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More Than 20 Years After She Was Born, This Woman Is Still Mistaken For A Child

Michelle Kishes 20 years of life under her belt, but the rest of the world doesn’t see her that way.

Do people seem that I am a lot younger than I am?

She told the BBC. And there was a good reason why. The Kish family hails from Bartlett, Illinois. Parents Mary and Brad welcomed their eldest daughter, Sarah, and later became pregnant with Michelle. Mary reported that her second pregnancy had gone off without a hitch, as did her delivery. But when the couple’s second baby arrived, doctors informed the Kishes that there was something wrong with her newborn daughter, Michelle. To make matters worse, they were unable to diagnose what exactly was plaguing her.

The hospital had to bring in a specialist from another medical institution to help the Kish family, the geneticist who eventually diagnosed or had never seen anyone with Michelle’s condition in real life before. However, the physician did recognize some of her features from her medical tones. The Kishes then found out that Michelle had something called Hallerman’s Strike Syndrome. This is a genetic disorder that affects just one in every 5 million people and only appears every fifth generation and pretty much devastated, Mary admitted.

Those with Hammerman Stray syndrome, numbering just 250 at the time of Michelle’s birth, have a set of highly recognizable facial features.

Mary described them as frontal bossing of the forehead, a recessed chin, small beaklike, nose, a small airway stenosed, ear canals and dental anomalies.

On top of that, Hellerman’s Strafe syndrome can also cause eye problems, ear canal constriction, skin atrophy, dental problems, hair loss and dwarfism. In total, Michelle said that there are 28 defining characteristics of the genetic disorder. She has 26 of them. Although doctors knew the name and symptoms of Michelle’s condition, that was about all that medical professionals could tell the kisses, Mary recalled to Britain’s Daily Mail newspaper. It was unknown what her prognosis was going to be. They couldn’t tell us because they’d never seen it before. So the Kishes brought their daughter home from the hospital and into uncharted territory. Michelle’s sister, Sarah, recalled on the BBC that her sister was sick a lot when we were younger. Michelle agreed, describing the hospital as a second home. In spite of all this, though, Michelle grew up to become a woman of whom her family are understandably very proud. Mary described her as smart as a whip happy as ever. She’s one of the happiest 20 year olds I know, but Michelle’s physical features haven’t matured with her over two decades of life. Instead, she said, many people mistake her for someone much younger than her 20 years.

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I think they do when they ask my age.

But to the 20 year old.

The case of her mistaken age wasn’t the most bothersome aspect of her condition is being slow because there was a lot of rides that I want to go out and like six lives and I can’t because it has a stupid structure. Another annoying thing is that with my trick, I can’t go underwater Because I like to be a Mermaid.

From her mom’s perspective, though, there was another glaring issue that Michelle wasn’t quick to acknowledge.

Michelle struggles the most without admitting it. She’s lonely. Kids are nice to her, but she’s never really developed friendships like, let’s say her older sister has or kids her own age.

And then, of course, there was the issue of a boyfriend. Mary said her daughter wanted one. Michelle wasn’t shy to admit that either.


Of course, the joyfilled 20 yearold finds contentment in life as is boyfriend or not and her family feel lucky to have her there too. She lights up people’s lives, Mary said. If someone is having a bad day, you don’t even have to say a word to her. According to Mary, Michelle will say, mom, are you okay? Is there something I can do? You know I love you. She will even approach strangers who appear sad to greet them and cheer them up. Michelle’s caring nature could just help her to achieve her dreams for the future too. The 20 year old said, my dream job is becoming a pediatric doctor in Nar, but she has two other career paths lined up in case that doesn’t work out fashion design and acting. Of course, the sobering reality in telling Michelle’s story Was the fact that her prognosis is still murky.

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Michelle’s long term outlook or prognosis Is unknown. At this point, we’ve had several close calls. Overall, she’s fairly healthy with all the maintenance. She’s just a happy child, young lady.

She’s tough as nails. Her father Brad added with that and her positive attitude, Michelle’s story seems like it is just beginning. I think I’m different from the average 20 year old but that’s okay.