This 7 Year Old And His Mom Were Both Critically Ill So He Made The Ultimate Sacrifice To Save Her

This sevenyearold and his mom were both critically ill, so he made the ultimate sacrifice to save her. After years of suffering, Chen Xiao Tan and his mother, Shou Lu, laid side by side in a hospital bed. At this point, it looked likely that both of them would die. Something drastic didn’t happen. But that’s when little Chen decided to make the most selfless sacrifice imaginable for his mom. Xiao Tian lived with his mother, Lu, in Wuhan, China. Together, they enjoyed a relatively normal life, and Xiyotian was a carefree kid like any other. But when he was just five years old, tragedy struck.

Doctors diagnosed a little boy with a malignant brain tumor. At the time, they were hopeful Xiao Tian would make a full recovery. However, the tumor continued to grow and medical professionals had to break the terrible news that Xiao Tian’s condition was terminal. Then, just as the family were getting to grips with this Earth shattering news, Liu received a shock diagnosis too. Aged just 34, doctors told her she had a kidney disease and to deal with the illness, she’d likely need a transplant in the future.

Despite their awful predicaments, life continued for siation and Liu. All the pair could do now is look out for one another. But after two years, both their conditions began to worsen. Xiao Tian needed 24 hours care while Liu relied on dialysis treatment. Xiaojan’s tumor eventually caused him to go blind, and as his illness progressed, he was confined to his hospital bed. He was so frail that he couldn’t even move. Of course, the sight of her son’s suffering was devastating to Mom Lou. However, Lou was also struggling. Doctors knew she would need a new kidney soon if she was to survive. So they decided to approach the grandma, Lu Xianzi with an agonizing proposal, and Yuan Sue had no idea how her daughter would respond. The doctors approached me rather than his mother because of the sensitive nature of the issue. Yuan Xi was quoted by the Daily Mail as saying, they told me that my grandson would not survive, but his kidneys could help his mother and also save two other lives as well. But when Jan Sew passed on the suggestion to Lou, she didn’t want to know when I discussed it with Joe and she refused point blank, the grandmother explained she absolutely didn’t want to hear any talk of that happening.

However, the decision was soon taken out of Lou’s hands. Xiaocian overheard his mum and grandma discussing the possible transplant and decided to step in. The brave little boy said he was willing to do anything if it would save his mother’s life. I want to save Mum. I want to protect Mum selfless, Yao Tiana said. If I died sooner, I can save my mother earlier and save money for my family. Moved by her son’s kindness, Liu reluctantly agreed to the kidney transplant. I only accepted my son’s kidney after my family persuaded me several times, Liu later revealed the Chinese television network CNTV in April 2014, she added, My son’s organs will be transplanted in not just me, but also other people. However, deep down, Luno doubt wished that day would never come. Performing the transplant surgery means to tell her your son is dead, Cheng, one of Xiyo teen’s doctors at Hongji Hospital told the People’s daily. Ziyao Tian died peacefully in hospital on April 2, 2014. The selfless little boy was tragically just seven years old at the time of his passing. According to reports. His final wish was for his mom to get stronger.

However, Xiao Xian’s death was not in vain. Just hours after her son’s passing, Liu was taken into surgery for her kidney transplant. And although that day was no doubt one of the worst she’d had, paradoxically, it also saw her own life expectancy increase significantly. Although her son was gone, a tiny piece of him would now live on in Sire and she vowed to do all she could to honor the Yo Tian’s memory. I will take care of my body and live on with my son’s kidney, she said after her lifesaving operation. Furthermore, Ziyao Tian’s organs went on to save the lives of another two people. Surgeons transplanted his other kidney into a 21 year old woman. Meanwhile, his liver went to a 27 year old man in death. Xiaotian had given the gift of life three times over. Following all three surgeries, Yi Thai, a spokesman for the hospital, confirmed that they each won a plan. The medical team held a brief moment of prayer in silence for the poor child before the transplant, he revealed, I think it’s fair to say there were very few dry eyes and according to Luo Kang Kyung, the director of the organ donation at the Red Cross in Wuhan, Xiao Tian’s legacy extends even further than the people he saved.

The boy’s donation is more than just helping others in saving lives, Kang Kyung told CN TV. The family’s choice can encourage more people to accept and participate in organ donation. So although Xiaotian’s life was cut tragically short, he had managed to save three lives and change many more. Thanks to his compassion, he now lives on in the hearts of those people, not least his beloved mom who received the greatest gift a son could ever give.