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This Castle In France Is So Breathtaking… And It’s On The Market

When you were a child, did you ever dream of living in a Castle? Whether it was being a Princess who had been swept off her feet by Prince Charming or even a Prince fighting off incoming troops and throwing them into a mood that surrounded your spacious Castle? Well, this dream will come true for one lucky buyer.

Located 30 miles from Paris and Vinnie, France, you will find de Chateau de vinier. It was built in 15 four by the architect Javon Castle. He designed this for the French casino George Bonbroise. This beautiful Castle is now for sale and it can be used for a mere five point $69 million.

It’s located only 30 miles from Paris, giving you the convenience of a big city, but giving you the Privacy that the Castle tends to offer. It is situated across from the town hall. The Castle was featured in Rihanna’s 2010 music video for Tanamo. In the video, she is seen dancing with the supermodel Lakisha Casta while outsuited with the PVC Bondage outfit. The Castle has six different wings along with an orangery tables, two separate greenhouses and two bridges.

It has six different towers, each containing a Battlement. It also features salons that have covered wooden ceilings that display elaborate detail. The Castle boats two separate outbuildings. One contains a professional kitchen while the other contains a pastry laboratory. This beautiful Castle is over 37.

0 sqft and it is situated on over 44 aircraft. Because it was built in 15 four, there were parts of the Castle that were run down. In 1867. It underwent a renovation where a Chapel and the dungeon square were added. Chateau de Viney was listed as a historic monument in 1984 and is in amazing condition today.

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The huge front doors open into a massive FOIA with amazing architectural detail. Look at the amazing detail with all of the builtin shelves, the handcuffed ceilings and the hardwood floor. Could you imagine snuggling up in front of the fire on a cold snowy night looking out the large windows at your expensive property?

This large room can be used as a dining room, although you may need to have a custom dining room table built in order to accommodate the space. There was so much attention to detail put into this Castle when it was built and renovated. It’s very impressive if you love to Cook. This is the most amazing dream kitchen you could ever think of. This is worth the cost of the Castle alone.

The grounds are beautiful, full of lush greenery and the Castle is even surrounded by a moat. I would just want to take a tour of the Castle without purchasing it. It looks beautiful both inside and out. This Castle can be yours because it’s currently up for sale and is on the market for five point $69 million. If money was not an issue, would you be interested in purchasing this Castle?