They told him to beware of the wolf. His family and friends cried when they heard what happened next

And there was ivan inside a cell paying a totally unjust sentence. Suddenly, a guard approached him and rattled. The bars of his prison come on get up. You’Re free ivan couldn’t believe that it had been 15 years since he had last seen freedom it’s time for you to go pronounce. The guard ivan was very happy, so he took a backpack and put the few clothes they had there, but before they opened the doors they handed him.

Some of his belongings, a watch, his wallet with a few old bills and, above all, the photograph of his beloved wife. In fact, he saw that picture and tears started to run down his cheeks. You see when ivan was sentenced to 15 years in prison, his wife, the woman who swore before the altar that she would be with him through thick and thin, decided to separate from him. In fact, she sent a lawyer to the jail to go sign the divorce, because she would marry another man ivan suffered a lot since he was in jail. In addition, he had no family to visit him.

His parents were dead, he had no siblings. His uncles and aunts refused to visit him because they thought he was a criminal and a disgrace. It is for this reason that the happiness ivan felt for his freedom was extinguished. Now he lay on the streets, but with nowhere to go the house he once built was no longer his. It was now home to his ex-wife and her new partner and there were no more friends to take refuge in.

They were all part of the past. He only knew that he had to earn a living, so he started looking for a job, but no one wanted to hire him in fact, before being in jail. He was a young man who had finished college with honors. However, now no one wanted to have him in their backgrounds. It was sad to see how people closed their doors to them.

Some good people gave him money, but it wasn’t enough to eat well and have a place to sleep for the time being. He spent his time on the street. However, after a few days, he thought it would be best to go far away from the city once while he was in prison. He heard from one of his companions that isolated villages are always looking for working hands. Perhaps he could be hired there either to cut down trees or to work in the fields either way he didn’t need to present so many documents.

So with the little arms money he went to a train station and there he bought a ticket to a place. That would take him very close to the town he wanted to go to. The trip became very tiring. Finally, after many hours of travel he arrived everything was so quiet, so different from the city, fewer people, less pollution, less danger. It was time to start a new life, but the money he had was already over, so he decided to walk to his final destination.

Logically, he asked one of the locals how to get there and he said it was closer. If he cut through the forest ivan knew it could be dangerous, but he had no choice if he wanted to get there as fast as possible. So he set off on his journey with only a backpack in which he kept a bottle of water and some bread. Everything was fine. Until a shimmering lake caught his attention, the weather was nice, so he thought he would take a swim.

The last time he did that was in jail, so he jumped in and in his solitude enjoyed nature until suddenly a few meters away from where he had left his backpack. He noticed that it was moving amazed by this discovery. He decided to get closer. He wanted to know what was causing this movement. Finally, he could see the tail of an animal.

The man began to chase it away. Hey you! What are you doing here, rummaging through my stuff? Suddenly he knew that the animal was actually a small wolf, a puppy that was eating his only loaf of bread get out of here. It’S my only food, the man said angrily.

He liked animals. However, it was his only food, and now he had nothing to eat from one moment to the next. His happiness turned to sadness and there he remembered the best of times before he went to jail. He had everything thanks to his own efforts, a house, a profession, a beautiful wife and now and so in the middle of nowhere with an uncertain destiny. He’D dried his tears and knew he had to go on his way, but first he made sure to take the puppy away.

It was already getting dark, but a big storm was also coming. Suddenly he noticed some houses in the distance thanks to the light they had. He had to hurry because the rain was getting heavier and heavier at one point. He heard the sound of a whimper, then he turned and saw with the surprise, the small wolf i had seen in the lake. This one had followed him but slipped in the mud and hit his paw.

It is there that he noticed that the puppy was limping. But what are you doing here? Why did you follow me? The man felt sorry for the wolf. He knew that if he left him there, he might not survive because he could not walk well.

At that moment, he said all right i’ll. Take you with me ivan took him in his arms here you will be safe. The man continued on his way. Finally, he arrived at the first house in the village, so he decided to stay very close and in the morning they would look at the fields to see if they needed any workers or tree cutters. The man looked for a small space and stayed there with the puppy.

Suddenly, after falling asleep, he heard someone’s voice, hey wake up son. What are you doing here? You’Re all muddy, all over ma’am, sorry to bother you i’ll, leave now son. Don’T you have a place to stay? No ma’am, i’m not from around here.

I just came to look for work and i don’t have a place to stay. I ran out of money. Fine fine, come to my house. You can stay there in my yard at least you’ll be under a roof. Here you can catch cold.

The lady invited him to her house for the night. In the morning the older woman woke the man up again. Son have two loaves of bread and a cup of tea, but how did you get here? What is your name? My name is ivan.

Madam. Thank you very much for the food and while the man was having breakfast, he told the woman some things about his life. Among them that he had been in jail, the lady then asked him, and why did they put you in jail? I was leaving work on my way home. Suddenly i heard a girl screaming she was asking for help.

It was very late, so i decided to see what was going on and when i approached i noticed two men wanting to take advantage of her. It was something i couldn’t allow, so i asked them to leave her alone. They looked crazy. They started yelling that i better leave, but she was still there. In fact, one of them approached me with the intention of sticking a knife in me.

I noticed that, and all i did was push him away. The guy fell and hid his head hard on the sidewalk. That’S all i did. He didn’t react anymore. The other guy came closer and tried to wake him up, but nothing.

Suddenly. I heard you killed him. You killed him. The girl was gone. Suddenly.

I was surrounded by many people, i didn’t even know where they came from when the girl was screaming. No one approached the police arrived and instead of acting against the other guy, they immediately took me into their custody. They put me in handcuffs and in a matter of time i was charged with manslaughter. I didn’t regret, saving the girl. The truth is, i thought everything would be in my favor.

It was in defense of her, but the police thought i just picked a fight. They didn’t believe me, the girl didn’t even show up, and my dear wife left me ivan began to cry now. Nobody wants to hire me ma’am. That’S why i came here to make a living in the countryside here they might need help. I know they won’t.

Ask me for documents, but less my background, maybe i’ll be lucky. The woman was very surprised and looked away. I know man, maybe you’re afraid of me, but believe me, i’m a good person. If you like i’d better go, i don’t want to bother you anymore. Excuse me, the old woman replied.

I believe you son, i know you’re a good person, you know a wolf would not follow a bad soul. The woman had noticed the small animal and knew how to recognize it. She told him that she lives alone. Her only son died in an accident and her husband died of illness he’s been living alone for 10 years. You know you remind me a lot of my son lexi.

He was an amazing boy every once in a while, he would go into the forest to make sure everything was okay with the animals. He was like a forest guard, and it’s just that. Unfortunately, there were people looking for wool for bearskins around here. One day he decided to go to the city and make a complaint against these people to make public everything that was happening, and on that day someone ran over him. I always thought that the culprit was a person who didn’t want to be denounced, but you know how our authorities are.

They did nothing. I miss him very much since then. There’S no one who dares to do what he did. He did it without asking for anything in return, many people thought he was crazy, but when he went into the forest as he could be attacked, he never got hurt by any animal. However, one person took his life and on top of that he ran away or son, but if you like, you can continue to stay here.

I have some fields, but i have no way to take care of them. You have to cut the grass you can plant corn potatoes, whatever you want, you can work it son really ma’am asked ivan. Yes, i’m too old. For this kind of thing, the woman saw an ivan a great emotional support and always reminded her of her beloved son. The people in the village began to get to know the man they got along well, however, when they learned that he had a wolf, some were terrified and even told him be careful.

Ivan a wolf is very dangerous. It is capable of eating you you’d, better, get rid of it before it’s too late ivan often thought about it, but no matter how much he wanted to get away from that wolf. He could not. He felt a great sorrow. He did not want to be separated from him at all.

Time went by and now the wolf was an adult and spent most of his time in the forest where he would return to visit ivan. It was always docile and never showed him any aggressive attitude. Always playful and very loving, but his visits became shorter and shorter, and after a while ivan, didn’t see him again, the man then thought the worst. Maybe something bad happened to him. Tears ran down his eyes so that prompted him to take care of other animals, as did the son of the lady now ivan, would be the new forester after working on his.

He would take time to walk through the forest many times he would find small animals in traps, rabbits, squirrels and even mice. He would do his best to free them or if they were injured, he would take care of them. He would also look at dead animals. Wolves and even bears he felt very sorry for them. Now he understood lexi, the woman’s son, but his beloved wolf was still missing.

Four years had passed since he arrived in the village ivan met a beautiful woman and the old woman no longer cried as before. In her loneliness one day before christmas, the man learned that his wife was about to give birth. The cold was getting colder and colder. Everything was white, snow everywhere and more wood had to be brought in to heat the house, so he wanted to take the wagon to the mountains. His wife told him that it wasn’t necessary the old woman too, but he didn’t want his son, who was about to arrive in this world to be cold.

It would be too dangerous. He thought, finally, in his stubbornness he set out for the mountain in the company of his beloved horses. He traveled almost 10 kilometers to his destination, cut down some trees put them in a wagon. However, before leaving ivan slipped on the ice and all the firewood he had fell on him, he hid himself terribly and fractured both his legs. The pain seized, his being.

He screamed with suffering the cold penetrated to his bones. The snowstorm became more intense here’s. What could made a sad end? No one could survive under that state. Many people perished under those circumstances in this world.

Believe it or not, thousands have lost their lives. The man lay unconscious, only a miracle could save him. Suddenly he felt something pulling him something moving him. He opened his eyes and with his only strength he saw someone very familiar. Was it his beloved wolf?

It was a big gray balloon. It looked at him with those eyes of infinite gratitude, as if telling him don’t be afraid, i will help you and you, and i will always be together, so the big animal said to take him to what could be a better place. He had a huge strength, but not only he was there. Another wolf approached him and another and another all with their big fangs, dragged him taking him by his coat and thick pants. It was a unique scene without a doubt, suddenly i’ve enclosed his eyes.

Maybe it was a figment of his imagination, but when he woke up he saw his wife crying beside him. The old woman was also there and other friends. They all cried thinking. He had died, but they knew it was a good name, but when they saw him open his eyes, they took him immediately to a hospital. After a while ivan began to recover everyone who knew him could not believe how he made it to town knowing he had a fracture, it was not possible for a person to get there by himself, but when he told of the miracle that happened, many were amazed Since then, he never saw his beloved wolf again once ivan helped him when he slipped and looked how fate is now that the animal helped him when he fell ivan unjustly condemned, lived happily for the rest of his life in the company of his loved ones.