Mother finds out that her son has sold a games console. She cried when she found out what he bought

A mother finds out that her son has sold a games console, but when she finds out what he bought, she cries. Children often waste their mothers and fathers saving simply not understanding the value of money. But there are some surprising exceptions to this rule that are genuinely admirable for the dignified behavior of young people. This unusual and very moving story happened to an ordinary, william preston, a 13 year old boy from the small american town of reno nevada. Like all teenagers.

Today he loves playing computer games. He spent hours at home with his xbox games, helped him relax after school and distracted him from his daily worries, and there were enough problems in the teenagers family. William was raised by a single mother who was struggling to cope financially. The woman worked hard to support her child with everything he needed. His mother always put preston first trying to buy him beautiful, fashionable clothes so that he looked as good as his peers.

She even bought an expensive console for him, as she didn’t want her son to feel left out. After all, all his classmates had a game console it’s hard to overestimate the importance of a modern console for a 13 year old boy. But some things mean so much more than any item. William saw how hard it was for his mom crystal to cope with earning money. The woman was pulling the whole family on her own.

At the same time, crystal didn’t even have a car which would have helped a lot with everyday tasks, and we should also add that the family’s financial situation has been getting more difficult. Lately the guy decided he simply had to help his dear mother, but how could he do this? What did the average teenager have? That could help his mom financially. The answer was obvious: it was william’s most precious thing, an xbox game console.

Not only did the boy spend his free time on the console, but he also spent a lot of time on the internet, william liked to watch inspirational videos of bloggers who bought their mother’s, valuable gifts. The teenager thought he could do something similar. The boy realized that a car would make life much easier for his mother, who had to walk to work and her son’s school. But a car is a costly purchase, william decided to help his neighbors mow lawns and pick up rubbish to save money. He could earn a small amount of money for doing small jobs, which was barely enough to buy wheels for a car.

That’S when he thought of his console williams started looking for used car ads on social media as a result of his search. He found a great offer. A woman who lived nearby was selling in 1999 chevrolet metro sedan. William thought this car would be perfect for his mother. The boy contacted the seller and explained the situation to her william asked if he could buy the vehicle by paying not only in cash of which there wasn’t much, but also with his console.

The kid wanted to exchange his xbox for a car for his mom. He just didn’t have anything more valuable. The seller refused such an offer initially, but soon changed her mind. The woman felt sorry for the kid who wanted to help his mother, william agreed with the seller, that he would not only give her the console, but he would also run small household errands. The boy had to clean the yard and mow the lawn.

For a few weeks it was a very worthy gesture that couldn’t help but be encouraged, but, most importantly, he got a chance to buy a car for his mom. However, the console had to be given up, but the joy of the dearest person was worth it. When the son told his mother that he had a present for her. She had no idea what it was all about. Then william told her.

He had bought a car to which the woman laughed. She was sure her son was joking. Where would a 13 year old boy get the money to buy such a thing, but when crystal saw the chevrolet and the car keys, she was shocked. This is how the woman describes her shock. I was speechless.

My 13 year old son had bought me a car. He worked hard to pay for the car at first. I thought it was a joke, but no, i had the keys and the documents for the car. I mean ecstasy and shock at the same time and that’s how a 13 year old boy was able to achieve the almost unbelievable for a child, his age to buy his mom a car. Still, the younger generation can be called lost as long as such fine teenagers represent them.

The story also makes one proud and happy for the mother who was able to bring up her child with dignity.