The bear pleaded to him to open the coffin doing so he was shocked

The bear pleaded to him to open the coffin doing so he was shocked. This is just one of the examples that animals also mourn. The grieving bear will be staying with carl’s family, as he promised himself to provide his master’s last wishes with a loving home.

The man added this bear was everything to him. Animals provide comfort, not just in death, but also in other difficult times, whether it’s depression, job loss or a move across the country.

Dogs know when people are dying or grieving through body language cues smells only, they can detect and other ways. Not yet known. Experts say historically wild animals have been known to express grief by letting out a yelp wandering, aimlessly and eventually reorganizing their pack. The human animal bond is a complex social bond which is mutual affectionate and thrives around a family system. Friendship between humans and animals can take many forms from mutual respect to aimless, love and devotion.

In today’s episode, we’re going to tell you an amazing story in which a wild animal turned out to be more human than a human. At the same time, she showed great courage and dedication, but let’s start from the beginning, the man came from a small town in south california. After the fall of communism, his parents became owners of quite a large piece of land that they farmed and small factory of tobacco. When carl was still a child, he still has the help on the farm. In fact, he did not have any time for himself because there is always something to be done on the farm, and this is the time of harvesting and you need to feed the animals or manage his factory’s business.

Carl frank’s family was a great warrior in business. In farming he had enough of it, especially when he heard various stories of his friends from the school to which he traveled to the neighboring town. When other boys could read books play or watch tv he had to work. Therefore, he decided that when he grows up, he will leave the countryside and go to study to experience the great city life on the one hand, and free himself from the constant duties on the other, his parents as soon as they heard. This immediately did not like it.

They forbade him to leave and said that he has to stay with them and continue to help on the farm and factory. They gave him his younger brother paul as an example who, at the age of 16, quit school at all and worked on the farm with them. Carl, however, was not going to listen to such talk in the countryside. He was simply unhappy because he wanted something more from his life so one day when the rest of his family was at church for a service he slipped out and hitchhiked to chicago. He only left his family a vague letter stating that he had gone to college.

He didn’t even write where, although the journey was quite nervous for him in the end of the town where he went to school was the largest he’d ever seen. He was happy with his decision carl understood that it would not be easy for him, but he was not going to give it all up. He prepared himself mentally for what awaited him when he reached chicago. He knew he had to get some money. That’S why he walked because of his pride.

He started asking strangers for some change. He had to somehow start to think about college. However, on the second day on the street, he was approached by a man named charlie. He was surprised that the boy aged a full of energy was asking strangers for money. That’S why he asked carl why he was doing it when the boy honestly told him about his plans.

It touched the man who offered him a job and a roof over his head. When carl heard it he could not believe it, and there were tears of emotion in his eyes soon. He started working and with the money he saved, he was able to rent a studio apartment later. He got into economic and law studies. Throughout his studies he worked diligently, which did not prevent him from being one of the best students of his year.

Carl knew that he didn’t have any connections and understood that he had to do more than the others to have a chance of success. However, a man who had been his favors since carl’s arrival in chicago recommended the young lawyer in one of the largest business firms. As a gifted amusing, ambitious and dedicated man to the chief of the economic solutions firm who was charlie’s cousin, he decided to give carl a chance. This is how his own career began, which was extremely successful throughout this time. Carl did not maintain contact with his family.

He didn’t even know what to say to them. His life was successful and he felt he owed nothing to his parents. One day, however, a phone call surprised him, as carl picked up the phone. On the other side, a man introducing himself as his younger brother paul spoke. It turned out that some of his friends was in chicago and he saw an advertisement for the economic solution firm.

Where carl worked. His missing neighbor appeared in this ad. He immediately told paul about it and paul after some thought decided to contact his brother. The younger brother gave carl the sad news. It turned out that their mother had died two years ago after their eldest son escaped and their father died just two days prior for a successful man.

It was quite a shock, although sometimes he was preparing for such an eventuality. In the end, he broke off contact with his family for 15 years, although he didn’t really know his brother anymore, paul asked carl to come to the funeral. The older brother was a bit afraid, but agreed to the suggestion. Carl already had a wife with whom they were just expecting a child. He decided that he would go to his homeland alone.

He was a bit afraid of what would happen when he got there and he didn’t want his beloved to have to be stressed unnecessarily when he returned home. He saw the farm that hadn’t changed much during his absence here and there he could see the signs that a long time had passed, but practically everything was, as carl remembered it on the spot.

He was greeted by paul who told him what had happened after his escape to chicago as carl had expected. The parents did not take it well, they thought for a long time that it was only temporary when their son experiences hardships caused by his decision. He will return home like a dog under another tail.

However, as the following weeks passed, they began to accept that this would not happen. Mom was going to be very sad about it when she died of cancer. She regretted that she could not say goodbye to her older son after her death, their dad neglected himself and in principle, all responsibilities fell on the shoulders of paul. The father did not care about anything, only his big pet, a bear who rescued him from potential death at some point in the forest. A wounded bear named carl after his eldest son was like his own son, and it was him that he devoted more attention to than paul.

The younger brother even showed this bare to a human purpose. Apparently, the animal was very sad since the death of its guardian. That evening carl was telling his brother about his life and the problems he faced when meeting some pets. What was serial surprise one, the thing next, he remembered was that he woke up locked in a wooden coffin and his legs. He felt the urn with his father’s ashes, which paul showed him the day before from outside he heard muffled sounds of the funeral, and strange shouts bubble was trying to hurry the funeral processes with a strange way.

He was shouting saying that they have to bury the coffin fast and it’s not important to follow the usual religious rituals. Everyone was surprised of his actions, but in the same time, were predicting that he was shocked of his father’s death. At this time, carl was in the coffin with his father, but he couldn’t move or speak as paul gave him some drugs when they were about to put the coffin into the grave he suddenly heard screams and then the impact of falling the coffin on the ground Damaged the coffin which opened and the lawyer looked into the bear’s eyes. The animal, however, only wanted something else and started looking for this in the coffin. However, when nothing was found, she despaired and ran towards the forest dragging a piece of string on which someone tried to hold.

It carl saw that a handful of people gathered in the cemetery froze nobody knew what was happening. However, in the group of people there was a local policeman who was also a cousin of carl and paul. The man decided to explain what happened. It turned out that the younger brother resented the older brother that he ran away from home and left him alone with all the chores. However, this was not the cup of bitterness.

It was the will of the father who bequeathed half of the farm to his older brother. Paul was angry because he thought he deserved it, especially when he saw his brother who was doing well in town. He thought it had all fallen from heaven to him. Everything would have worked out if the father had not wished the bear to be at the funeral. The animal senses that there is something alive in the coffin and thought it was his beloved owner, and then it tried to free him.

However, when carl fell out of the coffin despairingly escaped to freedom for carl, the situation was ridiculous. If paul had told him about it, he would have given him his part of the farm and would even buy his brother a combine harvester or tractor. He had his life in chicago, he had a wife there and a child who would soon be born to him. Neither did he think of staying in his homeland, which he had bad associations with now. He just wanted to get back out of there never come back after what his brother did.

He said that he would not bring any of charges of paul left him alone. He told his brother to keep the farm he packed his things up and in less than an hour, was later on his way back to his real home, where he was always happy with all of this.

He couldn’t believe that he owed his life to a fairy tale like this, what a brave animal to save his soulmate as if they share the names. There are many arguments about whether or not animals have the emotional capacity to express grief. Research in evolutionary biology, cognitive biology and social neuroscience supports the view that many diverse animals have rich and deep emotional lives.

People with companion, animals or service animals will strongly argue that animals express numerous feelings, such as fear, anger, shame excitement and grief. Historically.

Wild animals have been known to express grief by letting out a yelp wandering, aimlessly and eventually reorganizing their pack. The human animal bond is a complex social bond which is mutual affectionate and thrives around a family system. Animals view you as a member of their pack.

This bond provides safety and security for the family members and their pets and stabilizes everyone’s well-being.

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