The poor man pulled the girl out of the CAR IN SMOKE and disappeared. 15 years later, she met him…

Alice nelson was surrounded by lavish luxuries from a very young age. Her parents were wealthy in business and they did everything they could to ensure their adored daughter was never in need. Not many of the girls classmates could be proud that they had a personal driver and a nanny to devote all their time to them and alice had it all, but no matter what the nelson couple tried to raise their daughter correctly and not allow silly whims they Wanted their beloved daughter to understand that she had to do everything on her own, not with the help of others. The couple did everything they could to ensure that the girl had a bright future. They opened a bank account from the birth of their daughter into which they deposited an impressive amount of money intended to pay for the girl’s future education at the best university life went smoothly and predictably for alice.

The girl had no idea that life could be any different, but soon something happened that drastically changed her life. The day started perfectly normal, nothing foretelling what would happen in the morning. The driver brandon drove the nelson couple to their office and returned home to take alice to school. After that, the driver went to do his boss’s errands stopped at the car service to change the oil in the car and then picked up alice from school and drove her home. After a quick cup of coffee, the driver went to pick up the nelson couple from the office as their work day ended, but that wasn’t all brandon had to do.

He still had a lot of work to do. For the day. The driver was very anxious because on this day he had to take mr nelson to the airport before taking alice to school. This journey was unplanned and the man who had to fly urgently to a branch on the other side of the country because of unexpected problems. When brendan returned from the airport, he was exhausted, he felt exhausted and could not concentrate on the road because of the pain in his head.

The man put alice in the car’s back seat and drove her to her extra activities because of the trip to the airport. Brandon and alice were late for her class, so the driver had to drive very fast due to fatigue. He could not break in time before a sharp turn and the car went off the road and crashed outside the guardrail falling next to a building under construction. The crash location had many strong bricks, metal bars and construction debris. The damage caused the car to leak fuel before picking up alice brendan had just filled.

The tank in the car gasoline began to drip onto the pavement, and the situation was out of control and becoming increasingly dangerous. It is unclear how exactly the spark that caused the petrol to ignite occurred. Fortunately, there was a bus stop close to the building under construction. As it was not very late, many people witnessed this terrible accident. Look look.

The fuel tank is leaking, it’s quite likely that the car is about to explode. People shouted not knowing what to do. Some approached the car to help, but when they saw the flames they got scared and stepped back. No, it’s impossible to go close to the car. I can’t even think of such a thing.

The car will burst into flames like a match at any moment, spoke eyewitnesses who approached the scene of the accident, but did not dare to approach the car. Meanwhile, there was absolute hell going on in the car, the driver was unconscious and the little girl was desperately banging on the door. The passenger door was blocked because of the accident and alice could not get out of the car alone. Passengers at the bus stop watched in horror, some crying some calling an ambulance and a fire brigade. Suddenly a man stepped out of the crowd, put a hood over his head and headed resolutely towards the burning car.

Has he gone mad he’s just going to die and won’t have time to save anyone? A woman’s voice came, but the guy walked confidently as if he had no fear. He was dressed in old, tattered clothes and looked like a homeless man. But despite his appearance, he had a noble heart. He approached the car, picked up a pipe from the ground and indicating to the girl to move away broke the window after that, without wasting time.

He pulled the girl out of the car. At that moment, his hair and hood were on fire, but the brave boy did not even notice it rushing to get the girl as far away from the car as possible. A few seconds later, the fire reached the fuel tank and there was an explosion behind a young man and the girl he had rescued. The blast threw them to the side, a man ran towards them and called the fire brigade an ambulance. He grabbed the girl in his arms and carried her to the ambulance.

The boy who had rescued alice knocked the flames from his sweatshirt and hair and walked quickly away from the scene. All attention was focused on the little girl, so no one noticed her rescuer had left the doctors examined, alice and found nothing life-threatening. Just a few slight burns, however, to ensure the girl was okay. The doctors took her to the hospital for a few days to keep her under observation. The whole time the girl was being checked.

She looked around asking where’s the man who saved me. Why can’t i see him anywhere at this point? No one was listening to the girl, and everyone was only concerned about how she felt at the hospital the girl couldn’t stop crying thinking about what had happened to brandon. The driver was her best friend the one she spent a lot of time with. Besides alice.

Couldn’T stop thinking about the man who had saved her in that terrible accident? Who is he what’s his name, even though the girl kept asking her parents to find her rescuer? All her searches were unsuccessful as time passed this accident that alice was involved in changed her life forever. Since then, the girl has thought only of helping those around her when she turned 15. She joined a volunteer organization dedicated to helping homeless people.

This work was very much enjoyed and she was happy that she could do something good. At 25. She set up a charity on her own and, in addition to her money, donations from other people interested in helping the poor float in the foundation set up its canteen and even a medical center, where people with health problems could get help from qualified doctors one day, While alice was putting food on plates, she saw a thin man with a long burn scar on his face. The man stopped before the door rubbing an old cap in his hands. The girl approached tim shiley and asked excuse me.

Can i help you? You have a scar on your face. Does it hurt the stranger looked to alice over from head to toe and said senorita? I would be very grateful if you could give me a plate of hot soup and a couple of slices of bread. Don’T worry about the scar, it doesn’t trouble me.

I got it 15 years ago, when i rescued a girl from a car, i’m used to people being horrified and disgusted by my face. A flustered alice, touched the stranger’s hand and said in trembling. I’M that girl you saved 15 years ago, i’ve been looking for you for so many years. Why did you disappear so quickly? Then?

Hearing this the stranger smiled, embarrassedly and wiping away the tears running unwillingly began to tell his story. His name was josh and he had lived on the streets most of his life. The man did not know his parents and grew up in an orphanage as a child to survive. Somehow he started stealing food from the supermarket, which soon got in trouble with the local police. That’S why he left the scene so quickly afraid he would get in trouble with the police.

I don’t know how to thank you for what you did. Can i give you some money? I have a lot of money that way you can buy yourself a house and you won’t have to live on the street anymore she offered, but the man shook his head in the negative and said he was used to living on the streets and didn’t need money, But alice didn’t give up so easily instead of money. She offered him a job with an organization. This way the man could get a hot meal every day, a place to sleep and a wage for his work.

The man’s face, brightened and alice knew her offer was accepted. After all, he had been through the homeless man dreamed of the family. He had never had now helping others, as he had once been. The man felt part of a large family of volunteers where he was cared for.