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Jogger Detained For Fitting Suspect’s Description, You Won’t Believe What Happened Next!

When a jogger was detained by police for fitting the description of a burglary suspect he began to livestream his encounter on facebook the footage quickly went viral joseph griffin a former military policeman who works as a registered nurse was out for a jog when he was stopped by a police officer who said he fit the description of a burglary Suspect the volusia county Florida

deputy told griffin that authorities were looking for a bearded black male wearing a white tank top and dark shorts a description which matched griffin’s appearance a deputy can be heard telling griffin on body cam video If you’re not in any trouble or anything there is a burglary that happened you kind of fit the description let me just make really let me just make sure that you’re not him okay shaw the registered nurse pulled out his cell phone and began shooting a facebook live video of the interaction after handing the officer his id i figured if there were eyes

on then nothing bad would have happened he said explaining Why he decided to livestream the encounter according to wkmg news 6 click orlando literally they said white tank top black shorts and they they said that you had a beard all right so i’m not saying it’s you but it was a black male again not saying it’s you buddy the deputy hancock griffin who tells his viewers if something happens to me y’all better raise hell after a helicopter flies overhead griffin adds it’s just a lot going on today likely referring to The controversial encounters between black men and the police that often fill the news the ny post reported we’re the same you know me i’m gonna take care of you the deputy says reassuring griffin again that he has nothing to fear as his body cam

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records the incident and just as promised the encounter ends without incident as griffin is cleared in the police arrest the real suspect however the story doesn’t end there After the west volusia beacon published a story with a headline i fit a description deltona man detain while jogging sheriff mike chitwood posted his deputy’s 18 minute body cam video to facebook to me the implication in the tone of this article is that our deputies did something wrong here chit would explain so i want to take a moment and stand up and recognize the great work of every deputy involved in this call not only were they respectful to mr Griffin they held his phone for him so he could stay on video on facebook live the sheriff not only praised his deputies outstanding job given the limited information they had about a call in progress but he also commended mr griffin who

is common cooperative even though he had reason to be frustrated with the inconvenience to each and every deputy who is involved in this response i’m extremely proud of your hard work and dedication this is Exactly the kind of effort that has allowed us to cut down the crime rate in deltona to mr griffin i appreciate your cooperation with these deputies and i’d like to invite you on a ride-along sometime in the future chitwood also had a few words for some of the harsher critics who had been second guessing and criticizing these deputies on social media fed up with the armchair quarterbacks he said i think you need to put yourselves in these Deputies shoes i don’t

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think just anyone can fill them there was one person however he thought could do the job and do it well joseph griffin according to wtsb the sheriff offered the former military policeman a job after explaining that griffin would join the office during an implicit bias training session the sheriff added that the former military policeman could have a new job if he wanted i told him we’d train and hire him as a deputy in a Second if he ever wants a new job chitwood wrote on facebook i also just want to say again how proud i am of the deputies who handled this call granted nothing like facebook live existed when i was starting out but i don’t know if a young

mike chitwood would have kept a live video running for someone i was detaining chitwood continued these guys did it because in that moment they understood what it meant to mr griffin who is going out of his way to being Cooperative and respectful indeed there’s a lot that can be learned from this video this is one of the best examples that i’ve seen as far as civilians being compliant and officers actually trying to assure the civilians that were not out to get you griffin said crediting remaining calm for helping to keep the interaction under control way

we stopped mr griffin is the way we would stop a white guy a black guy hispanic guy or a purple guy and There’s body camera video out there no one will say you’re wrong for being frustrated because it’s scary and frustrating but i will say if you remain calm at least 85 percent of the time the situation will go your way he explained yes the officer has authority but in the end you have control if you liked the video please give it a thumbs up and consider sharing it with someone who may find it interesting.