The baby met a giant german shepherd but what he did was amazing

The baby met a giant German Shepherd, but what he did was amazing. German Shepherds are one of the most popular and recognizable dog breeds in America, and we can see why there’s such a beautiful breed of dog, they’re, loyal, smart, courageous, confident and loving they grow up.

So fast and become huge, floppy lovable, beautiful dogs, but they start out as the cutest fluffiest little puppies that we can’t get enough of the fact that they have ears and Paws that seem to be full grown when they’re still just puppies makes them.

Arguably one of the cutest breeds of puppy photos and videos of dogs playing with children go viral time and time again. Last week a video of a little girl feeding, a German Shepherd had gone viral on social media.

The video posted by Street dogs of Bombay showed the girl offering rice mixed with DAL to the dog to be obedient and ate it now. A similar video of a toddler giving the treat to his pet dog has surfaced online.

The video was shared on their Instagram page of Argento, which shares The Adventures of the German Shepherd huge dogs, small babies. The contrast is so startling that we become mesmerized by it. We want to watch it, we want to see babies, emotions and huge dogs reactions.

We love them because they’re true and pure, and they provide two species that we feel very passionately about. They make us feel in this. Video small baby is playing with huge German Shepherd dog and is very touching. Kids and pets rule the Instagram world, and this video shows both in the sweetest moment. A clip shared on the photo sharing app shows how a huge German Shepherd dog is accepting a treat from his who man baby brother in the gentlest way possible chances.

Are this video will make you go? Oh, the clip has been shared on Argento, the German Shepherd’s own page. It shows him sitting on a couch while his who man, brother Greer, offers him a treat. Argento, who is twice Greer’s size, accepts the treat from his hand in a gentle manner. He then proceeds to clean Greer’s hand clean by licking any crumbs that may have remained guess.

He takes his big brother job really seriously. Greer, meanwhile, offers his hand to the GSD again, probably because he enjoyed it so much the first time. Don’T bite the hand that feeds you says the caption and looks like Argento paid heed to it. The video is just the sweetest shared four days ago. The video has collected over 41 000 views and more than 5 000 likes, since, of course, the comments section is flooded.

With some delightful comments. Did the baby pull the Cheeto out of his shoe OMG? That’S so cute wrote an individual commenting on the shoe firmly held in Greer’s other hand, absolutely gorgeous such a sweet, smart, beautiful dog posted another, and we couldn’t agree more so much sweetness going on in here shared a third, so gentle, what a good doggo wrote. A fourth some of argento’s fellow four-legged Furry Friends, also left the reactions. I can’t stop watching this just precious reads: a comment from Daisy and forest’s instapage.

That’S what we dogs do best wag wag wrote Sadie wag wag, rescue dog. They are falling in love, everybody has their own opinion about whether dogs should be allowed around babies, but we have plenty of evidence to prove why they should dogs are incredible, loving animals and as long as they’re introduced to their new sibling in the right way, they Can then go on to form wonderful bonds with babies in case you’re, still not convinced?

We’ve come across a video of a cute German Shepherd puppy who meets a baby for the first time and it’s one of the most adorable things we’ve ever seen. Despite probably having never met a dog before the baby, clearly wears the trousers in this instance and as the little pup tries to chew on her fingers and toes she’s sure to push him away when she’s had enough the video captioned hi friends, we offer you to Watch a new video Slater meets a German Shepherd puppy for the first time. Look at the cute baby’s reaction to the puppy was posted onto YouTube, buys a lot of life and now has over 10.

million views and it’s hard not to see why you can tell that these sweet pair are going to grow up, making millions of special memories Together and they already have the best Bond, the video begins with Zlata and the dog both sitting on the couch together.

They each seem pretty interested in each other and it’s funny how they show their curiosity in different ways: the puppy sniffs all over the baby as if he’s thinking Hmm, what is this specimen, while the baby puts an experimental hand onto the puppy’s head after a few moments the pair began to get more confident. The puppy seems to have come to the conclusion that the baby is a giant, chew toy and he gently nibbles on her hands and feet, but zlata isn’t having this and the little sassy baby pushes the dog’s head away.

Whenever he’s done a bit too much chewing for her liking since being posted on YouTube, the video has caused quite a stir, as people have mixed opinions on whether the dog should have to chew the baby’s hands and feet. One person said cutenol, but the baby didn’t appreciate.

Much of being a chew toy was asking for help to the camera guy. I felt a little uncomfortable started out really cute and sweet as could be, but when the baby became obviously over it, it was time to stop filming was just an aggravation and annoyance to her at that point.

However, not everybody agreed with these comments and many thought that the video was simply adorable baby. Oh, a moving soft toy dog. Oh a moving, chew toy both interesting one-person joked another added that baby girl is so patient and tolerant and understanding.

It’S like she’s, saying hey. I might just be a baby, but I know and accept that this is just how puppies are I get it? It’S what it is. Finally, the person concluded when you decide to adopt a dog you have to do some research and finding a breed that’ll, be good, fit for your family and household and families who are considering a German Shepherd as the newest member of their family should definitely think twice. We all know that German Shepherds make great police dogs, but how can that translate into a family setting?

Well, it doesn’t, which is why German Shepherds don’t make good family dogs. German Shepherds are the very last breed that you should consider as a family dog. They can be vicious disobedient and too rough to have around your children. If you’re thinking of adopting a German Shepherd, you should reconsider. Dogs are really blessing giant dog with little girl.

It’S amazing to watch how this dog changed when their daughter was born, while the apprehension to leave big dogs around babies is perfectly understandable, there is no denying how precious and heartwarming it is to witness an animal showing nothing but gentleness and love towards the little ones. Families who have raised dogs alongside their kids know this very well. They’ve also got the training a bit down pat and we’re not just talking Sit, Stay and fetch. It’s an impressive way. Families train their dogs, how to behave around humans, especially babies, and vice versa.

Kids need to understand that pets need the same respect and boundaries too. Consistent training and guided exposure are effective ways to teach both dogs and babies to safely interact and get to know each other well, both are extremely curious and playful.

After all, so it’s only natural that they gravitate toward each other. Eventually, just like this delightful pair Loki, the German Shepherd and talua are best friends, and since we live in modern times, it’s only natural that the shepherd has an Instagram account or photos of the two are shared. The Instagram bio says talua is Loki’s pet human and that he loves his sidekick, complete with the baby, Emoji Ryan, Sims pet parent to Loki and proud dad to tallua shares.

That Loki has been part of the family for more than three years, and that’s just been great in helping raise talua and just really is making her happy. Despite aging, Loki remains a puppy at heart, always playful and affectionate, even if it’s as simple as pawing at treats or playing with toys alongside tallua Loki’s Antics never fail to make the little girl burst into fits of giggles.

He constantly gives to Lou a big sloppy kisses too, which the little girl loves Loki may have been the first child in the house, but since tallua came along, the two have hit it off since Ryan. Couldn’T help but enthuse about how his little girl never once showed fear toward the gentle dog talua has no fear. She was very intrigued at Loki, shared Ryan before talua was born.

Loki wasn’t always so responsible. He very much grew up kind of doing whatever he wanted. The dad admitted he didn’t do his best as a trainer. It went as far as him questioning if Loki had this natural Defiance to Authority and if Loki was just going to end up as a naughty dog, he would jump on tables chew up paper. Basically do everything he wasn’t supposed to and got scolded for it.

This inconsistency and training resulted in the German Shepherd not getting used to being told off. That is until Tallulah came into the picture and changed everything at first. The mischievous German Shepherd seemed to somehow be testing boundaries and maybe pushing them at times, while being in his usual playful self. But when talua was born, it didn’t take long for Loki to go into full-on Big Brother mode, he’s always conscious of where the toddler is.

When talua would toddle around a room, Loki would always keep an eye on her, the protective nature and the sharp instincts of Loki countered every doubt, Ryan had about his conduct, who knew it would take welcoming a baby into the family to bring out this side of Loki, Loki’s, gentle and playful nature makes him the perfect big brother to Tallulah.

The two share, a special bond that no other dog or human can match their gentle. Sweet and loving nature makes the breed a wonderful Companion Animal when socialized from a young age German Shepherds make great dogs to raise children with, as they are loyal and loving, yet protective.

What’s more, the breed can keep up the energy of the kids in the house without petering out your GSD and your children will grow up to be best. Friends just learn the ins and outs of the new digs in no time changing work schedules not to worry. The shepherd will learn to shift its eating and exercise routines in no time flat.

Bringing a new baby home from the hospital. The shifting family Dynamic won’t ruffle. The fur of this highly adaptable, doggy anytime soon for families with a ton of extracurricular activities, vacations planned or changing work schedules.

This dog is perfect in that the changing social situations don’t generally cause the dog to act out anxiety or stress the adorable puppy is actually so gentle. They seem to know they are with a human, baby or child and behave differently than with adult humans.

We have to admit we found the video absolutely adorable and to us it didn’t seem as if the baby was in any danger. What do you think watch the video below and let us know your comments thanks for watching. Please like and share the video in social networks, we’ll be right back to you as fast as we can

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