Homeless man saw smoke coming from an apartment then heard children scream

Anniver Angulo is from Las Vegas, where he is, unfortunately, one of many homeless people living on the city streets. In fact, according to recent statistics, Las Vegas has one of the largest homeless communities in the US.

It’s not unusual to see people walking straight past homeless people without sparing them a second thought, but 36-year-old, Angela recently gave the Las Vegas community something to remember him for. It all started back in December 2017. One Friday morning, Angela was walking through the back streets of the city.

He turned on to East Mesquite Avenue when he spotted something that immediately alarmed him. He soon realized that he had stumbled upon a terrifying situation. The thing that caught his eye first was the smoke. He could see dark plumes of it billowing from a building at the end of the block. Angela could tell that it was coming from an apartment building, so he went closer to investigate further.

But as Angulo approached the apartment block, he noticed something horrifying. He could hear people screaming were still he could tell it was children. At that moment, it was clear that he needed to step in first. He leaped over a gate to access the property. When he arrived at the apartment side door, he could see a young child inside.

Angela realized that the three yearold girl was stuck behind a locked door. With the smoke still billowing out of the house, Angulo knew that he had to act quickly if he was going to save her. But the door was made of steel and was therefore very strong, so Anglo did all he could. Although there was a dead Bolt secured across the door, he somehow managed to pull at the door with enough force to bend it open. As soon as she was free, the young girl ran to the homeless man and threw her arms around him.

However, Angela’s work was not done. Out of the corner of his eye, he spotted something else. There was another child inside the property. The smoke was becoming darker and thicker, but Angela could see that there was a younger child left inside. So he made a brave decision to enter the property despite the risk to his own safety.

Once inside, he found a ten month old baby on the floor. He grabbed the infant and brought it to safety outside the apartment. Once Angula had both children safely away from the fire and smoke, he made sure to keep them a safe distance away from the property. Then it was time for the firemen to take control. Firemen battled to put the fire out and thankfully they had it under control within about ten minutes.

Meanwhile, the rescue children were transported to hospital to be checked out. Both had inhaled some smoke, but the most important thing was that they were alive. The firefighters were the first to thank Angulo for his quick thinking actions that day. Speaking to Ksnvtv Tim Zimanski from Las Vegas Fire and Rescue said, It’s obvious if this person hadn’t been there, these children could have been burned or may have been killed in the fire. Although the children’s granddad was in the apartment, he hadn’t been able to get to them.

The fire, which was started by a pan on the stove, made it impossible for the granddad, who was in the back bedroom to reach the living room where the children were. But thanks to Angulo, who just happened to be passing by, everyone got out safely. In the end, I just knew I had to get them out, the homeless man told a local TV station after the incident. Unfortunately, the apartment was left in total disrepair. Though the kitchen and living room were destroyed and all the other rooms were damaged by the sheer heat of the fire and the clouds of smoke.

The overall cost of the damage was about $50,000. Even the next door neighbors flat was affected by the stove fire. The Las Vegas Fire and Rescue Team tweeted about the incident shortly after in a report describing the emergency situation. They highly praised Angular’s actions. The last part of the tweet read, Both kids will be okay, the man is a true hero and the firemen weren’t the only ones to think that Angelo was amazingly brave that day.

A GoFundMe was set up by an attorney to reward the homeless man and to date, the page has raised more than one $700. Plenty of people have been inspired by the story too. God bless this man and his heroic courage. A family is alive because of him, someone wrote on the fundraising page and others took the opportunity to thank Angelo. Thanks for putting the kids lives before yours.

You quickly acted and those kids are healthy and here as a result, commented another. Thankfully, Angula was in the right place at the right time when the terrifying fire broke out. While plenty of people would have called 911, not everyone would have had the courage to go inside the house and risk their own safety for the sake of strangers. For that, Angulo proved himself to be a total hero. If you liked the video, please give it a thumbs up and consider sharing it with someone who may find it interesting.