Prince William ends relationship with Prince Harry

With the Coronation approaching on May 6, there is still much tension in Buckingham Palace due to the actions of Prince Harry, King Charles III’s youngest son, and his decision to abandon his royal duties. 

Prince Harry, who released his tell-all memoir, ‘Spare’, in January 2023, a book that reveals the inner workings of the royal family, and his wife Meghan Markle, has been on rocky ground with the royal family. The couple’s Netflix docuseries, Harry and Meghan, was yet another factor in the estrangement between Prince Harry and his family.

Although the Royal Family is fully expecting the Duke and Duchess of Sussex to attend, there is much apprehension — with Prince William being the most aggravated about Prince Harry’s attendance. Despite family tensions, King Charles is set on having Harry attend the Coronation, but it seems Prince William would prefer it otherwise.

According to Daily Mail journalist Dan Wootton, who has sources within the royal family, since his younger brother published ‘Spare’, Prince William has never been angrier with his sibling.