He has Done THIS with his Mom Since he was 8 Years Old, It Leaves Everyone Speechless

At 8, 21 am mia. Santos was on her way to work, but, unlike most other workers who detest mondays, she had been looking forward to this day since thursday. She had been doing a countdown towards monday in her head ever since she got the news of her promotion three days ago for over 36 months, mia had her eyes set on this position, and now she couldn’t wait to get to the office to see her door. Read mia santos senior vp so as she strutted to work every step, she took reminded her of the steps she had taken to attain this position. If you had walked past her on this day, trust me, you would have noticed she was walking on the moon.

Her shoes were singing while her hair was dancing in the wind and her navy blue suit. Couldn’T look any more dashing so, as mia was about to cross the road. Please forgive her for smiling too much because she knew in five minutes. Her life was about to change forever and it changed alright, but not in the way mia had dreamed of out of nowhere. The new senior vp was hit by a black minivan.

The speed at which the car shot at mia would make. You believe that this was a scene in a fast and furious movie, as she landed on the road mia’s back hit the fire hydrant, while most of the shards of the glass from the car’s windscreen rushed at her face. She was no longer losing confidence. The only thing that oozed out of her was the blood that was streaming down her face and other parts of her body. Mia looked unrecognizable but, on the other hand, guess who staggers out of the car the man who hit her stumbles out of the car with only a minor cut over his eyes and a ruined outfit.

Alcohol was his deodorant and you can just tell by looking at him. He was drunk and shouldn’t have been behind the wheels of a car in just a few minutes. Mia’S years of hard work, which had seen her rise from the intern to senior vp was undone. It was all for nothing if she was conscious right now. She would see her dreams walk past her and there’s nothing.

She could do about it. Who would have thought her life changing forever meant her life was taking a turn for the worse. She would never get to see her door sign, read senior vp or attend her first executive meeting, which was about to start in less than an hour. Instead, she just lay on the ground not dead or alive, as people swarmed to the scene, some of them called emergency services, while others tried to get out of the debris she was trapped under when her husband alejandro got to call, he could only stammer, as he Asked will she be okay, but the doctor couldn’t answer the question. No one could when alejandro’s son pedro asked the same question, will mommy be okay, he couldn’t answer either mia didn’t open her eyes until three days after and when she did.

She woke up to a completely different world. She could no longer control her arms legs and most other parts of her body. At this point, the only thing mia could control were her eyes. Not even her speech was coherent. The doctor explained to alejandro that the collision was so severe that it had damaged his wife’s spinal cord and brain.

Therefore, she had lost the ability to move several parts of her body. The physician stated he wasn’t sure if this damage would be permanent or temporary. When alejandro explained the situation to his wife, she cried so hard that her nose started to run. She tried to raise her arm to clean her nose, but she couldn’t do anything about it and that’s when her new reality hit her mia said to her husband as he wiped her nose. This is what my life has now become.

Isn’T it? I would need you to wipe my nose and my tears who’s going to feed me what i want to eat, what kind of mother wouldn’t be able to cook for her child? How will i tuck pedro into bed or pick up the phone when someone calls me and when i have to use the toilet? Who would what would i do alejandro? I can’t live like this.

She began to cry uncontrollably and alejandro assured her. He would do his best to make her life easier. He told her. He would always be there for her and she won’t have to go through this alone. Why did this happen?

On the day? I was going to start working as senior vp. She lamented 11 weeks later, the 37 year old was discharged from the hospital and confined to a wheelchair. What alejandro didn’t realize was how much his life had changed as well taking care of his wife and their son and having to go to work overwhelmed him. Although he hired a private caregiver to assist him, he couldn’t afford to pay her to be available all the time during the weekends he would take care of mia because his wife was no longer working.

He was now solely responsible for their finances and he didn’t earn as much as his wife did. After some time he became frustrated and it even became worse when he could no longer pay the nurse he began lashing out at his wife and son. He realized his mistakes and apologized to both of them. Then, one day he left for work, but he never returned. When pedro returned from school.

He went straight to his mom, whom he always enjoyed. Spending time with their bond had grown stronger ever since the accident. Alejandro always returned around 7 30 pm, so they both watched the movie while they waited for him, but by 9 pm he hadn’t returned from work, so mia told her son to call his phone the phone only rang, but no one picked up. They tried his numbers. Several times, but no one answered the phone mia was unable to sleep as she couldn’t stop wondering what had happened to her husband.

She tried to remain optimistic, but she couldn’t stop the fear and doubts from creeping in what if her husband was involved in an accident or he had been robbed, she wondered alejandro, didn’t return that night or the day after they remained hopeful, as there had been. No news of an accident in the area things changed when pedro realized that most of his father’s clothes were missing from his wardrobe. After a week, they had still heard nothing from him, that’s when they knew he had abandoned them. So how has a mother and her son survived all this time? Guess who took charge eight-year-old pedro?

He took care of his mom and she always gave him instructions on what to do and how to prepare their meals. Mia also made sure that while he took care of her, he never faltered in his studies. She also realized that, although he abandoned them, alejandro sent money to them occasionally, which they used for their upkeep. This situation made pedro mature quickly and learned to do things most of his age mates aren’t capable of. Although it was difficult to juggle school and taking care of his mom as he grew older, he learned to handle it better.

He also had to do all this secretly to ensure child services didn’t take him away from his mother. He and his mother created a seamless system that made things easier for him. Pedro was also an outstanding student and by the time he graduated from high school, he secured a scholarship that allowed him to study law. Unfortunately, the money coming from alejandro had also stopped, so he had to work while studying, but things only got better for him and his mom in his final year at college pedro already secured a job at one of the top law. Firms in the city isn’t that amazing, after he graduated and started working at the firm, he could now afford a private nurse for his mom nurse, elena, whom he hired didn’t just look after her.

She also helped with the rehabilitation. After some time, elena became so close to their family and 14 months after she started working for the family. She and pedro started dating seeing her son happy and her family thriving was exactly the therapy mia needed shortly after her health improved. Remember the doctor said her paralysis could be temporary. Well, mia was now able to move her legs again after some time she was able to stand with the help of her crutches.

Although her recovery was quite slow, mia was eventually able to use her crutches to take a walk in the neighborhood. After some time, pedro and elena got married at the wedding party. Mia gave a speech and told everyone about how her son started taking care of her when he was just 8 years old. They were all speechless because they thought she had a private nurse who was responsible for her until he was old enough to do it himself. Mia’S story is proof that sometimes love can be the best medicine for even the most difficult situations.