OnlyFans star leaks mortifying text from her ‘creepy’ uncle who found her there


OnlyFans stars are often treated to hate comments and abuse from nearly everyone on the network, but what happens when a family member messages them about it?

Karlie Brooks, who has been an OnlyFans star for the past five years, recently got a troubling text for her uncle, which she says changed everything.

In a TikTok video last week, she posted a screengrab of the stomach-churning message.

Karlie Brooks (@karliebrooksxx) stated in a viral TikTok video that has gathered up over 9.5 million views: “Went five years without my family finding out I do [OnlyFans]. I got this text today.”

He wondered whether his niece knew Riley Reid, a well-known fellow porn star, and if she had an OnlyFans page for a “friend.”

“Hey kiddo!” said the uncle. “This is your uncle. I think I might have stumbled across a video of you today… very nice.”

“Do you happen to know Riley Reid? So do you have an OnlyFans? My friend wants to know.”

The OnlyFans model and porn actress claimed it left her “cringing.”

“The fact he said ‘very nice’ makes my body fold in on itself,” a fellow TikTok user added.

“Why open with ‘kiddo!!?” someone else wondered.

Karlie recently shared a “cringe” message sent to her by her uncle.
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“I’m sorry about all these men, I’m sorry your uncle was being like that you don’t deserve it,” another said.

Another individual said, “The men in the comments are soooo dense. They missed the point by miles.”

Another wrote, “There’s no way y’all are blaming her for this.”

“You chose life, so it’s bound to happen sooner or later,” another vehement critic wrote.

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Karlie brushed aside his remark, saying: “We’re all adults here – well, you should be if you’re on my page.

“Why are men so mad about the industry when you guys created it?

“You literally watch it every night, yet you’re mad at the people making it?

“I genuinely don’t understand,” she concluded.

Despite the uproar, Karlie’s parents, especially her “Mormon Mum,” are completely behind her, as she revealed in a second video.

@karliebrooksxx I am. Cringing 🤮 #CloseYourRings #fypage ♬ original sound – boiwhatdahellboi1

‘Good afternoon, or should I say “Karlie,”’ her mother wrote.

She then agrees with her that her uncle is a “total creep.”

‘Not to freak you out or anything,’ she adds, ‘but that’s not the only thing she found… it gets worse’

Karlie’s father, she claims, is planning to file a restraining order against him.

Before saying, ‘We love you and are proud of you.’


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