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The scary footage was captured by a surveillance camera! What the woman did shocked people!

The scary footage was captured by a surveillance camera what the woman did shocked her. People, babies when in the womb have an unlimited supply of nutritious blood that is delivered by their mothers through the placenta and the umbilical cord mother’s blood, delivers oxygen and clears off carbon dioxide efficiently.

Babies need not breathe independently to achieve such life is luxurious. However, once born the umbilical cord is severed and the babies are now on their own they’re independent beings responsible for fulfilling their body’s needs of oxygen and carbon dioxide clearance for which they need to initiate breathing.

So how does the baby know when to start breathing good question immediately after birth and before crying the carbon dioxide levels start increasing rapidly in the baby’s blood? This increased levels of carbon dioxide serve as a signal. It signals the area of the brain responsible for respiration that now is a good time for babie’s.

The first breath brain hence responds to the signals by sending impulses to the diaphragm primary muscle of respiration to contract and the ribcage to expand and draw in air legally new moms can abandon their baby without legal ramifications, but it must be done according to law. You cannot legally leave the baby in a dumpster or on the side of the road.

You can leave the baby at any hospital fire station police station if the baby is not left safely. According to the law, the mother can be prosecuted if her careless actions lead to injury or death of the infant shortly after freddie began living with them. The figarouses, who often took in foster children, decided to adopt him in elementary school. Freddie figures said other children would bully him and call him dumpster baby when they learned he had been put out with the garbage as a newborn. The grandmother of the baby dumped in a trash can by his teen mom, has defended her daughter, telling dailymail.

om everybody makes mistakes. Hobbs high school student, Alexis Avila 18 was arrested and charged with attempted murder after abandoning her newborn baby in a dumpster behind a shopping mall. In Hobbes new Mexico on Friday, the newborn who was named saul by his 16-year-old father, is currently recovering at a hospital in Lubbock texas, and is being cared for by the new Mexico, children, youth, and families department.

Now Avila’s mother, Martha 47, has broken her silence to defend her daughter and told that the birth came as a shock outside her 104-thousand-dollar home in Hobbs speaking exclusively to daily mail. Om. She said people can talk and give their opinion. Everybody makes mistakes. People can preach all they want, they can judge all they want, but we only care about the judgment of one she added yeah. It has been a shock, martha told dailymail.

om that she wasn’t sure if the family would be handed custody of baby saul, although that’s likely to be contested by the family of the baby’s father speaking to dailymail. Com, the 16 year old boy’s uncle said the baby is likely to be taken in by his 50 year old grandfather, an entrepreneur who runs an oil field, servicing business eight miles out of town. He said his dad isn’t the type to give up on a family member. He won’t let that baby be without a home. It’S been a big shock for us all.

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We only found out about the baby last night, according to texts shared with by a friend of the 16 year old avila had told him she was pregnant but claims she miscarried after they split last summer. But friends of avilas said she had been open about her pregnancy at school and stopped coming to class. Shortly before the christmas break in mid-december, both avila and her mother, martha told police. They did not know.

She was pregnant with Avila telling cops that she gave birth in the bathroom of her parent’s modest home last Thursday, and panicked before dumping. Her baby in the trash Avila, who is due in court in Lovington new Mexico on Wednesday afternoon, is currently out on bond and is laying low at her parent’s house.

She was caught on camera dumping, her baby in a dumpster at the Broadmoor mall in Hobbs last Friday afternoon, while cops have released the panic 9-1-1 call that followed five hours later when dumpster divers found the child. According to the call baby, saul was freezing cold and still had his umbilical cord attached Michael green hector, gesso and April meadow spotted the infant. After hearing his cries and said they had assumed it was a cat when they first pulled the baby out surveillance.

Video captured the scene as they opened the bag to find a shivering whimpering newborn baby inside meadow is heard on the call telling cops the baby is freezing cold and very, very weak before adding that she had wrapped the child in her coat to keep him warm Avila was arrested the following day. According to the criminal complaint, she confessed to throwing away her child the 18 year old, told police.

She did not know she was pregnant until she went to a doctor for a stomach pain on thursday, the following day she delivered her son in a bathroom at her parents, home after giving birth. Avila said she panicked. She said she had wrapped her son in a towel, placed him in a white plastic bag containing some trash and a larger black trash bag and drove around before throwing the child in the dumpster at the broadmoor shopping center at around 2pm.

During her interview at the police, avila was quoted as referring to her child as it police later executed. A search warrant at the family’s home and seized physical evidence, including bloody clothing. Avila was released from jail after posting, ten thousand dollars, unsecured bond less than two hours. After her arrest august fonz, the acting chief of hobbs police department said he had never before come across a case like this. If you’re struggling with a new infant, the best response is to find somebody who can help you with that.

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He said crisis of identity. In such cases, sister hope said, the young woman is likely to experience a crisis of identity. Suddenly she finds that she’s pregnant, but motherhood was not on her radar at all. She can’t reconcile these two images of herself and how she thought her life would be, and the idea that I’m now a mother if a woman doesn’t have a strong sense of self she’s thrown into chaos into crisis, and she isn’t thinking clearly she’s, not making good Decisions

and she’s also not really capable of the self-sacrifice, overcoming hardships that is often required in a situation like this sisterhood said that if such a woman came to the sisters of life for help, the nuns would try to help her be strengthened in her identity that She is good to know that she is a child of god who has been entrusted with a child that she is capable of motherhood, that this is who she is and if she’s strengthened in that identity,

then she’s capable of doing anything we’ve seen so many courageous Women who, once they feel stabilized in their identity, they can overcome any obstacle, whether it’s money or housing or whatever the particular challenges are for her in terms of this pregnancy. Sister hope believes that, in a case like this, the woman didn’t find support in places an expectant mother.

Normally, would she didn’t find someone she could turn to share in that moment of crisis? What do I do? I don’t know how to handle this baby. I just got to get rid of it. That’s all she was thinking she’s, not thinking of what a horrible thing she’s doing, she’s, just kind of acting on autopilot, compassionate response.

When avila made her court appearance this week, a dozen or so protesters stood outside the courtroom. With signs indicating their disapproval of her actions, pam bishop client services director at the Warrington pregnancy center in Virginia, however, feels that women who abandon their newborns in this way need compassion for her and I’m totally speculating based on what i read her.

So her social support system was not as healthy as it could have been if she gave birth to a baby alone. In a bathroom bishop said in an interview, her social support includes her parents and her family, maybe her church community, her friends. Obviously her social support network was not as healthy as one would hope for a young person.

Bishop surmised, that avila was not healthy, spiritually or emotionally either emotionally healthy people don’t do what she did so she needs some help psychologically. Probably she said. Obviously, in that moment she was desperate was in a situation that was too big for her to handle both sister hope and pam.

Bishop said that the safe haven laws that have provided a good alternative to women who are attempting to abandon their babies according to the national safe haven alliance, which equips safe haven providers and parents facing unplanned pregnancies with safe alternatives that prevent infant abandonment. While providing holistic care for both parents and babies, 4127 babies have been saved through safe haven since 1999.

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In 2020. The latest year, for which statistics are available only 37 babies have been illegally abandoned in the u.s in new mexico. A baby must be directly handed to a safe haven provider, but in some places there are safe haven boxes, also called baby hatches. Where a woman can anonymously leave an infant, they don’t have to actually talk to anyone or see anyone, so they might just feel a little more anonymous in that situation and safer to leave the baby somewhere.

Sister hope said, the woman’s feeling a lot of shame at that moment, so she might feel a little nervous to go into a fire station and have to speak to someone. Sister hope said that, in an ideal situation, if a woman received support much earlier in her pregnancy and yet felt unable to care for a baby, she would probably be in a better position to make plans for adoption. She would be able to make that decision in full freedom and discernment and not in a moment of panic. Sister hope said. The decision to place a child for adoption is not an easy one.

It’s something a woman is going to live with the rest of her life, knowing that she made that choice, she needs to know that she made it in full freedom and confidence, knowing that this is the best decision i can make for my child. This is the most loving thing i can do.

I know that I can’t take care of the child, so i’m going to entrust it to someone who can if she makes that decision in the freedom she’s going to be able to live with that decision, whereas it’s obviously not ideal. If a woman abandons her child in that moment of chaotic panic when she doesn’t know what to do commenting on the new Mexico case, the bishop said she did something horrific, but she also deserves compassion. She was hurting and not well in multiple areas of potential wellness.

In that regard, saint julian of norwich said when god sees our sin, he sees the pain in us. Newborns can be left at any safe surrender site, usually that’s all hospitals and fire stations. It’S a no questions, asked drop off, you usually get a band or something to identify you.

So if you change your mind, you can get the baby back. There’S usually a deadline of a certain number of days, a couple of weeks that you have to change your mind after that point, your baby will be legally freed for adoption, contact us and let us help you through the situation thanks for reading. See you soon.

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