He Took A Photo Of His Wife But When He Saw The Photo

He took a photo of his wife, but when he saw the photo this photo was circulated, as man found his wife photo on internet. However, the truth was something else in our lives. Some painters often see beautiful woman.

This is the model when painting, no matter what kind of painting most of the paintings and avatar in order to make more artistic beauty. Painters tend to create a beautiful creation, such as the painter will change the corresponding shape scene, background, etc of the painter, and we are common, but very few people.

It is surprised to see the beauty of the pain directly, although there are no shortage of representatives of painting that rivals lang june in various countries either they have not yet become world famous or they have not met the painters of bole. But as the saying goes, there are people outside the world and there are heaven outside the sky.

There is such a person in japan. Some want to challenge lang jun. He is a japanese painter, mainoki and a contemporary surrealist painter super realistic paintings.

We often see it on the internet. Now the cold army is a representative painter of ultra written real painting. There is an 80 painter in japan. He is called triple wild celebration. Don’T look at him only 30 years old, but he has been engaged in ultra realistic oil painting for more than 10 years, and it is almost a household in japan triple wild creation has its own obvious characteristics.

Each of his works is small, but special attention to the portrait of the details. Painting a painting almost won in the year, because his creation method and the chinese realistic sectors were very similar, plus his superb real technician and many people call it small cold army. I don’t know let him be famous for his ultra right oil painting and the three wheeled painted painted a girl lying in the clear water. There are various structural pebbles and the water flow is gentle. The moss in the water is clearly visible.

The girl in the water complements each other, the girl is ready, skin and the water wet clothes seem to tell what, with the water flow, only exposed water partially clearly visible girl water flow light is the most direct embodiment of this painting. The painting is very exciting. The most exciting is a picture. At the same time, it draws two ideologies, one is the stasicity of the character and the body shape. There, too, are the dynamics of the body through the body whether it is static or dynamic.

It can express these two ideologies in a picture. The artistic attainments of the triple wild celebration are more than the cold army. Many people see the first reaction of this painting. This is a photo which is definitely not painted, but when the three wild celebration shows the drawing steps everyone believes he draws out and has a sincere admiration for his exquisite phantom. Although the three-wheeled ultra-written real oil painting works falling in the water, people saw him comparable to the superb pharmacy, but zhang yuxi, who is in the water, is obviously still inferior to zhang yinzen, who is comparable to the chinese realist.

Lou binh is obviously still inferior. Ultra truth, painting whether it is restraint, richness, delicate feelings, is more simple and sketch only has a simple color, no matter how painting change different colors, but lou bin’s sketch is different. Lu bin. The ultra written mass description is considered a black and white photo by many people, but it is different from the photo. It is more stereoscopic than the photo and more feelings.

His strength and paintings are accepted in love by the public, and he also enjoys a good reputation internationally and has been recognized by realistic oil paintings. It can be seen from this that his accomplishments in realistic expression techniques are not inferior to lang jun, especially his feelings and experience of color using his own unique painting, style and techniques to express what he sees understand and feel with art to the more many people. Lang joon, who can be called a human body, copying machine.

His works are popular because he uses delicate techniques to realize his paintings, replacing photos with paintings, making them more real and vivid, allowing the public to experience art through the artistic expression techniques used by the painter charm and me yin king is not inferior, such as his Picture of the girl in the water, the processing of the light and the waves of the water ripples are lifelike, portraying the coziness and sweetness of the girl, the beautiful and comfortable surroundings, and giving people a comfortable feeling.

The flow of water is dynamic and difficult to grasp, but through his own feelings about the flow of water me, inc uses his own methods to statistize the dynamic scene, express his inner world and give the painter a pure and spiritual purification effect.

This kind of surrealist painter has a unique style for ordinary people. They are similar to the pathological pursuit of photographic works, for those who pursue perfection. Self-Experience and self-cultivation are the most important and the cold army and two triple wild celebration. Both realist painter of common skills, but also their paintings, in the form of a show with different advantages. Lang jun prefers to use oil paintings for real expression.

While hong yang king pays more attention to the combination of reality and light, adding his own feelings to make the people in the paintings more comfortable and bright, and me, a’s girl series of paintings combine the physical characteristics of the girl and the comfortable life, showing the Graceful posture of the girl, which makes people feel relaxed and happy.

He also handled the expressions of those little drops of water carefully and the flowing water was like alive his style and ability. Stroke treatment can be seen in the artist’s own, solid basic skills and triple wild celebration, drawn little girl models most of his virtue that his imagination depicting oriental charm, woman, full body, the sense of light and shadow he used makes the characters more three-dimensional and because of This his creative process is particularly difficult must use oil level stack of sense so that the character is more realistic. The use of warm and cold color contrast, the figure demeanor more vivid. His paintings are like his children.

Me. Yank is good at using paintings to speak and his paintings are a symbol of vitality. His work is based on his girlfriend as a model and works created with love are naturally more intense. His work is shocking. After three times of research, he finally determined the creative process of me and king, even looking at it with a magnifying glass, does not affect the beauty in the slightest.

On the contrary, he believes that his work is more highly restored to the creative scene. Ling joon is different. He is better at using other objects to paint characters portraying more vivid characters through his own understanding of painting. He makes his works more impactful. Each of lang.

June’S paintings incorporates the shape of the characters to life, make it closer to reality for contemporary society. Surrealist painters are not easy. They are very few painters that can convert photos into oil paintings with brushes in their hands and use extreme techniques to express their true feelings. They believe that paintings are not something that can be replaced by photos. This is not only the charm of painting, but also the charm of hyper realism.

The beauty of art comes from nature, so we need to support this art form, encourage and protect the artistic soul. To discover and create beauty, we need to explore step by step in this fast, developing material age. Food for people. Spiritual world must keep up with the trend of the times to make it work. It is well known that the cold army is considered a leader in alter right, real painting.

It is very popular at home and abroad and his ultra written real painting is sold out of the price, but that is such a picture of the diamond. When he saw lou bin’s zhang yuki’s sketch, he issued an incredible praise: lu bin sketch zhang zuki out of water. Many people feel too like. After watching it is said that the cold army saw lubin’s paintings in the studio. He saw it for dozens of minutes.

After reading it, it is based on sketch higher than founded sketch works. Lou bin’s, sketch work is not as realistic as the skin of the girl, as if it is a photo. It is not painted. Lou binh has a sketch zang yuyu, which is very realistic, but the ideology has not been separated from the sketch. After watching the entire painting based on sketch, it is higher than the authors and finally returns to the sketch.

This is the most realistic reason for lube. In painting for people like me who were born around the nineteen sixties, we were teenagers at the time when we formed our world view. That was a great opportunity. Looking back reform and opening up really saved the soul of our generation said lange. At the time, information coming from the west greatly contributed to the enlightenment of our people.

It also laid a very solid foundation for my later creations, though he was well respected as an artist prior. It was after his 2004 oil painting, titled mona lisa that his work went viral. This photorealistic portrait of a woman was based on the principles of leonardo da vinci’s iconic painting, but depicts a modern woman. This work was followed by a series of photorealistic portraits of women each more detailed than the next. By examining the details, one can appreciate the precise brush strokes that pull out each aspect of the sitter.

While there is some criticism that these works look too much like photographs, lange maintains that anyone seeing the paintings in person won’t be deceived. It’S not his intent to compete with or imitate a photograph, but rather he’d like to push his art to its limits by balancing technical skill with the ability to bring emotion to his paintings. I want to push my painting skills to a higher level.

What is the most difficult thing to paint people laying told cgnt, for example, still life or rusted metals they’re, not something we see every day, people deal with people the most and people are most familiar with people to portray people and make others believe is the hardest Thing this is a shine art. I’Ve made a lot of reports for more than 20 years and some people have been asking me how to solve the contradiction between traditional realism and modernity.

In fact, there is no contradiction. Oil painting is a realistic painting. The foundation is realism, it’s abstract painting, the beauty of modernism is also extracted from realism. It will not be realistic. Oil painting is not good at what style, so i choose to paint classical things.

Jin Yangzi he graduated from the painting department of the central academy of fine arts in 1953 graduated from Maximov’s oil painting training class in 1957 and stayed in the school to teach drawing classes in the print making department and in 1962 he was transferred to the first Studio of the oil painting department to teach he once

served as a member of the standing committee of the national committee of the Chinese people’s consultative conference, the chairman of the china artists association, the president of the central academy of fine arts, the director of the art, Education Committee of the fourth state education, commission and the vice chairman of the china oil painting society,

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