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She was late for the funeral & asked to open the coffin to say goodbye but when they opened it

She was late for the funeral and asked to open the coffin to say goodbye, but when they opened it, the Harrison family consisting of the husband, Stephen and his wife Lisa, who lived together in a luxurious house in new york city near the river they supposed to Have a beautiful life Stephen Harrison was a hard-working and commanding man who was 32 years old.

He was selfish and loved money more than anything else as well as he did not believe in love. Besides, he worked as an accountant. His father’s name was luis. His mother was named alicia and he had a brother and one sister.

Lisa was a tender and sensitive woman who was 25 years old. She completed her higher education and had a certificate in the design field. Moreover, lisa was the chief designer in her father’s company, which was a company for women’s fashion, including t-shirt, dress. She belonged to the daniel family, her father was called morris and her mother was named elizabeth. She was the only daughter of her parents, stephen and lisa married a year ago, although they belonged to two different social classes.

She was from a rich family. He was from a middle class. Lisa did not care about that. Nor was she arrogant, but rather she respected him since she believed that there are more things important than money and like the latter, does not buy everything and it does not buy happiness. Likewise, she thought that she would live a happy life with stephen.

On the contrary, stephen was a severe person who cared only about himself after the marriage. Lisa noticed that stephen had changed a lot from what he had been during the engagement. He was always trying to impose his own decisions on her without hearing her opinions. In addition to that, he treated her badly and screamed at her very often what made the situation worse was that she was suffering from verbal abuse. That is why their marital relationship was full of problems due to the absence of discussion between them.

In addition to the absence of harmony, understanding, inconsistency, stephen did not care about lisa and her feelings, since he was a cold-hearted man. All he cared about was her money, so he used to take her money by force and spend it on things without any benefit. One day lisa wanted to go to an orphanage in order to donate a sum of money to those needy children and to buy clothes for them. Thus she asks stephen if he wants to accompany her, but he shouted at her as usual and also prevented her from donating any money and even asked her to give him that money, because he wanted to buy a new luxury. Car lisa was surprised by his greed.

Great love of money and she felt tired of his selfishness as a result, she did not do what he asked of her and she always did yet. She told him that she would not give him any money. She added that he would not buy any car and he did not need it because he had three wonderful cars already further lisa told stephen that she had decided to donate the money and it was over. At that moment, stephen became angry because lisa didn’t care about what he said and slapped her so hard in the face to the extent that she fell down on the floor. Lisa could not believe what her husband had done and that he had beaten her.

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So her tears were falling hard. Then stephen approached her in order to help her to stand, but she ignored him. It’S true that the slap hurt her, but at that moment the psychological and moral pain was greater than the physical one. Therefore, stephen lost his place in her heart and the feelings she had for him vanished. Lisa was tired of the situation in which she lived with stephen, his mistreatment of her, and that slap was the drop that overflowed the cup.

Therefore, lisa decided to put an end to this miserable life with stephen and not to surrender to his cruelty and violence acts again, so she decided to end their marriage and to get a divorce. Moreover, lisa gathered all her important things and belongings and left the house headed to her father’s mansion. Stephen, never expected lisa to make that decision, because he thought that she loved him and couldn’t leave him besides. He thought that she was just joking and would come home in a few days in the court. A week later after the judge declared his decision that stephen and lisa were divorced, lisa hurried out of the hall so as not to meet stephen.

So she headed to her parents, got into the car and escorted them to their house, since she would return to live with them after the divorce. She moved to her family’s house where she found the moral support. First lisa remembered how she got to know stephen. His good treatment of her during their engagement and his false promises. She also remembered the beautiful moments they lived together.

As a result, she felt so sad lisa had difficult days. She was sad that stephen did not care about their divorce and was indifferent as if they had never been a couple before. In addition to that, she did not go to work for the company for several days. The situation did not last for a long period of time, so lisa decided to start a new beginning and not to give up further. She convinced herself that the world does not stop with her departure of anyone and that the one who left her is the real loser.

As a result, she decided to start a new life and return to her work in the company because she missed designing a lot long months passed during which lisa was very busy as she was responsible for managing the company after her father. On the other side, she did not miss any opportunity to design wonderful, modern models for women’s clothes and she loved the design.

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So much that, no matter what happened she could not give up or stop doing that today. Lisa got up in the morning and prepared herself in order to go to the company, since she has a very important business meeting. It was about discussing a deal with the owner of a famous fashion design company.

When she arrived at the company. The secretary told her that the company delegation would be arriving in minutes after lisa was informed about the arrival of the delegation. She went straight to the conference room to start the meeting as she entered. She attracted everyone’s attention and after greeting them she went to sit in the chair designated for the owner of the company. In the conference room, there was the owner of a fashion design company, his name was stan and he was a successful 30 year old business person.

Lisa impressed him at first sight, despite her young age, she assumed the responsibility of managing and administering that big company. His admiration for her was evident, especially after she explained her offer and what the company could offer as well. Some of the details of the deal her way of speaking and using body language attracted all the attendees. At the end of the meeting, she managed to convince him an offer of her terms. The deal was about designing and manufacturing, charming, modern clothes, taking into consideration the designs of summer clothes that sam’s company was preparing for fashion week.

The meeting ended with stan and lisa agreeing on the conditions, the profits that each of them would benefit from and various other details, lisa and stan met each other again. At that time, she was noticing the admiring look in stan’s eyes, in addition to his great interest. In her and his attempts to get closer to her at one of the meetings stan expressed his love for lisa and his desire to complete his life with her.

But she refused to engage again at the time because she told him that she’d been married before since she suffered a lot. She added that she had a failed experience and she did not want the same thing to happen with her, especially after she could not forget about her first marriage.

After that many meetings took place between stan and lisa. Sometimes they met each other in his company and sometimes hers in order to discuss the developments of their deal. Lisa noticed that she forgot about stephen and got over their failed relationship. On the other hand, through her interactions with stan, she noticed that he was a strong-willed, self-confident and affectionate man. She admired him and his attitudes with her and during their time together, he gained her trust.

Moreover, during the previous period, the woman’s high-heeled shoes and sandals were carefully and professionally manufactured, so after lisa supervised the designs and selected the best and the most wonderful collection, it was a distinctive set of unique designs. Besides, after making sure of the high quality and the exact quality of the cloths, they were handed over to stan according to their agreement.

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Further, he was impressed and satisfied with the work after the great success of the stan fashion show the latter organized a party on the occasion and he personally invited lisa to attend it. She went to the party in a wonderful look since she was so beautiful wearing a gorgeous long golden dress, with high heels. Likewise, stan was so attracted by her and did not take his glass away from her throughout the party before the end of the party stan confessed to lisa once more his love and his desire to complete his life with her.

She was happy at that time because stan did not give up and she realized that he really loved her. In addition to that, she also recognized that she was attracted to him as a consequence. She decided to give herself and him a chance in order to form a family with each other. Thus they happily accepted marrying two months later after lisa and stan made their engagement one day, while lisa was heading to her company. Her ex-husband stephen got in her way and didn’t let her enter the company until she heard what he wanted to say.

At that time he told her that he regretted a lot the way he treated her when they were married. In addition to that, he also said that he regretted divorcing her and he asked for her forgiveness. On the other hand, lisa was astonished, after what she heard and what made her more shocked was.

Even steven asked her to marry him again as he could not live without her that moment, lisa told him that she’d forgotten him and started a new life as well as she will marry the person she loves next week. Then she said goodbye to stephen who was shocked and she left him and headed toward the company after she noticed a tear flowing down his cheek.

She was shocked at his funeral weeks later when she arrived. She found a note in his coffin and asked her for forgiveness again six months later, during this period, lisa and stan got married and lived happily together, since their marital relationship was successful.

He did best to see her smile today was one of the most beautiful days in the lives of stan and lisa. Since she found out that she’s pregnant and in a few months they would have a baby girl, we should believe in love and that we deserve to have a beautiful life. We all deserve someone to take care of us thanks for reading.

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