The wolf pleaded to him to open the coffin doing so he was shocked

The wolf pleaded him to open the coffin doing so he was shocked harshness is the most hateful human trait that. Can be found in anyone’s soul on the other hand to be a tolerant. Person is to be a real human. Being. Some selfish people.

Think that cruelness is the only way to attain whatever they want in a very self-centered way. They pursue their goals, regardless of any possible unpleasant consequences. Although animals are somehow brainless creatures, they still have some mercy which lots of human beings lack.

We will learn much about these sincere feelings which an animal lie for his friend. Once upon a time there lived a good looking young man named samuel, samuel was kind and friendly person, despite the fact that he came from a very rich family.

Samuel was still humble and simple: he never seized his power over his poor friends. That was why they loved him very much and defended him against any daniel’s. Father was a wealthy business person. His name was jerry. In fact, samuel inherited kind-heartedness and open-mindedness from his father.

Jerry jerry was a man of patience and sympathy. He established numerous charities in order to help the poor and provide them with shelter, food, drink clothes and medicine. Jerry had a formidable enemy named paul paul hated jerry, very much because jerry was more successful in making profitable deals than paul and paul.

Had a son named daniel daniel was evil and vicious daniel studied at the same school, where samuel did daniel hated samuel, because samuel was brilliant and loved by all of his teachers and colleagues, in contrast, daniel was naughty indecent and seditious troublemaker. As a result, daniel was despised by most of his teachers and friends in the university too, samuel attained the admiration of everyone which made daniel go crazy, made daniel go crazy.

Samuel tried to befriend daniel, but daniel was always aggressive and unfriendly. Samuel fell in love with his colleague, maria who loved samuel because she found him compassionate and loyal. For maria samuel was the most sincere person in the world maria stated you’re, my everything samuel. Thanks to you, i started believing in all the happiness in life. I was about to lose passion in everything because of my evil and bad stepfather.

He let my mother suffer until she died by the end after she died. I was about to die too. You rescue me from the misery and suffering which were waiting for me. I love you samuel and i promise you to fight to make our love live forever. Samuel confessed, his love for maria, when he said you are my whole life, maria though you are not as rich as i am.

I forgot about all such different social matters. When i looked into your eyes, i have decided to live the rest of my life after i realized how much innocent and artless you are all the girls i’ve known before were such greedy and covetous all of they were hungry for money and my position, they are Not concerned about me as a human being; rather they are fond of my wealth, unlike them you’re not sophisticated nor artificial. You are fully spontaneous and lively young lady. My life is happily transformed. After i met you, it became better and more worthy.

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My love, for you is a limitless one. I always feel proud of you. I do not listen to those who warn me against being in love with a poor girl. I promise you to be with you till the end, so samuel and maria established a very nice love story. Samuel met maria accompany him in his goings-out, with his wolf lord, who was samuel’s best friend.

Jerry bought samuel, the wolf after he discovered his son’s love for wolves, samuel treated lord lord kindly and nicely. Hence lord. The wolf was always ready to protect his friend from any evil. Daniel was in love with maria daniel’s. Jealousy was greatly increased after he knew about the love relationship between samuel and maria daniel threatened samuel to abandon the girl, unless he would be in danger.

Samuel did not listen to daniel’s threats, jerry advised his son, samuel saying you must stop loving maria daniel is an evil young man, i’m afraid that he may cause harm to you. You’Re still young and many opportunities are available for you, maria forms, a danger for us all. Now, i’m sure that daniel is plotting against you samuel. His father, too, must participate in such evil plans. Protect yourself well and do not meet maria again.

Daniel is a criminal and he can do anything to win everything. He wants samuel decided to talk with daniel quietly to solve the problem in a positive way. It’S a problem in a positive way. Samuel met, daniel samuel said to daniel maria does not love you daniel. Even if you manage to marry her, she won’t live happily with you.

Look for another beautiful young girl who can give you profound love and care willingly, you’re, handsome and rich, which allows you to marry. The prettiest and richest girl on the earth do not give the space to such hateful feelings of envy and selfishness to ruin your future. Let’S be friends daniel. I know very well that you’re a good person but you’re surrounded with bad gangs, who are the main cause of the corruption in your personality. I promise to forget about all the problems you evolved me in before, since we were in the school together in a very nervous voice, daniel replied, maria is mine samuel.

I have no idea why you desire to take from me everything i love since we were young children, you want others love and appreciation. Well, i was hated by everyone. You are the selfish per love, maria loved you rather than me. We will never be best friend samuel. We can only be enemies and rivals.

I will never look for another girl rather than maria. I will have maria and get rid of you sooner. If you do not leave her also, i wonder how you succeeded in making her admire you, though, i am richer than you. You are the devil himself samuel clarified to daniel that money was not the thing which could control people’s feelings and emotions. Samuel expressed.

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What will make you loved by others is your good attitude and morals and not your money. I believe that, if you experience true love, you’ll realize that external appearances and materialistic matters are nothing comparing to unconditional love. God created us to live together in mercy and emotional warmth and not to fight with each other over trivial issues. He wants us to be tolerant and forgiving daniel replied, indifferently god created to help each other and not to steal, to help each other and not to steal each other’s objects. Although you have the knowledge that i love maria since a long time, you developed your relationship with her without caring about my feelings.

You are a real thief: samuel, instead of helping your friend as you are assuming you took her for your own desires. You did not even try to elaborate to her how much i love her. You make use of the naive girl easily. I hate you samuel and i’m confessing to you now that my revenge will be hard and you will lose everything even your own self, daniel hurried, the maria to order her to stay away from samuel so that he would not harm him. Daniel said, if you are truly in love, samuel will leave him instantly.

I have been in love with you for long years. Maria you are the only girl who succeeds in moving my heart. My love to you is unordinary and crazy. I want you to be in my company all the time. No one is allowed to look deeply into your eyes and hold your hand, but me forget about samuel.

Please i love you much more than he pretends to samuel is unable to make you happiness. As he’s self-centered, he wants to invest everything for his own sake. He took you as a property, not as a human being like his father. Jerry samuel is such an opportunist. He wants to run the world according to his own desires.

To sum up, i will never allow samuel to achieve victory against me. Leave him unless bad things happening will take place mercilessly maria got terrified. After seeing daniel in such a mad state and hearing such scaring words from him, maria contacted samuel, and she told him about the conversation between her and daniel samuel attempted to call maria down, and he promised her that everything would be. Okay. Maria saw that it would be better if she and samuel did not see each other for some period until daniel forgot about them.

Samuel was against the idea he mentioned to maria that he could not stop meeting her for even a few days maria tried to convince samuel of her point of view. She added that daniel was turned into a typical criminal and that she did not lose samuel by any way. Samuel and maria decided to travel to a remote place so that daniel would not be able to disturb them. Unluckily daniel’s friends saw both samuel and maria enjoying their love. He informed daniel at once of their place.

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Daniel went crazy. He reached the couple daniel stabbed samuel from the back before daniel fled and to break maria’s heart. More and more, he took the ring which maria bestowed samuel and wear it. The ring was still bloody. The ring was turned red because of samuel’s blood.

Daniel fled before the police arrived. The wolf lord tried to run after daniel the killer of his best friend samuel, but daniel disappeared quickly. Maria had no proof that could punish death that could punish daniel for his deliberate crime. Daniel committed his crime, smartly, as he took the knife, he used to kill samuel with leaving nothing to condemn him. However, daniel forgot to hide the knife so that nobody would see him with her daniel attended the burial of samuel and he pretended to be sad about his death.

He did so as he didn’t want anyone to suspect him. Yet the knife was still in samuel’s pocket. Once lord, the wolf saw the knife, it attacked samuel strongly and violently samuel told the truth and was arrested. The moral is that one should not be self-centered but to be rational and patient instead. In addition, animals are the most faithful friends even more than human beings themselves.

They are more loyal and faithful than most humans. Anyone who ever picked up a bible knows animals were created before any human. Here’S another interesting fact how many people have ever noticed that the word dog spells god, nothing is more loyal than an animal you’ve bonded with there you ride or die inseparable from your side, no matter what and that’s something we all need from time to time. If you need someone, you can trust always be with you. An animal beats out a human just about every time.

Many of us imagine death will be like drifting to sleep. Your head gets heavy your eyes, flutter and gently close, a final breath and then lights out. It sounds, perversely, pleasant too bad. It may not be that quick. It changes a lot of your perceptions towards life because you’ve been alive with them and then seeing them without any movements, as ever before.

You have never thought that you would have to live without them from someday, even though knowing that humans are not immortal, no one ever gives this a serious thought that you only have others until either of you.

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