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The Man Wakes up From a 27-Year-Long Coma and His First Words Shock Everyone

This man was in a deep coma for a long time. 27 years later, he woke up and his first few words left everyone completely stunned. This is the story of ivan who was born in croatia. He lived in the beautiful city of zagreb and lived a fairly comfortable life. The croatian was a railroad worker who spent his days inspecting and maintaining the railway tracks in the city on a bright morning.

He woke up early for work and, while walking on the road, his thoughts got him distracted. He was busy thinking about the things he wanted to achieve in the future. Ivan was lost in his own imagination when he unconsciously crashed into someone at first. He was startled and didn’t know what had happened. Then he heard a gentle sweet voice.

Say: hey watch your step, big man. Didn’T you see me walking across at this point? He realized what he had done. He was completely embarrassed and wanted to help the person he had knocked down as he bent down his heart began to beat faster. He realized the person on the ground was a woman.

He usually sees every morning they both stared at each other for some moments with intent. However, the woman suddenly got up and broke the romantic connection, yvonne apologized, to the lady, but she pretended not to care. She continued walking towards the train station. She gave a faint smile as he turned away from him from that day on ivan and the woman greeted each other. Every morning, one particular day he decided to talk to her, then he discovered her name was mia.

He enjoyed talking to her and with time he fell in love with her one chilly evening. He took her out on a date and asked her to be his girlfriend. They were in love with each other and their relationship thrived, but then something unexpected happened. That would test the strength of their relationship. Mia went to visit yvonne at his house, one particular weekend.

She was in tears and she looked so sad when evan saw her, he was confused. Why is she crying so hard? Have i done something wrong? He thought to himself at that very moment. She took out an object from her small bag and gave it to him.

It was a pregnancy test that confirmed that she was pregnant with a baby since mia worked in a bank and was focused on her career. She never wanted to be pregnant at that moment in her life. However, she was even more worried because she didn’t know what her lover would say in a deep voice ivan broke the silence and said my love. I love you with all my heart, i’ll, never abandon you or our unborn baby i’ll, take care of the baby, so you can keep on working, we’ll be fine together, it was 1968 and during that period most men didn’t have a supportive attitude towards women raising kids. So mia couldn’t believe that he agreed to look after their baby.

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She realized that he was very thrilled about having a baby soon. Unfortunately, something tragic happened to him. A few weeks later on a cloudy morning ivan left his house and went to work. He was doing some regular maintenance, then, in some kind of freak accident, even slipped and hit his head on the stone that was lying nearby. He was bleeding profusely by the time they got him to the hospital.

Doctors told him. He was already in a critical state. Yvonne had seriously injured his head and had gone into a deep coma. According to the doctors, there was little or no hope that he would still be alive. In a few days.

This news broke mia’s heart. She cried so hard until there were no longer tears in her eyes. Fortunately, the doctor’s predictions were wrong. Several days later, the croatian was still alive, despite being in a coma mia, was relieved and kept praying for a miracle. She hoped that someday soon he would wake up and fulfill the promises he made to her.

A few weeks later, her ultrasound scan revealed that she was carrying a boy. It was a bittersweet moment. Mia realized she couldn’t celebrate the happy news with ivan the way she had imagined it. Instead, she whispered it in his ear, but there was no response from him, as he was still in a deep coma mia was a strong woman and accepted her circumstance. She decided she would do everything it takes to have the baby delivered safely.

All by herself months later, she had her adorable baby boy and named him luca. She and the rest of the family kept on praying that ivan would wake up soon days turned into months months turned into years, but he still didn’t wake up, but the family would soon get some encouraging news. Doctors told the family that yvonne’s health had improved slightly. Their excitement didn’t last for long because he went back into his terrible state a few days later. At this moment, his family thought it would be better to take him off the life support mia strongly disagreed.

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She truly believed that one day ivan would regain consciousness with a smile on his face, but was a miracle really about to happen for yvonne one afternoon, yvonne’s mother sarah visited him at the hospital, although she knew he couldn’t hear her. She told him about everything happening in the family. After talking to him, she held his hands and cried because she had missed hearing his voice so much just as she squeezed his hands. Something unbelievable happened, yvonne moved his fingers. Sarah was shocked.

She couldn’t believe it did. He just move his fingers, she whispered in disbelief instantly. She went to the doctors and told them about what she saw, but they were skeptical, but when they got into the room they were completely stunned. They saw a man who they thought had no chance of living. Awake again in the end, mia was right after an unbelievable 27 year, long coma, yvonne, finally woke up.

No words could describe how happy she was. Sarah still couldn’t believe that her son was finally awake after so many years. She was reunited with her son. The doctors also were still in shock because they had seen nothing like that when yvonne gained consciousness, he started saying weird things that left everyone perplexed the first audible words they heard from him were baby luca, despite being in a deep coma for 27 years. His first thoughts were about his son, who he was eager to meet before the tragic accident.

Now his son was already a grown man. Yvonne’S family was surprised that he uttered the name of someone he had never met. They thought he may have suffered from brain damage because of the years he spent in a coma, and they expected him to remember nothing when yvonne finally recovered his speech and full consciousness. He explained to them what was happening. He told them.

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He remembered the last three months of conversation he had with his family and mia. He remembered they would choose the name luca if they were to have a baby boy. His family and the doctors were completely stunned. They couldn’t understand how he could still remember things about his past. After many years of being in a seemingly unconscious state ivan was glad to see his family again.

He discovered his son had finished his education and was working as a flight attendant when yvonne finally had the opportunity of meeting luca. They embraced each other for some moments, then, in between tears he said i am so happy to see you, my son. You have grown into a successful young man and i am super proud of you. I have always loved you and will never stop doing. That.

Luca was so touched to hear those words from his father. The young man had visualized this moment for several times, but never thought it could actually happen. Then he realized he had missed. His father ivan was happy that he could now achieve his dream of. Finally, being a father to his son, he now had a lot to live for mia, waited for him all those years because she believed one day he would wake up.

Thankfully, she made the right decision. In no time ivan became the subject of all the newspapers around the city. Ivan’S road to recovery was slow. However, his doctors described him as a living miracle. After almost three decades of his unfortunate experience, he was back to life as if nothing had happened, even though there were chances, he may not walk again.

He was excited to wake up every day with the ones he loved. What would you have done if you were mia?