Mom left Baby under Running Water in the Sink, When You Hear the reason it Will Make you Cry

Have you ever been falsely accused of being crazy? This, while all you are trying to do, is to help your baby suffering in constant pain. When people call you insane without understanding the circumstances, it may push you to the brink. This is what happened to gustavo and sophia, join us on this painful journey, as we discover what led to these accusations calling sofia a natural and an unfit mother, all over the world couples try to fall pregnant. This is such a natural process that people seldom prepare for the unexpected or expect the pregnancy or birth of the child to be anything but normal and healthy for gustavo and sophia.

It wasn’t easy to get pregnant. They tried for many years fluctuating between moments of hope, followed by despair. They wanted to add another member to their family when sophia finally fell pregnant a few months into 2019, the couple and extended family were elated like most parents. In the next nine months, the parents prepared for the baby’s arrival sophia was taking care of herself as she was finally pregnant and she did not want to do anything to risk the pregnancy or the health of the baby. One of her biggest aspirations in life was to become a mother the day finally arrived and the beautiful healthy baby boy called miguelito was born.

Everything went smoothly with the birth process, things were just perfect or so the family thought. After a few days, they took him home prepared to start their lives together. It was hot and miguelito developed a slight rash on his cheeks, which the parents thought was normal for the time of the year. They were settling in at home, aware of the fact that a new baby would require some changes in their normal routine. They were prepared to make these changes, but never in their wildest dreams did they realize that their lives would take a 180 degree turn after the birth of their son.

What started out as a normal reddish rash on the baby’s cheeks, soon rapidly increased, the baby was crying all the time making it difficult for the parents to go. They both felt helpless, desperate to relieve the discomfort and pain for miguelito, gustavo and sophia immediately took him to the nearest pediatrician. Fortunately, the specialist could diagnose the condition as atopic dermatitis. This is a very common not-so-serious skin ailment occurring in babies. In the first year of their lives, it can easily be treated with a steroid-based drug.

Therefore, the doctor prescribed an expensive cream for dermatitis. Although the parents could hardly afford this miracle cream, they would make any sacrifice necessary to help ease the discomfort and pain of their child. It took some effort, but they gathered the money needed to pay for the cream. As soon as they arrived home, they generously applied the cream to miguelito’s body. They could sense that it brought some relief, although the redness did not disappear completely.

The baby was crying less. All they had to do was continue to use the cream and their baby’s body would heal. They were looking forward to having a healthy little boy to cuddle and hug. They sensed that it was hurting when they picked him up, but no parent can withstand the urge to cuddle and love a child for the next month. They religiously applied the cream until the whole prescription was completed.

There was hope, as soon as the parents stopped applying the cream. The condition came back this time with more vigor. Miguelito’S face was red and swollen, and he cried all the time. Everybody could see that this child was in so much pain and discomfort. The parents were feeling helpless and did not know what to do next.

Wasn’T there anybody that could help them. Meanwhile, sofia kept returning to the clinic begging for the medical experts to help her baby. He was swollen and looked like a red tomato. You wouldn’t believe what the next diagnosis was. One doctor said that it was some form of scabies that stuck to the baby from contact with a diseased family member, gustavo and sophia were careful when they picked up the crying baby.

They were the ones mostly handling him. Now they were accused of being neglectful and allowing a sick person to handle their fragile baby sofia felt very guilty. Although deep in her heart, she knew she was doing all she could to help her son. This made gustavo even more protective of his son by this time, except for the two parents. They only allowed the doctor to pick up megualito.

The only option was to continue with the expensive medication. The moment they stopped. The dermatitis grew worse out of desperation, sophia started. Searching on the internet for answers, the doctors were providing none and she had to do something. She found a tutorial video on a home remedy that could alleviate the discomfort and pain.

The video suggested a crazy out-of-the-box home remedy, where you wrap your child in medical gauze. After preparing a lukewarm bath, you submerge the baby up to the neck in the water for an hour. Sophia did not have a bathtub, so she resorted to using the kitchen sink. She wrapped miguelito in some blankets and submerge them in the water. Just like the video tutorial promised, this gave the desired relief and her baby stopped crying.

Although this unconventional practice gave some relief, the parents were still seeking a more permanent solution. They did not understand why there was no logical explanation for the condition and why conventional medicine did not make a difference. They were desperate for answers as a last resort, sophia decided to upload pictures of the baby to social media, to ask for advice or similar experience with incurable dermatitis on her facebook page. She shared her desperate plight. They were a middle-class family without much money urgently, requiring help for their son.

They had spent all their money on treatments that did not cure their child. After visiting more than 15 pediatricians, they were broke and no closer to any solutions. What happened next came with its own twist sofia’s post, showing miguelito wrapped in goals and lying in a sink with the water running, went viral in social media. Some people were shocked, but some insensitive comments started surfacing soon. The original images were edited and reposted totally out of context.

The story was twisted to portray sophia as a crazy mother, using this strange method to punish her disobedient child. Some comments were extremely hurtful. The desperate situation of a mother was turned into a joke. Other people that came upon the adjusted post were shocked and accused gustavo and sophia of child abuse. This alerted the interest of social services who had to investigate any allegations of neglect and abuse, as if it wasn’t enough to look after their sick child.

The parents now had to defend themselves in court. It was a great relief when they could prove their innocence and keep custody of their son. Despite winning the court case. The parents reputation was tainted all over social media. They were depicted as two crazy people and no one bothered to correct this.

This caused sofia to fall into a deep depression. She could not understand the reaction of the world to her desperate circumstances. All she did was look for support, and now she was falsely accused of being a terrible parent on the brink of total breakdown. Sophia was at the point of simply wiping every picture and post on social media. It was only her love for her husband and child that kept her going at this crucial moment.

A ray of hope appeared on the horizon. She received a private message in her inbox from an american doctor. He claimed that he understood her son’s condition by simply looking at the images. If they wanted miguelito to get healed, they should immediately contact him. The doctor who made contact was the famous doctor, jordan smith, a renowned dermatologist who had his own television show where he helped people with rare incurable diseases.

Dr smith picked up on the story because of social media. What was intended to be a scandalous story caught his eye, he immediately recognized the condition affecting miguelito, but he had to verify the diagnosis he knew he could save the child’s life. When the doctor determined the financial position of the family, he chose to do the altruistic deed and pay the cost for the family to come to los angeles. He immediately ruled out scabies or dermatitis. The baby was suffering from an allergic reaction to steroid-based creams.

All the suffering was by no means the fault of the parents, but it could be put at the door of the doctors that did not correctly diagnose the baby. They had prescribed the wrong medication which worsened the condition. As a result, an innocent baby almost lost his life soon after the new medication was used, the ever-present red color on miguelito’s skin started disappearing. The family appeared on dr jordan’s show explaining their full story, exposing the incompetence of their country’s doctors, gustavo sophia and baby miguelito had to go through unbearable suffering miguelito suffered in his body, while his parents suffered in their hearts at first they suffered because they could not Help their boy later they suffered because of incompetent doctors and finally, because people did not bother to get the facts before they judged the parents and made up untrue stories that hurt the parents. We can all learn from this story to never judge a book by its cover.

Although people apologize for their reaction, they couldn’t take back the suffering they caused. In what way has the story touched? You, let us know what lesson you learned from it.