Suspect Evades Police, But Learns You Can’t Outrun A Fur Missile

A suspect likely thought he had the upper hand during a police chase when he evaded officers by leaping from rooftop to rooftop. However, once he hit the ground, he realized you can’t outrun a fur missile—and luckily for us, it was all caught on video.

In Phoenix, Arizona, police had their work cut out for them on a Tuesday evening when a suspect, later identified as Jamie Chavira, decided to make a run for it. Not only did Chavir decide to take off, the suspect took the police chase to the rooftops, evading officers by jumping from roof to roof. However, things quickly took a turn when Chavira hit the ground and a fur missile was launched.

According to a statement from the police, Chavira’s downfall began after he allegedly failed to stop his vehicle for officers in the area of 38th Avenue and Mobile Lane in Phoenix. “The vehicle failed to yield to a traffic stop and felony flight was established,” the statement said. “Officers did not initiate a pursuit of the vehicle. Rather, it was tracked to the area of 35th Avenue and Roeser Street.”

What followed was a “dramatic scene in a West Phoenix residential neighborhood” involving the “suspect who, according to police, jumped onto the roof of homes in the area,” Fox 10 reported, adding that “Jamie Chavira was seen jumping into the backyard of several homes in an area neighborhood, and at times, on the roof of homes.” And, it wasn’t long before the suspect caught the attention of residents.

Christelle Kouam Chuene was home with her three sleeping children when she heard the commotion, drawing her attention outside. “When I looked out my window, I saw somebody jumping [from] house to house,” she recalled. “I saw him jumping from one house to the other one. It was so crazy. It was really crazy and scary,” Chuene added. “I just saw the guy jumping like a monkey,” she continued. “He seems like he knew what he was doing.”

Indeed, Jamie Chavira’s approach initially seemed to be working as he leaped effortlessly from rooftop to rooftop, successfully evading police. Soon, however, his luck ran out. Despite Chavira’s bold moves, he was brought down by gravity when he tried to jump from the roof of one home to the roof of an adjacent home, failed to make the jump, and fell. Unfortunately for him, that’s when things got real.

After Chavira’s failed jump, the police released their best weapon—a fur missile. However, Chavira was still determined to make a getaway and tried to outrun the K-9 unit. Needless to say, that didn’t work out so well. Thankfully, the particularly eager K-9 officer finished what gravity couldn’t and brought the suspect down for good—and luckily for us, those final moments of Chavira’s chase were captured on video by Chuene’s Ring doorbell camera as well as OnScene.TV.

In the footage, a shirtless Jamie Chavira is seen on the rooftop of a West Phoenix home near 35th Avenue and Roeser Road. He’s illuminated by a helicopter’s searchlight as several officers close in below with their nonlethal weapons at the ready. Although there was a gap at least 10 feet wide separating the roof he was on from the roof of the neighboring house, Chavira appeared fearless as he faced the void.

Despite his bold bravery, however, Chavira learned the hard way that he lacks the luck and grace necessary to traverse such a wide divide after he made the leap, The Blaze reported. Instead of a successful jump, he was met with the hardness of the ground as he fell from the roof, landing between the two houses with officers hot on his tail. But rather than surrender, Chavira made a run for it, which turned out to be a painful mistake.

As the suspect dashed past the police, he was inundated with a hail of nonlethal rounds, but that still didn’t seem to stop him. However, he was about to find out that he was no match for the four-legged officer who was closing in on him as he lost his footing. Chavira then stumbled, giving the keen K-9 just enough time to sink his teeth into his job, thrashing about with his catch clutched in his powerful muzzle until police were able to make the arrest.

Jamie Chavira was charged with two counts of transportation violations and at least one count of criminal trespass and burglary, according to the Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office. Fox 10 indicated that he was charged with resisting arrest as well. And, thanks to his own ineptitude, he was also taken to the hospital to be treated for a dog bite following his arrest. Chavira now serves as a stark reminder that you can’t outrun the jaws of the law. Hopefully, others will learn from his mistake. Now, someone please give that dog a bone for a job well done!