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The girl cried as this man catched her but what the dog did was amazing

The girl cried as this man caught her, but what the dog did was amazing. Her father shouted at her to try and catch the girl, but she hide with her dogs till he come out. Then what happened was unexpected. Through the ages. People have claimed dogs as one of their closest and best companions of all the domesticated animals dogs serve the widest array of roles, protector, helper, lifesaver and companion.

Dogs are incredible friends to people and they’ve been companions through centuries. The relationship between dogs and people is deep and old dogs and people began living together 15 000 years ago, when dogs followed people’s migration through east asia. The connection was natural because both people and dogs are social beings. Neither can thrive when alone and both benefit mentally and often physically, from strong social bonds. Why are dogs called man’s best friend for dog people?

Through the ages, people have claimed dogs as one of their closest and best companions of all the domesticated animals dogs serve the widest array of roles, protector, helper, lifesaver and companion. Dogs are incredible friends to people and they’ve been companions through centuries. The relationship between dogs and people is deep and old. Her dog saved her by caring for karina for nine days, then returning home and guiding rescuers to her details are emerging today of the heroic rescue of the girl in the remote soccer republic. Thanks to her loyal and loving dog karina chikatova was huddled in tall grass after wandering away from home.

Apparently, following her father rhodian, who had left to go to his native village on july 29th, the mother believed she and her dog had gone with her father and in this part of remote siberia had no way to check because of a lack of phone connections. Discovering the awful truth only four days later, when a search was launched, the girl aged three years and seven months survived by eating wild berries and drinking river water in territory roamed by wild bears and wolves.

Little karina made herself a bed in the grasses which are common to the southwest of saka in the summer, but they meant that helicopters and drones were useless in searching for her in the bear infested taiga. Initially, her family and the rescue teams were distraught when the dog, which was not been named, despite its heroic role, returned to the girls village of olam in ola kaminsky district. Two days before we found karina her puppy came back home, said a fancy nikolaev spokesman for the soccer republic rescue service.

That was the moment when our heart sank, because we thought at least with her dog karina, had chances to survive. Night and yakutia are cold and some areas have already gone into minus temperatures. If she was to hug her puppy, we thought this would have given her a chance to stay warm during nights and survive. So when her dog came back, we thought that’s it. Even if she was alive and chances were slim now, she would definitely have lost all hopes, our hearts truly and deeply sank, but the puppy guided the rescuers to the stranded girl.

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It was karina’s puppy that helped the adults find. The girl said the report by ntv news when it came back home two days ago. Her family had lost hope thinking. This definitely meant karina had no chance, but then it was the puppy that showed the rescuers the way to karina, and in the morning she was found. The report said she was conscious and looked surprisingly well.

She was given food and drink and then with her mother. She was first sent to the district hospital and then to yakutsk. She doesn’t want to speak about the time she spent in taiga or not yet. The only thing she said that she was eating was berries and drank water from rivers. We only made 20 meters and saw karina sitting in the grass nicoleyev and the rescuers saw traces of her bare feet.

We began searches, thinking that if she had lost her shoes, she would try and stay away from the deep forest, because there is a lot of sharp sticks there. In the morning, almost right after we began searches, we only made 20 meters. We saw karina sitting in the grass we rushed to her, got her a little tea and grabbed her to run back to the car and doctors. I carried karina myself to the car and she was light as a bird. She was hardly 10 kilograms, but amazingly she was fully conscious, ekaterina and driva.

A psychologist with the rescue team said. We can say that the girl’s mind was not hurt. She’S talking, she reacts normally to everything around her. She recalls what happened to her karina is now in hospital in yakuza, where medics are seeking to help build her strength. She had no serious injuries like broken bones, only scratches, especially on her feet, because she was walking without shoes for a long time.

She was badly bitten by mosquitoes and other insects, nude milla nikolava, head of the children’s care department of her public hospital number. One said the patient was moved from intensive care to a regular ward she’s getting food in small portions. Around 100 people had been hunting carina, accompanied by hunters and special forces. Soldiers in an area, especially known for bears a mutually beneficial relationship, dogs and people began living together. Fifteen thousand years ago, when dogs followed people’s migration throughout east asia.

The connection was natural because both people and dogs are social beings, neither can thrive when alone and both benefit mentally and often physically, from strong social bonds, though domestic dogs share 99 of their dna, with wolves dogs, exude warmth to other dogs and humans. That contrast greatly a wolf’s, skeptical and defensive reactions to others, dogs are social pack, animals who thrive off attention and affection, making them a prime candidate for a person’s best friend. There are millions of cases where dogs are protective brothers. Parenting is not an easy task to master and for a father is no less than a mountain to climb. We’Ve seen several videos of fathers struggling to manage their babies, making them hilarious to watch.

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Remember the clip where a father drew fake eyes to keep his child asleep, and now we have another video where a chinese father found a brilliant way to make his girl complete her homework. Relationship between children and pets is adorable and in most cases it’s very much like a bond between siblings. A resourceful dad in china decided to take this relationship a little further wanting his daughter to concentrate on her homework. The man in southwestern china’s gong zhao province has gotten an adorable supervisor to watch over her their dog. To do this task, the father decided to train the four-legged supervisor well, so that it can guard his child against using the cell phone while doing homework.

Adorable video going viral on chinese social media platforms shows the cream-colored mongrel standing on its hind legs. Looking over the girl. As she completes her task, the dog was trained by the girl’s father, sir named zoo, to put its front paws up on the table and watch over her so that she doesn’t get distracted when she does her homework every night. According to shanghaiest. Talking to the news site pair zoo said, his daughter would always daily dally and got distracted while doing her studies, so he had to do something to make sure she was concentrating.

Well, i’ve been training it since it was young and now it does whatever i tell it to do. I pointed at the coffee table and told it to watch my daughter as she does homework. He added it would then guard her to make sure she doesn’t reach for her phone. However, that’s not the only talent the dog has later in the video. The dog is seen showing tricks how this great love can miss.

No one will ever feel your pain of being an older brother or sister unless they are one and contrary to what they say. It’S not always that fine, the truth is younger. Siblings are annoying little creatures who seem to get away with anything at all times and older siblings. Unfortunately, most of the time have to take responsibility for their younger, siblings, pranks. Being your younger, siblings nanny is not a job most of us would enjoy, but an adorable golden retriever, named marshall, was really excited about getting a furless baby sister from his human parents about two years ago.

The family’s life was changed forever, as they brought home a small baby girl named macy, and since that day, marshall wouldn’t leave her side spending most of his time. Around macy, the cute siblings share their daily goofy adventures on their instagram account, which have now captured the hearts of over 17 000 people, marshall and macy’s parents share wholesome pictures with hilarious captions, describing the pair’s daily shenanigans we reached out to marshall and macy’s parents to Inquire a bit about the siblings first, we wanted to know what marshall’s first reaction was to seeing macy.

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He suddenly went so gentle and calm and just wanted to sniff her, but also so excited to see me then, given the chance, we also asked marshall and macy’s parents about the reason as to why their children’s bond was so special macy has calmed our boy marshall Down and there’s nothing that makes the heart flutter like seeing them play together. Looking after children is no easy feat, so we were curious to find out out of the two of them. Who is the bigger troublemaker?

Macy, poor marshall just wants to sleep sometimes, and she just goes and annoys him. Do you have any funny stories to share about the two of them? I swear when it’s bedtime. They hype each other up, one time they ran back and forth from the lounge room. 15 times and macy was so over tired and delirious.

It was ridiculous for one. It would seem that the two of them could get tired of each other and marshall and macy’s parents definitely have some insights to share about this aspect as well. They aren’t constantly on top of each other, but when marshall has had enough, he just gives me this look it’s hilarious, but we have never ever seen a vicious look from him. He just goes to our bedroom if he wants to be left alone, but now she can climb onto the bed, so it seems that marshall might have to try and hide somewhere better. We noticed that before macy marshall’s instagram account was just full of his pictures.

Therefore, we wanted to know how the parents came up with the idea of having an instagram account dedicated to both their daughter and their dog. There wasn’t much thought behind marshall’s instagram handle to be honest, especially since we’re growing as a family. I believe the handle might change too. Who knows if it’s growing by four legs or two this time, it was also only marshall’s account until we went viral and everyone wanted more macy and marshall, and i was totally okay with that, since the skinned baby has joined the family, i’ve had to up my Protect skills extra barks were made at the postman, can’t trust that yellow coated freak these two have been inseparable. Lately.

Marshall is always hyping up. Macy right before bed and poor marsh cops a smack on the head or booty daily marsh joined several new families on the beach and stole many balls and macy ate some sand and tried stealing someone’s kayak and gave all doggos pats thanks for reading.

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