Mom gives birth to 11 babies then doctors realize one of them isn’t a baby

Mom gives birth to 11 babies then doctors realize one of them isn’t a baby she thought she was pregnant with twins but she gave birth to 11 babies imagine for a moment how she’d feel about being pregnant being relaxed lying down and feeling that huge belly full of life inside when suddenly they start to feel that her baby is kicking against the wall of her belly something very tender that makes you

Feel very much closer to your son but suddenly new taps begin to be felt but these are very far from the place where she was kicking a moment ago can she turn around so quickly however when you start to feel bumps all over your belly it’s not just two little legs they sit in at least eight or sixteen places at the same time either you have an octopus inside you or there are many more children than you

Had imagined what an impression i hope you’re in the mood to change about 100 diapers a day because very soon the house will be full of life and love, this is the story of nadia suleiman a young and passionate woman who had one enormous desire in life that of being a mother unfortunately after a work accident that nadia suffered an injury that affected the disc and left her unable to continue working the physical and emotional pain was very strong but what hurt her the most was that due

To the accident she stated that she had complications for getting pregnant that was how when she was only 21 years old she began to carry out all the procedures to be able to undergo fertility treatment something that her husband never liked who was much more patient and assured that the children were already going to reach unfortunately the process was slower than nadia would have liked although at 25 years old her own reproductive system

Gave her first child and only a year after that her first daughter would arrive something that for many would have been considered a true blessing a true miracle from heaven but to nadia it seemed insufficient that was how her desire to reproduce slowly consumed her marriage until finally her husband chose to abandon her family and leave nadia if she really wanted those kids that

Badly she was gonna have to do it on her own fortunately after being divorced she had already managed to get some deposits of fertilized embryos in which she had used the semen of her ex-husband a practice that raised all kinds of criticism and opened the debate on different social fronts on the one hand marco gutierrez her ex-husband denied that each of the following children who were born were

Her own children that is to say the dna was there but were they really his children considering that he’d been divorced for many years was a father obliged to pay child support for his children who were born against his will years after the divorce from him by 2008 nadia already had a total of six children two born naturally and then three in vitro inseminations of which one culminated in the birth of twins but were six children enough

Probably for me or for you they’d been but nadia wanted even more that was how she contacted her doctor and asked how the reserves of fertilized embryos were going to which the professional michael cambra told her that she still had enough embryos to break all the records she wanted nadia’s eyes sparkled with excitement she was going to want them all although canberra’s statement ensured that he alone had inserted a total of

Six ovules the truth is that this was very unbelievable especially considering the result that he was about to present at this point it’s important to explain that in general not all the inseminated embryos survive the fertilization process so when looking for triplets for example it’s common to insert a few extra embryos and eliminate the surprise once it’s certain that there are some embryos growing healthy this same logic is applied by dr

Cambra who finally learned that he had implanted a total of 12 fertilized embryos and nadia of which only half managed to grow up safe and sound as if six embryos had not been enough two of them managed to develop twins totaling eight children in the same pregnancy although raising eight children in one womb was something that rarely went well and carried great risks for the children as well as for the mother

Nadia refused to have any of her embryos done to her she loved them all the chances of a situation like this occurring naturally are practically non-existent and previous experiences with similar cases were very bad so that dr cambra would later be judged for gross negligence and removed from his license in any case against all odds and leaving the entire scientific world open-mouthed this woman managed to develop and give

Birth to eight children one of whom unfortunately died during pregnancy because it wasn’t a complete baby specifying the excellent work of in vitro fertilization one of the most surprising in the world to this day is studies by specialists who seek to repeat and perfect these techniques another thing that’s also to be envied is how this single mother managed to raise these 14 children alone without any partner to help her what we do know

Is that it helps a lot is that thanks to the media coverage generated nadia was able to star in many commercials and have a lot of work as an actress something that allowed her to pay for all the expenses of a large house so that all those children could fit what she did try to avoid at all costs was entering the adult film circuit despite the fact that they offered figures up to a million dollars a more than appetizing offer especially when

You have so many miles to feed and that she’ll finally accept in 2012 it seems that mothers are a phenomenon that’s liked by adults since the film will be awarded and highly recognized which definitely opened the doors to the growing industry today nadia is recognized under the pseudonym and despite having been criticized by the community by doctors by her ex-partner by her own father and by many

Television channels today she appears as a proud mother a feisty and an exceptional diaper changer there were even times when the children’s service had to go to her home due to rumors that she always alone and not going to be able to provide them with the protection care and guarantees that these children deserved however after receiving a visit from social services they didn’t find any type of irregularity and described that

He was doing a good job that the house was appropriate and that there was no reason to justify taking those children away from him in addition to that the government also allocated financial support for her and each of her seven children which was a great help for the children’s development apparently social services were right to let her keep each of her children since to this day octo mom’s children look

Healthy and strong and attend school on time and properly fur apart sheep also did not just continue to work and raise her children but she was able to finish a master’s degree at the university which allowed her to get a job as a family therapist a really moving and beautiful story that fills me with emotion every time i hear it and here’s our story for today a story that will surely have left you

With several questions to answer should her father pay child support for those children conceived without his consent how does maria continue to see herself after 14 children how many diapers will she have changed in her lifetime what’s her title in the movies where she worked.