Sailor Moon Costumes Reveal Mind-Blowing 90s Fashion References》

If you grew up in the 90s you’ve probably seen your fair share of
Sailor Moon anime and maybe even read some manga. Written by Naoko Takeuchi, Sailor Moon became a pop culture phenomenon that revolutionized the magical girl genre, introducing main female leads who were actually fighting demons and various bad guys. Starring Usagi Tsukino and a bunch of her fellow Sailor Warriors, both manga and anime became incredibly popular – not only due to the twists and turns of the plot, but also thanks to the characters and their cool looks. It turns out most of the outfits in Sailor Moon were inspired by 90s high fashion shows!

Setsuna–Chanel (1992)

Naoko Takeuchi was not only a manga writer, but she was also into modern fashion and art history. Her work is filled with all kinds of references from fashion magazines to classic art pieces. When she was designing Sail Moon
characters, Naoko Takeuchi was often inspired by fashion magazines and runway shows of the 90s. Here we can see Setsuna rocking a dress designed by Chanel in 1992.

Setsuna – Chanel (1992) |  Sailor Moon Costumes Reveal Mind-Blowing 90s Fashion References |  Zestradar

Serenity – Christian Dior (1992)

The main character, Usagi Tsukino, is a bit of a nerd and a total klutz. And yet, her destiny is to become a fighter, to protect the innocent, and to overcome all kinds of evil. She does it magnificently, showing off her funny and awkward side, and we get to enjoy those marvelous transformations. When she turns into Serenity, Usagi wears a whimsical dress that also has a real-life reference – it looks much like the one created by Dior in 1992.

Serenity – Christian Dior (1992) |  Sailor Moon Costumes Reveal Mind-Blowing 90s Fashion References |  Zestradar

Wicked Lady – YSL’s OPIUM

Naoko Takeuchi wasn’t just using high fashion references randomly – she was genuinely into fashion! You can see it many of her designs, manga cover spreads, and illustrations. If you think that many of them have a Vogue-esque feel to them – you are absolutely right! Some of the poses, looks, and color palettes she used were an homage to fashion magazine covers and ads. Wicked Lady has a lot in common with Yves Saint Laurent’s OPIUM ad.

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Wicked Lady – YSL's OPIUM |  Sailor Moon Costumes Reveal Mind-Blowing 90s Fashion References |  Zestradar

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