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The mother was dying but when her baby crawled on her a shocking miracle happened

The mother was dying, but when her baby crawled on her, a shocking miracle happened nearly every mother to be will dream of bonding with their baby thinking about their first moments together, how they will raise their child and what sort of person they’ll become.

However, this isn’t always the case and for one mother, the choice has been heartbreaking. Does she spend what time she has left with her babies, or does she spare them the pain of grieving at the expense of not bonding Kim debbling 34? Who may just have months left to live is glad that her daughter Rose one and Son Harvey six months won’t be able to remember her saying no Disney character ever became a hero without losing a parent. The former RAF air traffic controller is currently battling stage.

Four cutaneous T cell lymphoma, which has left her virtually unrecognizable. However, doctors warn she is currently too unwell to go through with the procedure which could give her another five years. Even though a donor has been found Kim from bassing Stoke Hampshire has said, I know, Rose and Harvey.

Wont remember me and that’s a good thing: no Disney character ever became a hero without losing a parent, but in a way I don’t want the kids to get to know me, so I can save them the terrible laws talking about the decision not to bond with her Children Kim added – I wonder what my children will think of me and what conclusions they will draw about me when I’m gone, but I still want to be the best mom.

I can ever be no matter how long I have left desperate to become parents Kim and her RAF pilot husband, Steve 32, began trying for a baby soon after their wedding day, but after a year and a half with no success. The pair who have served in Iraq and Afghanistan were referred for IVF on the NHS. After just one round Kim fell pregnant in November 2015. With her mind focused on her baby, she thought nothing of it when she noticed a red rash around her waist. She casually mentioned it to her GP during a routine appointment about her pregnancy.

A few weeks later she explained we could not have been happier to be expecting our first baby. We had waited for so long for it to happen that the red patches were just the last thing on my mind, but when I finally saw the GP I did mention it as it had spread to the tops of my thighs. I was given some cream for it thinking it was just a nasty rash as well as being referred to a dermatoma geologist in March 2016 Kim met with a skin specialist in Basingstoke and North Hampshire hospital and had a biopsy of her skin taken convinced she was Just suffering from dermatitis a type of eczema, she tried not to worry but may 2016. When she was 24 weeks. Pregnant doctors broke the heartbreaking news that she actually had cancer.

She recalled when I heard the word lymphoma. I was completely devastated. They told me I had a rare type of non-hodgkin lymphoma that affects the skin, where the symptoms are a raised, rash or itchy patches of skin lumps on the skin and swollen lymph nodes. My only saving grace was that it was stage one meaning it wasn’t aggressive.

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So they could treat the skin directly with light treatments after that Kim had ultraviolet bee treatment, which involves standing in a sunbed style booth at bassing Stokes Hospital having a session twice a week, she kept going until a fortnight before Rose arrived at the end of August 2016 Most would be getting used to night feeds catching up with friends, and these days posting a million pictures on social media, but following the birth, the new mom then had 40 sessions of puva treatment.

Another form of UV light therapy which she was confident had been successful, Kim said when Rose was born. It was the most incredible moment she was a gorgeous girl and I felt so positive about the future. I knew the cancer could spread and come back, but I really felt I had got away with it in a bid to ensure she was treated as thoroughly as possible. Kim began a course of radiotherapy in February 2017, but soon after her last session, she became pregnant again this time. Naturally, she said we’d always wanted a big family and children close together in age.

So I could not have been happier when I found out. I was expecting Harvey tragically, though Kim’s Elation was short-lived as the day after she had taken the positive pregnancy test. She felt a lump in her groin. She was sent for an ultrasound and biopsy straight away and in July 2017 she was told that the cancer had returned and had spread to her lymph nodes and was not curable, and on top of that she was 16 weeks. Pregnant Kim said me and Steve were new parents.

We had another one on the way our new life together should have just been beginning. The idea of leaving him as a single dad had crushed me. He deserves someone to love and he deserves to be loved. It’S not what any of us had planned for our lives. I wanted to be a proud parent with Steve, see our kids grow up, not leave him to do it all alone.

I never considered terminating the pregnancy as I was desperate to meet my second child. I was never told my pregnancy hormones would definitely accelerate the cancer, though in hindsight it may have been the case in the wake of Her diagnosis. Kim was warned. She only had months left to live if a stem cell transplant doesn’t work and more than five years. If it does, her radiotherapy was put on hold and she started an 18-week course of chop chemotherapy which is used to treat non-hodgkin lymphoma and is suitable for pregnant patients.

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She only stopped for the birth of Harvey in October last year. Kim said it was grueling. Not only was I pregnant, but I had the toxic chemo drugs going through my body, leaving me weaker and weaker, but when I had Harvey I actually forgot all about the disease.

In that moment I was a mom again, not a woman with cancer. I felt on top of the world soon after the birth, Kim’s treatment, regiment resumed, meaning she was unable to breastfeed her baby boy currently undergoing radiotherapy she’ll begin chemotherapy next week in the hope that will make her well enough for a stem cell transplant for which a Match has already been found.

A few weeks ago, scores of angry red lumps began to spring up all over her face and body, but thankfully they have since shrunk following targeted radiotherapy to her face Kim, who has set up a business called Kestrel design which covers branding and Graphics as well as Documenting her cancer Journey online said without a stem cell transplant I could have just months left to live and with it up to five years, but I’m trying to remain positive. My life is actually one of real joy and happiness, despite my cancer diagnosis, in fact, I believe it has been a trigger to focus me in a really positive way. I’M glad I was diagnosed with cancer. My children are my life. My husband is the best man in the world.

My life itself is wonderful, there’s always a bond between Mom and her babies. God had this mother and child in his hands the whole time Melanie’s pregnancy was normal, so there was no reason for her to think her. Delivery would be like this on July 28. 2010. Her life would change forever and praise God.

His hands and Angels were on the scene, read how the love and support and prayers from her husband. Alongside God’s grace and love, delivered both mom and baby home safely, when baby crawled on her chest. Something happened here. What really happened Melanie and Doug’s story about bringing little Gabriella into this world and saving mom’s life is truly a God moment per Melanie on July 28. 2010.

I delivered my child in the maternity ward of One hospital only to wake up days later in the ICU of another hospital across town, not knowing how I had even gotten there shocked. I sat and listened as my family told what had taken place during the past. Three days I tried to recall them, but I had no memory. I drew a blank. The following is a story handed down to me from my husband and many others about my untimely death and miraculous survival code, blue.

When I was in the hospital preparing to deliver. My baby girl, after 39 long weeks, I signaled to the nurse that something was wrong. I was lightheaded and felt somewhat nauseous. I felt as though I was going to pass out the nurse attempted to reposition me and tried to determine the cause of my lightheadedness. There was no indication from my vitals that something was amiss then I slumped to my side, apparently having what seemed like a mild seizure.

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My husband, who was standing at the end of the bed, witnessed my heart rate and blood pressure. Flashed zero on my monitors. Our unborn child’s heart rate began to plummet. Precipitously my skin had turned deep blue. I was not breathing and had no heart rate.

I had suffered Cardiac Arrest, I was clinically dead and my baby was still inside of my body. Doctors. Signaled code, blue code, blue and a team of Staff whisked me into the operating room. My husband later told me that he prayed in these words, God. I know that this is more than I can handle, which means you have a plan and a purpose in this, and I trust you but please, if it is your will, allow me to hold my wife again.

He said he has never felt more helpless and Afraid in all of his life. By now, my family and friends had begun to congregate and they all grabbed hands and began to pray soon after they began to text email, tweet and post statuses on Facebook asking people to pray. For me, the domino effect began to happen by the end of that day.

I was the number one Googled person in Phoenix and one of the top 100 people tweeted about. As the prayer requests went, viral in the OR doctors worked feverously to save both me and my unborn child, miraculously we both survived this initial assault after our baby was delivered by a C-section.

My husband went to see our daughter in the nursery, not knowing. If I was dead or alive as he wiped the tears from his face, the nurses asked him the baby’s name: Gabriella, he replied the heroine of God. My husband came to my bedside. He took hold of my hand and said I love you. I will always love you Brady and Gabriella are beautiful and love you if you have any fight left, then fight, despite my hopes, promise me that you will follow your guardian angel wherever he leads where he leads.

You will be where God needs you. I thank the Lord for inspiring me to choose a pro-life hospital. I thank God for allowing Doug, Brady Gabriella and me to be a family again and for allowing me another opportunity to speak of God’s infinite, grace mercy and love for us all. God has the power to take us from the depths of Darkness, even the darkness of death, and bring us to the light, and for that I praise him thanks for reading.

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