

What was goingon, but the most shocking thing happened. When heentered the entire house was empty, the paintingson, his walls, his military memorabilia, his credenzathe kitchen, table and chairs everything hedidn’t see outside were gone. There were severalplastic sheets in some areas as if someone waspainting or doing some construction on the househello, he called out to the completely empty spaceand heard footsteps coming from the hallway wherethe bedrooms were grandpa. Peter asked confused, atseeing him, but chris didn’t pay any attention. Tothat reaction.

He breathed a sigh of relief peteroh. Thank god. I thought someone had broken in andtaken everything i owned what’s happening in heremy, dear boy, he asked his grandson an approach, togive him a tight manly hug. Oh yes, no one brokein peter mumbled pursing his lips, but returningthe hug. Finally, chris realized that he was actingstrangely what’s going on, then i well we actuallywanted to surprise you.

He started. We yes hannahand. I she’s here peter revealed and turned towardsthe hallway to call his wife honey what she cameout and her eyes widened when she spotted chrismr harvey hello there, hello dear it’s so niceto, see you. I haven’t seen you since the weddingchris smiled at his grandson’s wife and kissedher on the cheek. So tell me: what’s going on withmy house peter and hannah exchanged a weirdquick side-eyed look but peter answered firstwe wanted to remodel it before you left thehospital.

It was in serious needham, some tlc andwe hope this would make you feel better, but you’reout sooner than we expected chris smiled widely atthe two young people in his living room, thinkinghow thoughtful. They were that’s wonderful, althoughi hope you guys aren’t spending too much money ohno. No, i know a guy, don’t worry. Hannah chimed inplacing her hands in her pockets, her grinwas awkward, but the older man didn’t noticecool. What about my stuff?

Where are they they’recurrently? In a storage except a few things we wantto replace as a gift? Those are outside waiting. Tobe picked up by the garbagemen. We had to put itfor the remodel peter explained with a strangepause, but the bedrooms still have everythingdon’t worry you’ll, be able to sleep well at nightthank.

You thank you so much my boy, you’re amazingchris stated hugging them bothsimultaneously. He was insanely. Happyto see family again and realize how much theycare for him to do something so thoughtfulnow listen. I have to get some prescriptionsfilled up, but i’ll be back soon. Sure peterand hannah sat in unison and chuckled awkwardlychris frowned at them for a second but didn’t putmuch thought into their attitude.

He left for thelocal pharmacy, which was within walking distancewhen. He returned several minutes later, hedidn’t see peter or hannah in the living roomhear. Their voices coming from angelina’sold bedroom and approached to ask them whatthey wanted for dinner, but somethinghannah said stopped him in his trackswhat. Are we going to do you idiot? She insultedher husband and chris, had never heard her speakto him that way.

Hannah calmed down. It’S fine itjust messes, with her plans for a bit. He soothedplans a bit a bit. You told me he was dying. Andthis was going to be our house.

That’S why we’respending all this money on it. You think i wasgonna dip into my money and help fix someoneelse’s house when we still live on rent hannahquestioned, chris’s eyes, widened and his hand flewto his mouth, so that no sound would come out hewanted to listen to the rest of the conversationhannah. It’S fine. The house will be mine, one dayor another and he has tons of money saved upjust. Think of it as an investment.

Peterassured frustration dripping into his voicebut hannah was outright angry. No, we’re not goingto spend another dime and i don’t care about himtomorrow we’re getting on a plane and we’regoing home. This was a waste of time. We can’tleave the house like this. Yes, we can and we willthat’s final.

She screamed at peter and chrisfinally had enough. He went back to the front doorpretending, he had just arrived from, the pharmacyhe called out to them and they both acted. Likenothing was wrong. They talked about what to makefor dinner and were completely pleasant aroundchris, but he now knew the truth and it was timeto teach them a harsh lesson. They were eatingspaghetti and meatballs, one of peter’s favoritemeals on the empty living room floor whenchris finally cleared his throat and spoke uppeter.

I wanted to talk to you about somethingimportant. He began and noted how peter and hannahperked up for some reason i’ve been thinking aboutmoving into a nursing home permanently. I don’twant another emergency to happen while i’m alonehere, i think it’s the right choice and i think youtwo should have the house peter and hannah’s jawsdropped and they looked at each other and delightare you serious his grandson ass. Clearly delightedyes, i’m serious! Thank you grandpa.

This is an honorwe’re going to get this house looking so goodpeter finally said and hannah echoed his gratitudeover the next few weeks, peter and hannah remodeledthe house. As best they could they’d actually saveda few things that belonged to chris in storagebut. They got rid of some old stuff and he actedlike it was fine, but it wasn’t. Finally, the housewas done and chris suggested having a housewarmingparty. He told peter and hannah that he was movinginto the nursing home soon and they should startpreparing to live there permanently.

They wereexcited and decided to invite a few friends whoflew from miami to texas. Everything was terrificfor a while they chatted they ate and it wasall a merry party chris had been pretendingall along until he got up from the table andcalled everyone’s attention. I would like to make atoast to my grandson and his lovely wife. The olderman began and everyone present cheered quicklywhile. The couple hugged as they looked at chrisi wanted to thank them for all the work they’vedone on my house, because i’m going to enjoy it forthe rest of my life, because the couple’s friendswere under the impression that chris was movingout chris’s toast surprised him.

Meanwhile, peterand hannah were stunned, confusion registeringon their faces. Did you know that they came hereunder the impression that i was going to die? Soonthey remodeled the entire house gave away someof my things and started working on it. Thinkingit was already their own and when i returnedfrom the hospital which they didn’t expectthey were going to just up and leave mehere with a half remodeled empty househe told all the guests who started to noticehow awkward. The night was turning out to begrandpa.

Why don’t we speak privately for asecond peter suggested, but chris shook his headno need. I heard you two speaking that day, so youtwo came here telling your mother, you were goingto, take care of me but decided to take this houseas your own instead. Well, that’s! Never going tohappen peter, i already revise my will this houseis going to a charity when i’m gone, he revealedshocking everyone hannah was red-faced and wantedto, make a scene but didn’t want more embarrassmentchris called everyone’s attention. One again now hecleared his throat and raised his voice everyoneget out of my house before i call the police, peterand hannah’s friends didn’t have to be told, twicethey scrambled to get away and peter kept yellingat chris, because he still wanted to get a word.

Inbut. The older man didn’t want to hear anyexplanations get out, he shouted and peter and hiswife left the following day chris told angelinaprecisely what her son had done and what theywere planning together he didn’t tell her soonerbecause. He knew it would break his daughter’sheart, but she had to know now that everythingwas out there angelina was ashamed of her kidbut didn’t like how chris deceived them either shecouldn’t do anything about it though you’re rightdad, it’s your house, but are you comfortable withsevering, your relationship with Peter just likethat honey. He severed it the day he decided tokill me prematurely and claim my house watch outbecause, who knows what they might do with you hewarned his daughter and their conversation. Endedchris lived for 11 more years and ashe intended his lawyer sold his houseand donated the proceeds along with the rest ofchris’s estate to a charity for senior citizens.