Mom Had C-Section Weeks Early So Ill Husband Could Meet Son, What Happened Next Is Heartbreaking

The day your baby is born is supposed to be the best day of your life but for mom hayley park the day she had her son was bittersweet sadly the end of haley’s pregnancy came at the same time that her husband’s cancer was at its most aggressive and before she knew it she was given a choice that no one wants to make have her baby early via c-section or risk her husband never getting to meet his son Haley and her husband jb welcome their second son earthside on december 2nd as she explained in her facebook post from december 4 that has since gone viral the news of her son’s birth was most joyous but also the most somber this boy entered the world in

the most brave and magical way with a very big miracle to fulfill in a short matter of time she explained it all started on november 28th when jb was admitted to the hospital in hartford connecticut with Complications from cancer by december 1st the six-month prognosis they’d received in the past was shrunk into a matter of days with our second son’s due date three weeks away my husband and i knew asking for an induction was the right thing to do the mom recalled in her post without hesitation the team of icu doctors communicated with the head of high-risk labor and delivery doctors they offered me an induction as soon as i was ready Parker called kissing her husband goodbye as she got ready to be induced i told him to be strong and hold on

for me and the baby he said he would she remembered they started the process that night with hopes of a quick labor and a vaginal birth those plans changed in an instant when a team of icu doctors entered my room thursday morning at 8am with the news that jb was declining fast and had a Matter of a few hours she remembered it was either a c-section right at that moment or jb would not have the opportunity to meet our son the mom didn’t hesitate she told her medical team lets go and within minutes she was in the operating room just a short 20 minutes later our son was born she wrote he was given to me for a quick kiss and then a team of doctors and

nurses ran him up two floors and he was placed on his daddy’s chest The next part of park’s story was nothing short of a miracle when our baby was placed on jb’s chest jb’s vitals all instantly improved she’s cheered he was also acknowledging our son was there by making small head movements and sweet moans after park was stitched up doctors and nurses made room for my bed to be wheeled in right next to my husband’s i spent my recovery time gazing at my husband she recalled i was gazing at him In sadness but in all of his strength jb took his last breath with their son on his chest and my hand and his hand of course their journey wasn’t over yet park delivered their son three weeks early meaning a slew of complications that can require nicu time and breathing

support god prepared our son for this very moment because he came out weighing seven pounds four ounces at 20 inches long with fully developed lungs that let out the sweetest of cries the mom wrote Between all of the many doctors and nurses who care for the parks not one of them had a dry eye after jb’s death some of them told me they’ll never forget this act of selflessness she wrote in her facebook post some called my actions brave and heroic i just call it love i acted out of love i put my trust in god that this was part of his plan and i did what i had to do out of love to fulfill my husband’s last wish before park was induced they hadn’t Picked a name out but after her husband’s death it was clear that only one name would do i knew it in my heart it was only right to honor my husband she wrote so it is my pleasure to announce the birth of our brave amazing son john beeson park jb welcome to the world baby jb the mom wrote your story is truly a miracle people were moved by the mom’s story of lost and new life what amazing story of love and life wrote one commenter

r may Many blessings come your way in days to come you’ve got quite the angel watching over you all what an absolutely beautiful story i pray for peace for you and your family in this time of such great sadness another commenter wrote what a beautiful gift to give your husband in his last moments i know he’s watching over smiling proudly at you and your beautiful boys hayley we’re thinking of you and your family you are strong and brave and your Family is so lucky to have you by their side a third commenter added i’m sorry for your loss sending prayers love

and strength congratulations on your adorable and beautiful baby boy a gofundme page has been created in the dad’s honor that has since raised more than 45 thousand dollars jb was the epitome of a father husband son brother and friend the outpouring of love the park family has received has been overwhelming the page reads as our Jb embodied selflessness many others have asked how to help the family it continues if you feel compelled your donations and generosity are forever appreciated.