Millionaire’s Wife Learns Husband Visits Old Metal Hut Every Day, Notices Stroller Nearby Once

Conan’S wife margaret was used to her millionaire husband’s charity work, but when she discovered he visits an old hut every day with a baby inside she grows suspicious conan was a successful self-made businessman. He was well known around the city, not just because of the multiple businesses he’s put up, but because of his charity work he was an extremely good and kind man who would donate large percentages of his money every month to orphanages and hospitals. While he was generous in this way, his wife was the complete opposite. Margaret didn’t like that, her husband would spend his hard-earned money on strangers, saying he was spending it on nothing. She was superficial, always wanting the latest designer items and traveling to luxurious places around the world.

One day margaret discovered from a friend of hers that she’d been seeing conan come out of an old metal hut. Every day the hud was near a trailer park and it seemed as if he was visiting someone there. This didn’t sit well with margaret and many thoughts suddenly popped into her head. Is he having an affair? Does he have an illegitimate child when conan got home margaret asked him where he came home from that night?

I was at work. Of course, then i dropped by my friend’s office for a quick chat. He said margot instantly knew he was lying and grew even more suspicious. She decided to follow conan in the next days to see whether or not what her friend said was right. After a couple of days, margaret was surprised to see a stroller parked in front of the metal hut.

Her husband visited her heart was pounding nervous that her initial thoughts of conan having an illegitimate child were right. She could hear a child cry inside the hut to make matters worse, unable to stop herself margaret stormed inside. She saw conan sitting next to a woman cradling a baby in her arms conan. What’S going on here? Who is this and why have you been visiting them?

Every day, are you having an affair? She said so much emotion pouring out of her at once margaret i can explain please. Let’S talk about this at home, conan replied trying to calm her down the woman carrying the baby, looked apologetic and tried to avoid margaret’s furious gaze, conan and margaret left the hut and went home right after as they sat across each other at the dining table. Margaret had her arms across her chest, go on. She told her husband, explain yourself, you know i would never cheat on you margaret.

It hurts me that you even thought that. However, i have to admit that i have been hiding things from you. I know you disapproved my charity work, but it’s something i want to continue doing. He started to explain. Two weeks ago i saw this woman named lucy carrying her baby.

She was standing on the street begging for money. I approached her and gave her a hundred dollars. So she could get her daughter, a warm blanket and some diapers. I asked her why they were on the street. Conan said margaret still wouldn’t soften her gaze at this point and still glared at her husband.

He continued anyway saying lucy had been living in the hut for three months. Her husband left him three months ago, claiming he’d work in another city and return after two months, and he never came back. I offered to get them a service department, so her child would be more comfortable, but she refused. She said she loved her boyfriend and wanted to wait for him in the place where he said. He’D return, conan revealed he added that he wouldn’t be able to forgive himself if anything happened to the woman and child, especially knowing after what they’ve been through, so he visited them every day, bringing them hot meals and other necessities.

I don’t believe you, this woman’s. Your mistress, isn’t she margaret accused margaret, of course not. How can you even say that? Wouldn’T you help them too? If you were in my position, he asked no, and i don’t want you to continue helping that woman.

If you don’t stop, i will file for divorce. She threatened conan shook his head. I’M not going to do that margaret, don’t threaten me with divorce. Just because you don’t like me helping other people. We have more than enough money to last us a lifetime.

What’S a couple of thousands to spare for others, realizing that conan wouldn’t budge margaret rolled her eyes and stormed out of their dining room the following day she decided to do the unthinkable she went to court trying to get lucy’s parental rights revoked. The bitter wife claimed that lucy had no means to support her child and had been deceiving married men to give her money conan heard about what margaret did through his chauffeur. He was furious and drove to the courthouse right away. What do you think you’re doing? He said storming inside the lawyer’s office, where margaret was seating.

Doing what this woman deserves margaret said coldly. Do you have no compassion for other people at all? I can’t believe i married such a monster attorney. Please excuse us. He said gently pulling margaret outside the office.

Margaret, do you still not understand why i’m so inclined to support her? My father left me and my mother on the street. When i was a four-year-old, i was deprived of a comfortable childhood because we had to beg on the streets and search for places with food banks. He retorted margaret already knew her husband’s pasty and it never bothered her. She was too focused on the fact that he had a rags to riches story that allowed her to live the luxurious life she lives.

Now. I know i have the capacity to make sure other people i meet, don’t have to experience the same thing and you have no right to deprive me of helping others with money. I worked hard to earn. I don’t know why i spent so much of my time with such a monster. I’M done with this relationship, i’m filing for divorce.

He said giving margaret one last look before walking out stunned margaret tried chasing conan begging for one more chance, but he refused. He sent her divorce papers and asked her to move out of their home immediately forced to live on her own margaret had to sell all her designer items to be able to rent a room. She could stay in. Meanwhile, conan continued to run a successful business and do charity work. He also continued to help lucy, who was heartbroken after realizing her boyfriend would never come back for her and their daughter, conan, rented, an apartment for lucy and after she moved on.

They started to get to know each other better. They ended up getting married and had a child together, a child they both raised with so much love and care.