Jordyn Woods REACTS To THIS Rumor Amid Tristan Thompson Paternity Drama!

The Internet was freaking out over a possible Jordan Woods pregnancy, but she was quick to shut down those rumors with a simple Instagram story. Let’s get into it. Jordan woods caused quite the stir on Instagram when she shared a bunch of photos from her latest trip to her feed within the carousel. She shared photos of herself in all Gucci everything cute snaps of herself and boyfriend Karl Anthony, towns landscape pics, and a surprisingly teeny tiny Nike shoebox. And while the photo dumped from her Portland trip was nothing out of the ordinary.

Fans immediately zeroed in on the Nike box that fits into the palm of her hand and jumped to the conclusion that Jordan was expecting a baby. You’re pregnant? A number of users asked if the tiny Nike box contained baby shoes. Another fan commented on the photo and said, So SIS going to show a baby shoebox? What’s your hinting at?

Boo? While another fan simply asked, what’s in the small box? Well, after asking all of these questions, we all finally got an answer. And unfortunately for those who were hoping Jordan was expecting Carl Anthony’s baby, their dreams were smashed when Jordan hopped on Instagram to shut down all the rumors. In a Q and A session on her Instagram story, a fan asked, Are you pregnant?

That shoebox? And Jordan answered It was a gift card box. And no, I don’t want kids right now, nor am I pregnant, said what I said. She also addressed her recent fashion choices by saying, I’ve been wearing baggy clothes because it’s cold AF. Minnesota was minus four.

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And also, I’m always cold AF. Regardless, girl same. It’s freezing. Well, there you have it, folks. No baby in the bun for this girl.

And Carl Anthony plays for the Minnesota Timberwolves. So we know our girls got to stay warm in style. Stay warm, okay? And in Jordan’s defense, I don’t think baby shoe boxes can fit in the palm of the average person’s hand. But that’s a debate for another day.

Even though Jordan and Herboo aren’t expecting a minimum anytime soon, the two are clearly still going strong in their relationship. Jordan and Carl Anthony celebrated their one-year anniversary last May with a tropical island vacation. I’m so jealous. And it seems Jordan has been staying close to her man, cheering him on throughout his NBA season. We’re so happy to see these two so happy.

I’ll catch you later.

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