Her baby dies when she hugged him the unthinkable happened

Mom hugged her dead baby with tears in her eyes but she didn’t know she wasn’t alone there sebastian a five-month-old baby stopped breathing while riding in his aunt’s automobile a police officer and a fire crew who were delayed in traffic raced over to assist with cpr sebastian the baby is currently recuperating at the hospital

When the aunt of the baby who suddenly stopped breathing as she was driving him in her because noticed her nephew was no longer breathing she was gripped by terror but her instincts took over and she acted quickly to save his life pamela racio 37 was driving on one of miami’s busiest freeways yesterday afternoon after delivering her five-month-old son to the hospital for tests it was recently discovered that the

Newborn had been delivered prematurely and was suffering from respiratory difficulties as well as congestion his aunt who looks after him on a regular basis while his mother is at work was driving the young boy back home when all of a sudden everything in the car went completely silent sebastian de la cruz a beautiful baby boy who lost consciousness on a busy miami highway on thursday is being held in the arms of his mother paula voirages

Who works as a nurse at the hospital where he was brought little sebastian was rescued from the dolphin expressway in miami after a terrible adventure that occurred on thursday afternoon it was obvious to sebastian’s on pamela that something was awry when he stopped weeping and fell silent in the rear of the automobile while traveling along the 836 dolphin expressway i noticed him bawling he’s

Constantly weeping in an interview with the mail online ms rosio stated that her son is always sobbing even when the car is in motion we’d pull over because we were trapped in traffic when the crying abruptly stopped everything was definitely silent i realized right away that something was awry miss roscio made the decision to pull over and investigate what was going on when she was overcome with panic

Additionally she was unable to see the small boy either by turning around or by looking in her rear-view mirror because his car seat was facing away from her which added to the drama of the situation i couldn’t even check to see if he was still breathing because he was in the back of the car as she remembered miss rossio pulled over in the middle of the highway’s fast lane put the car in park and dashed around to open the rear

Door lieutenant tornes and captain trim both paramedics were instrumental in keeping baby sebastian alive after the infant’s respiration stopped unexpectedly officer amaris bastidis hugs infant sebastian close while driver lucilla godoy comforts the baby’s aunt pamela in the background of the scene when she reached the rear of the vehicle she discovered that her intuition had been true suddenly sebastian’s blush had

Faded away and he was beginning to turn blue he had lost all color and was limp says the doctor completely and utterly limp it was a terrifying experience as she began to administer cpr on the child she realized how delicate her movements would have to be given how little the child was so she shifted the car seat to the ground by the side of the vehicle i’m not sure how i managed to recall what to do i just knew i couldn’t stand by and watch him die

I started screaming for help miss rossio remembered it was terrifying and i yelled for people to come over and help but there were only a few people who knew how to perform cpr and a five-month-old baby when the traffic came to a complete stop more drivers stepped in to assist her plight was quickly addressed by a police officer and two firefighters who were trapped in traffic at the time rossio was comforted by another driver

Lucila godoy who left her own son in the car to assist with cpr and comfort racio by pure chance an award-winning photographer for the miami herald newspaper happened to be passing by and snapped a sequence of spectacular photographs depicting the rescue services rescuing the baby’s life from certain death he claimed that he overheard a woman yelling that the infant was struggling to breathe

Al diaz dialed 9-1-1 in a team of paramedics who was dispatched to the scene in record time outside of an eight-lane motorway mr diaz was able to acquire some magnificent photographs which perfectly reflect the drama and anxiety that pervaded the entire scenario shortly after the call was placed police officer amarya spastitis arrived and assisted miss rossio in regaining control of the baby’s breathing on two

Separate occasions his breathing became labored and he began weeping then he stopped breathing for a while bastitas explained more assistance arrived just as the infant was beginning to regain his breath thanks to the efforts of anthony trim and alvaro tinares from miami-dade fire and rescue who received the emergency call while stopped in traffic and responded immediately sebastian’s breathing was maintained by

The rescue workers until the paramedics arrived at which point the professionals were able to take over miss rossio recognizes how extraordinarily fortunate she was to have strangers come to her nephew’s aid and preserve their lives baby sebastian is now back in the hospital where he will be subjected to additional examinations it is imperative that his mother poala vargas who is a licensed nurse understands how and why

Her son’s respiration was interrupted sebastian’s face had restored to its natural hue by the time the snapshot was taken later that day in his mother’s arm smiling miss rossio works as an interior designer and is the owner of round 321 a firm that specializes in creating inventive and one-of-a-kind products for parents and their children sebastian’s nursery was built by her firm and she looks after the energetic

Kid on a regular basis while his mother is at work following the testing the boy’s family discovered that the boy was suffering from tracheal difficulties he was taken to the hospital by his aunt after noticing him becoming blue the infant sebastian was released from the hospital on friday after spending more than a week there the boy’s parents informed reporters that doctors eventually discovered and

Removed three cysts from the boy’s trachea which were causing him difficulty breathing rossio told reporters that the international attention the issue had garnered has been a little difficult to deal with it was awkward for me racio admitted during the press conference held on wednesday at the hackler law firm in miami lakes florida were unable to control the situation says the author

It was recently discovered that the newborn had been delivered prematurely and was suffering from respiratory difficulties as well as congestion despite the fact that you hope you’ll never have to do cardiopulmonary resuscitation or cpr on a child or infant it’s crucial to be familiar with the procedure in case of a cardiac or breathing emergency learn the methods here and even if you completed a child cpr course it’s a good

Idea to keep the procedures close at hand so that the information stays fresh in your mind in case of an emergency the procedures for performing cpr in a child or a baby can be assessed at any time from any location using our downloadable instructions simply print them out and keep them in a safe area such as your car your desk your kitchen or with you in other first aid items where you may refer to them from time to time to keep your abilities up to date

First aid instructions before giving cpr to a child or baby safety should be checked on the scene an initial impression should be formed agreement should be obtained from the parent or guardian and personal protective equipment should also be used ppe if a child or infant looks to be unresponsive examines the child or baby to determine whether or not he or she is responsive

Shout tap shout in the case of a youngster use the child’s name if you know it to catch the child’s attention by shouting check for signs of breathing life-threatening bleeding or other obvious life-threatening condition if the child does not reply when you tap the child’s shoulder and shout again if you’re dealing with an infant make a loud noise to attract the baby’s attention preferably using the baby’s

Name if you know it check for breathing life-threatening bleeding or any other obvious life-threatening condition if the infant does not respond after tapping the bottom of the baby’s foot twice and shouting three times in succession check for no more than 10 seconds at the most if the child or baby does not respond and is not breathing or is only gasping for air dial 911 and request medical

Assistance or instruct someone else to do so if the child or the baby does not respond and is not breathing or just gasping dial 911 and ask for medical assistance cpr for children and babies level one invert the child or baby onto their backs and place them on a sturdy flat surface kneel beside the child if the child is a child

In order to properly care for a baby you should stand or kneel to one side of the baby with your hips at an angle two thirty compressions should be given to massage a child’s chest position the heel of one hand in the center of the child’s chest your other hand on top and your fingers intertwined and off the child’s chest see illustration position your shoulders precisely above your hands and your elbows should be

Locked in place maintain a straight line with your arms push down hard and quickly around two inches at a pace of 100 to 120 per minute to achieve the desired result allowing the chest to return to its usual posture after each compression is recommended when performing cpr on a little child utilizes a one-handed approach place the heel of one hand in the center of the child’s chest and squeeze the two

Hands together push down hard and quickly around two inches at a pace of 100 to 120 per minute to achieve the desired result to massage a baby place both thumbs side by side in the middle of the baby’s chest just below the nipple line and depress gently to provide support for the baby’s chest wrap the other fingers around it from the front to the rear push down and rapidly with both thumbs

At the same time around 112 inches at a pace of 100 to 120 per minute using both thumbs at the same time allowing the chest to return to its usual posture after each compression is recommended alternatively the two finger technique can be used with a baby make use of two fingers placed parallel to the chest and in the center of the chest to get the desired result if you are unable to reach a depth of 12 inches

With one hand then bathing a newborn consider adopting the one-handed approach three take two deep breaths when treating a youngster open the airway to a position that is slightly past neutral utilizing the head tilt chin lift approach when dealing with a baby use the head tilt chin lift approach to bring the airway to a neutral position blow into the mouth of the child or

Newborn for approximately one second make certain that each breath causes the chest to lift allowing the air to escape before taking another breath is recommended re-tilt the head and check for proper seal before taking the second breath if the first one does not cause the chest to rise as expected if the second breath does not cause the chest to lift it is possible that an object is blocking the airway

Continue to provide sets of 30 chest compressions and two breaths until you have achieved the following results you become aware of an obvious indication of life and aed is fully operational if necessary a second qualified responder can take over compressions if necessary ems professionals arrive and immediately begin providing care you are alone yourself and too exhausted to continue

The situation grows dangerous because you are alone with the baby and have conducted roughly two minutes of cardiopulmonary resuscitation five sets of thirty by two you must dial nine one one thanks for reading.