Parents Take Daughter’s Blood Test before Lifesaving Surgery, Discover She’s Not Their Child

Parents take daughter’s blood test before life-saving surgery discovers she’s, not their child. A mom and dad were left devastated. Nine years after their daughter was born. They found out during a major surgery that she was not their biological daughter at birth. Arlena twigg was diagnosed with heart disease and doctors feared that she wouldn’t live past her formative years, the daughter of ernest and regina twig.

She was taken home at birth to be raised with her other siblings. However, at the age of nine, the fears of her dying young came to pass. Arlena went through open heart surgery and died. A few days later, however, her parents were left to deal with her passing and the even more devastating news that she was not their biological child arlena twig’s story, first made it to the public. In 1988, after her parents discovered a somewhat confusing detail, the young girl was born at the hardy memorial hospital in wauchula florida.

The twigs didn’t think there was anything out of the ordinary beyond darlena’s heart disease when she was born. According to regina, the young girl was the sweetest sweetest, precious littlest child, but before she turned 10, she underwent open-heart surgery and did not survive it. The doctor in charge, discovered arlena, was not earnest to regina’s child during the surgery procedure, because their daughter had a blood type that was incompatible with the couple’s genetic legal criteria. Despite how they grieved darlena’s death. The twigs knew they needed to find answers.

So the couple started searching for their real child tracing the road back to the hospital regina had given birth in regina and ernest tirelessly searched for the evidence needed to conclude and fix the missing piece in the story of their real child. Finally, after thorough investigations at the hospital the truth unfolded, it was discovered that another woman gave birth to a baby girl in the same period. Regina had her daughter, the woman in question. Barbara mays had her child two days before regina went into labor. However, before the two women went back home with their newborns, some medical workers in the hospital were believed to have switched them.

In retrospect, barbara’s daughter was raised as arlena, while regina’s was introduced as kimberly kim mays. The issue blew up after the discovery and the maze were ultimately contacted. This was nine years before the switch happened in all that period. A lot had gone on after the maze were contacted. It was gathered that barbara had passed on two years after taking home.

The baby kim had been raised by her dad bob mays and stepmom darlena. The back and forth culminated in a lawsuit showed that either barbara and her parents or the hospital workers were behind the switch bob was exempted because he passed a lie: detector test. Ultimately both families sued the hospital and were settled with millions of dollars. According to regina, the switch happened because the culprit felt pity for barbara who’d been searching for a child. Unlike her who’d already had some children she shared.

They gave me the sick baby and give barbara the healthy baby. Barbara mae’s parents wanted her to have a healthy baby. They just were convinced the baby was going to die. Regina pushed to have access to kim from then on, which was a bit of a worry for bomb. There was a bit of a tussle, but when kim turned 11 bob allowed her to know about her biological parents and visit them through the core drama kim was the most affected person.

The youngster’s mental health had been at stake as the adult solved. The switch mystery kim could not get over how her life changed as she discovered she was not who she thought she was. She once shared that each time she went to a real parent’s home regina would ask her to call her mom, regina, also supposedly requested, to call kim arlena. The couple would later demand legal custody and it was granted kim moved to her biological parents home, but things only worsened. The youngster became a juvenile delinquent, often running away from home.

She also demanded in court to be separated from regina and ernest kim’s request was granted and she moved back in with bob mays. However, things did not get better, she would often run away from home and bob was so worried. Then he asked her to go back with a twix by then kim’s grades in school drastically dropped and there seemed to be no chance for improvement. She eventually ran away from home and by 18 was married. Unfortunately, the marriage did not last and as of 2019 kim.

Reportedly, has six kids with four different fathers and she works at a call center. Another touching story reached public attention in 2018, when two families discovered that their babies were switched at birth. Both moms randy, jenna, gaspar and valdovina de lima gave birth to boys at monsignor genesio and jaraya. However, they ended up taking home, switched babies at radagana’s, home neighbors, peddled rumors about the child, not belonging to her husband, radagana and her spouse. Geraldo ignored the insinuation, but as their son romwaldo grew older, they knew something was wrong.

His looks in color begged to differ from their initial thoughts of him being their son. As romaldo became an adult. He got tired of the side talks about his legitimacy, so the young man took a dna test and discovered that geraldo and ratagana were not his parents. The revealing moment tore through their hearts as the couple’s search for their real child. Finally, they traced their findings and found valdevena and her spouses valdo, who purportedly raised their own child.

It was discovered that the other boy named noel died at one. The de lima’s married daughter, nelma zenda, proceeded to carry out a dna test between her and romaldo and it showed that they were siblings. The then 38 year old, young man reunited with his parents. However, the gaspars believed their biological son wasn’t dead. So the couple kept holding on to hope after the switch mystery was resolved.