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Homeless man asks Burger King worker ‘What can I get for $0.50?’. The boy’s response?

Offering help is never easy it really comes down to just two options ignore or go beyond your ways to help this is not any easier when it comes to a complete stranger but this burger king worker called matthew hersendes did an amazing thing helping out a homeless without a second thought with the disheveled homeless people might be scared might think that other people will help them or just worry that They might use the charity we gave for drugs but really what a homeless man really needs is just a helping hand

when a homeless man walked into the premises it was nothing new to matthew because he was used to serving them at the restaurant but this scruffy man Approached the counter and asked a simple question what can i get for 50 cents the answer is nothing but that wasn’t the answer matthew gave and he didn’t turn the homeless man away either the boy with a huge heart forked out his own money and gave this most hearty meal to the homeless man the homeless man was thrilled by the generosity of a boy he’d never even met before matthew later told his

mother michelle Resendez the story of what had happened that night she was so pleased and proud of his actions that she then wrote about them on facebook beginning her account with the words proud mom moment she went on to recount her son’s act of kindness so proud to be his mom and i can pat myself on the back knowing i’ve played a part in raising this big-hearted young man michelle wrote michelle’s proud mom post in the shining example that matthew had sent to others Earned him plenty of praise janie mora posted so nice and so kind of him you raised a beautiful son and we need more young men like him in our world miranda marine

added such a good young man matthew’s grandmother silvio levis also praised him for the way he’d responded to the homeless man writing matthew you’re an amazing young man with a big heart god will continue to bless you always love grandma other posters who knew matthew’s family congratulated them For bringing him up to be kind and caring one respondent john paul suarez posted michelle you and mark always had good values as long as i known y’all y’all did a good job michelle’s facebook post also revealed that there had in fact been someone watching the events that night in the restaurant which was to add something new to the tale the story could end there and it would be a happy ending michelle wrote but as She went on to

explain the onlooker proved to be an angel waiting to reward matthew for his actions the woman who’d witnessed the event subsequently decided that matthew’s kindness shouldn’t go unnoticed as a result she stepped in to show her appreciation for his actions not only did she write to the company to let them know about the caring employee that had worked for them she also rewarded my son with a very generous tip michelle revealed the accompanying image That michelle posted of her son in his burger king uniform revealed that he’d been given a hundred dollar tip by the well-wisher how was awesome of matthew to do this irma balderas wrote in response

to the facebook post i’m gonna share the story we still have kids with golden hearts proud of you matthew you never know when an angel is watching many people who were touched by matthew’s story started sharing it on their own facebook pages and it wasn’t Long before michelle’s words had been shared more than forty thousand times as lisa steven amberg wrote i need to share this and should be passed on viral on social media act of kindness goes a long way great job matthew the proud mom post has also gained more than 160 000 reactions with one poster tony white pointing out that we often never know when we’re being watched in a revealing our inner selves a great reminder to us all that people watch our actions good Or bad whenever

we’re confronted with a situation that’ll show our true colors and matthew showed his why stated way to go matthew keep the good work and letting your light shine two years on the story is still being circulated with a western journal praising matthew in an october 2018 article for doing his bid to help the homeless a youtube video detailing the incident was also uploaded at the same time titled top life story the presenter Concludes by saying everyone loves to hear of people making a difference and getting rewarded for it matthew’s mother

has also recounted a recent example of her son’s caring side michelle revealed on facebook in october 2018 that her son had been working to help others again this time by establishing a blood donation service at michelle’s place of work.

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