These Students Don’t Know That This Small Boy Is Son Of G… The Movie “My Father is a hero”

Welcome back to Fox. Recaps today I am going to explain the movie My Father Is a Hero. Released in the year 1995, Kungwei is a Chinese policeman assigned to work from the sidelines to spy on and and catch the local gangsters. He spends most of his time working, which has been damaging to his family life. His asthmatic wife and eight year old son, Tung Ku hardly ever get to see him.

At the beginning of the movie, Wei is on one such mission, aiming to arrest a group of thugs selling fake passports. He is impatient because after the arrest, he has to be at his son’s martial arts competition. Wei is also broadly trained in martial arts and can usually take on a group of people at once. He fights the thugs in minutes and arrests their leader. Following that, he runs to the arena and sees his son perform amidst it.

The criminals arrive there and start a fight yet again. While hiding from everyone else, Way manages to defeat them. One member of the group, however, enters the arena and holds a woman hostage. Chaos ensues as people start to run away. Wei’s son, Ku notices this and uses his skills to save the woman.

Wei helps his son in the task, but when the police arrive, he leaves at last. Ku is praised for doing something so courageous. The following day, Coup receives an award from the Mayor for his bravery. When the family returns home after the function, Wei is arrested. On reaching the police station, Wei is informed that his arrest was a ruse, so the gangsters in the streets do not suspect him to be a spy.

His superior wants him to befriend a criminal named Darkey, who is currently in prison and formerly worked for a gang leader named Poe. Wei doesn’t want to take the job because that would mean he doesn’t get to return home, but his superior convinces him, claiming that he will only have to do it for a few weeks. Following that, Weay meets Darky as an inmate and instantly tells him about his plan to escape. They fake a fight, making a policeman open the cell doors for them. Taking the opportunity, they push him away and run outside.

After a narrow escape, Darky feels indebted to Wei for getting him out of the prison. They return to Wei’s house and tell Ku to take care of his mother while Wai is away at work. By the next morning, they reach Hong Kong and meet the gang leader Poe. He is a cruel man, ready to kill anyone for his own good. Poe is planning to buy explosives from a dealer the next day, but he doesn’t want to spend money.

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Weigh suggests one of them wear an explosive vest and snatch the money after getting their hands on the goods. That way, the other party wouldn’t fire at them, fearing the explosives would go off. Poe likes the plan, but he orders Way to wear the vest fitted with explosives. An offduty Hong Kong Detective, Anne Fong, and her boyfriend, Inspector Chang, are on a date at a restaurant. They appear to be arguing about something in the same restaurant.

Poe arrives to close the deal with the other party. He gets hold of the explosives and hands them a suitcase with money. When they walk away with the money, Wei and his team attack them and get the suitcase. However, they are soon surrounded by the other party and asked to hand the suitcase back. This is when the explosive vest comes in handy.

In the meantime, Fang and Cheng help the people in the restaurant to get out safely. When the police arrive, they get into an intense shootout. Fang helps the police and holds the criminals at gunpoint, but she has to retreat. When her boyfriend is taken hostage by way to escape from the police, he gets into a car with Fong and threatens her to drive. They are stopped on an overbridge, but at last he manages to escape.

Fong is intrigued by Way. She uses her Detective associates to find out that his family still lives somewhere in Beijing. Somewhere else. Coo gets bullied in school because his father is a criminal. He wants to believe otherwise, but his friends show him a paper with Way’s picture on it.

On returning home, he gets a call from Wei and tells him that his mother is extremely sick. Wai promises to send them more money for medicines, but asks them to keep their conversation a secret from his mother. He also gives the kid a phone number so he can call in the time of an emergency. At school, the bullies throw water at Coup’s best friend, making him cry. Having had enough, Coup fights them all efficiently and teaches them a lesson.

After school, Detective Fong follows him home. She meets his mother to inquire more about Wei. Pretending to be his business partner. She is asked to stay the night as their guest. At midnight, Wai’s wife finds Fong going through their belongings.

She tells her that she knows Fong is not Wai’s business partner. Still, the wife is not mad at her for lying. Fang finds out from her that Wei is actually a great person. This confuses her even more on why he is working for a gang. Wei’s wife knows that the disease is eating her up and she is not going to survive for long.

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She senses that Fong is a good person and charges her with taking care of her son. When she passes away, the two get along well. Back in Hong Kong, Poe is organizing an auction for stolen antiques on a cruise ship. When Wai shows knowledge about the antiques, Poe begins to suspect him. Wei tells his superior in Beijing about his findings and is asked to stay in the gang for a few more weeks.

One night, Wei’s wife gets an asthma attack that turns worse when she falls off the bed. Fang and Coup help her get to the hospital. On her deathbed, she gives Fong a letter addressed to Wei. She also asks her to take care of Coup and passes away. Back in Hong Kong, Wei receives a message in a blinker about his wife’s death.

He freezes in shock, failing to understand that Poe is ordering him to turn the blinker off. Because of this, he gets beaten up badly. Meanwhile, Feng prepares to bring Coup to Hong Kong with her. While packing up, she finds a picture of Wei with the police Inspector she met earlier. It is now clear to her that Wei is actually a policeman working as a spy.

She gets a boat to return to Hong Kong, but gets into a fight with the boat owner. It turns out that the owner is an associate of Poe, who has asked the man to keep an eye on Fong. After defeating the owner and his henchmen, Fong and Coup make their way to Hong Kong. There, Fong asks her boyfriend, Inspector Cheng, for help, but he tells the media about the child to pretend like he has been investigating the shootout case. He spreads the rumors about Coup going missing.

When Fan confronts him about this, the two break up. A local newspaper prints out the news about Coup, along with Wade’s name, addressing him as a policeman. In the meantime, Cou sees policemen outside Fong’s house and figures out that she is in trouble. He escapes and wanders around the streets of Hong Kong. Wai finds out about his son being in the city and goes to meet him.

Little does he know that Poe has also read the news about the missing child and now suspects Wei to be a policeman. He finds Coup in the streets and kidnaps him. Wei meets Fong in her house and is given the letter that his wife had written him. Fang also informs him that Coup has escaped and promises to help him with everything he needs. On his way back, Wei reads the letter where his wife has told him to trust Fang.

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On reaching Poe’s apartment, he sees his son sitting beside the gangster. Still, Wei doesn’t react and pretends like he is seeing Coup for the first time. To test if he will continue to pretend, Poe hits the kid brutally, but gets no reaction. Out of way at last, Wai chokes his son and fakes killing him. In reality, Ku is using a breathing technique that Wai had taught him.

The gangsters think the kid is dead and throw his body in a dumpster. An impressed Poe brings way to a club and throws him a party. Hours later, Wei returns to the dumping ground to look for his son. However, he finds out that it was all a setup organized by Poe to reveal his secret. Poe and his henchmen attack Way, and an intense fight ensues between them.

At first, Wei manages to defeat all of his men, but in a one on one fight with Poe, he loses. That is, until Feng intervenes and saves him at last, somewhere else. Darkey saves coup and brings him to a safe place. Even after finding out that he was being cheated by way, he feels indebted to him since he has saved his life numerous times. Meanwhile, Poe prepares for an auction of stolen antiques that he is organizing on a ship.

He has invited millionaires from around the world and plans to Rob and kill them. Since the auction is illegally set, he is sure no one of the attendees has announced their location. Poe’s men set bombs around the ship, with which he plans to threaten the guests. Darkey has given clothes and a key card that will help him disguise himself as a guest in the event. However, before the mission, Poe finds out that Darkey is helping Ku run away.

He shoots him and throws his body in the water. Ku rescues Darke and is told that only his father can save hundreds of people aboard the ship. With his last breath. Darky hands COO a key card and tells him to inform his father about Poe’s plan. Wei is with Fong after she saved him from Poe.

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