He digged up the grave before his father dies taking him to the rave he was shocked

He dig dumped the grave before his father dies, taking him to the Grave he was shocked for most people who are grieving. They feel so isolated in their grief that no one understands or can possibly imagine what they might be going through. Although we could not possibly understand the exact experience of someone else, we can relate to certain feelings, thoughts and or experiences of another.

Although I caution people to say I understand, most people who have dealt with a loss and experienced grief can relate to the feelings and experiences that people feel while grieving.

It might be better to say, I’ve had those feelings, thoughts, and experiences too or I can relate to what you’re saying during our last grief group We examined and experienced our connection in the grief Journey, each member stated a feeling, thought or experience she or he was having And others acknowledged if they too felt this way or experienced something similar.

We created a web of connections authorities in Kentucky said they arrested a man accused of drunkenly trying to dig up his father’s grave to help the nearly 40-year dead man get to heaven. Michael May 44, whose father Odell died in 1978 was arrested, Monday night on charges of violating a grave possession of marijuana and public intoxication May, who had allegedly been drinking alcohol and smoking marijuana Monday evening was discovered digging up a plot at the pilot Baptist Church in Rural Lincoln County by a constable whose suspicions were peaked when he saw Mae’s car the Constable immediately called for backup he and three officers handcuffed me, but not before the suspect, allegedly cracked, into six inches of hardened Earth.

According to authorities, a roughly two by three foot, swath of soil was removed, police told The Daily Beast. We arrest him actually for public intoxication and he told the deputies. He was going to dig his dad up to argue with him Lincoln County Sheriff Kurt Folger said it’s crazy.

I thought what the hell he was pretty messed up. Folger said Greg Haynes, the pastor of pilot Baptist Church said he witnessed May’s bid to reconcile the rift that apparently went to the Grave with May’s. Father May told cops. He wanted to make sure his dad’s Eternal fate was sealed. Hayes said he said, daddy didn’t do things right and I need to dig him up and get him into heaven.

I said after 30 years you’re a little late on that Haynes told The Daily Beast. You don’t just go digging up your daddy’s grave Haynes added you just don’t. I ain’t heard of it church treasurer Lewis, Johnson, who said he knows the May family said the suspect’s father was beaten to death at a sawmill after drinking with co-workers May was charged with public intoxication of a controlled substance, possession of marijuana and violating Graves he’s at The Lincoln County Jail where one Jailer said he’s a little out of it, so it could be a while before he’s released, a police report indicates may had a clear baggie on him. Along with a leafy substance. He was slurring his speech.

The citation says the day of his arrest May gave one possible warning of his dead end plan. Writing Fare Thee Well on social media. He also posted pictures of notebooks scribbled with what appears to be religious poetry. His relatives did not return. Messages left for comment May told police.

He does not believe he was doing anything wrong by trying to dig up his father’s grave. I see the truth. He needs to be on the ground, not under it may say. Police asked May, if he planned, to make a second attempt to exhume his father’s remains it’s a possibility if the truth doesn’t come out and nobody sees the truth, yeah I’ll do it again.

He said this man found hair in family grave supposed to put his dying father in a man claims to have found human hair poking out of a 100 year old grave in turn, terrifying, Tick-Tock users, Joel Morrison, 37, was visiting a graveyard in California when he made A bizarre Discovery he recalled how he walked past a grave.

He estimated was 100 years old, which was when he clocked a large section of hair poking out of a tomb. Morrison said when I first saw it I was shocked. I wasn’t exactly sure what I was seeing, but upon closer inspection, I realized that it was definitely human hair coming out of the Grave.

After coming to terms with what I had seen, I then started to feel bad for the deceased family members and worried about the upkeep of the cemetery feeling kind of like maybe they were being disrespected or desecrated in some way. Upon further inspection, I saw that there were many other Graves that were being destroyed by squirrels and other animals and overgrown trees, damaging the tombs and Graves when he went back to investigate on another day, Morrison found similar scenes.

Although the hair was apparently pushed back into the crack, something he reckons may have been the handiwork of the groundskeeper, he continued. What looks like happened to me? Was there a large tree very close to the tumor grave and the roots from the tree had grown up into the grave disrupting the concrete barrier and brick mortar, possibly pushing up the remains? Then once the grave was opened, squirrels rodents and whatever other animals were free to go in and out. It looks like maybe they’re trying to nest in the human hair Morrison videoed what he saw and shared the footage on Tick Tock, where it tacked up more than 1.

million views and 290 000 likes many people commented to say they were creeped out and shivered, while Watching the clip one wrote: okay, no, that’s the scariest thing. I’Ve ever seen no way someone else added, that’s crazy, freaky others shared theories about what they thought may have happened with one suggesting y’all. This definitely can occur, especially after heavy floods and rains. This can, unfortunately, bring up the bodies. Another said seems like they’re buried near a tree.

A funeral director once suggested to not be buried near trees as something like this might happen. A third said: the grave may have been moved by grave robbers or vampires, while a fourth offered animal probably found the hole and tried to bring it out to make a bed in its nest. Morrison said he now plans to have a sample of the hair taken to the coroner’s office to identify whether or not it’s human, and how this man buried his father’s shocking the entire world.

A Nigerian man recently created a huge Buzz online after spending ninety thousand dollars on a brand new BMW X5 and using it as a casket to bury his late father. The man identified simply as Kazuyuki had reportedly lost his father to old age and decided to send him off on his final journey in a luxury car, so he spent a small fortune on a

brand new BMW X5 placed the old man’s body inside and buried it In an extra large six foot deep grave near his village, a photo of the car being lowered into the Grave by pallbearers under the watchful eye of azubuki, recently went viral online and caused quite the controversy.

While few people applauded the man’s intention to honor his father in a unique way, most Facebook users furious with him, claiming that he was actually making a mockery of the deceased and that he could have used the money to develop.

His village buys the car for your parent, while he is still alive if you are moneyed and bury them with a decent coffin. But this is just being foolish and showing off. One person wrote why not give the money to the Village People or go back and take the car. If any, can this is meaningless, he’s gone and he’s gone or give the Villager good water to drink?

Another man commented. Interestingly, this is not the first time this sort of thing has happened in Nigeria face to face Africa reports that, three years ago, an unnamed Nigerian billionaire in Enugu buried his mother in a brand new Hummer SUV. How weird is this world a Kenyan man was found digging his father’s grave to recover his leather

shoes 27 year old, Patrick Mwangi Katona was seen by people in his community digging up the body from the grave at around 8 A.M. On Wednesday, October, 2nd in Messina Village, as indicated by nakuru police Commander, Stephen matu, the suspect needed to recover a couple of leather shoes.

His late father, Johnson donye, was buried with in 2005. The police leader said the man claimed he needed to sell the shoes. The suspect told the police that he wanted to sell the shoes. He waited for members of his family to leave the home before exhuming the body, but the shoe was rotten, said: matu police arrested, catony and ordered him to be taken for psychiatric tests before being presented in court, where he’ll be charged for disturbing the Dead. It’S wrong for anybody to exhume the dead.

Such can only be done if permission is granted by a court of law. Investigations have therefore commenced, after which the suspect will be arraigned added the police, boss. Matu said the suspect’s family requested the police to allow them to conduct prayers before re-bearing the body as it is a taboo to exhume. The Dead police are liaising with the family and the church to re-berry the body. The family requested us to allow them time to conduct some prayers and cleansing.

He said doing weird things like keeping letters or clothes after months or years after the death smelling them or preserving them, buying their favorite food for the loved one, even though no one will eat it, because no one except the loved one like that special treat, leaving The other side of the bed untouched for your spouse or partner, maintaining a similar routine as if your loved one was still alive, ironing your loved ones, clothes and placing the clothes back in the closet, putting a place set out for dinner, even though your loved one.

Never comes speaking to their picture or urn, and the list goes on. Grief can make it hard to sustain attention and concentrate leaving you feeling as mentally tired as you do physically. This might be one of the most distressing aspects of grief feeling mentally depleted. At a time when it can feel like you need everything, you’ve got and more distorted grief is an intense manifestation of complicated grief, often described by Mental Health professionals as an unhealthy type of grief.

It manifests in the form of extreme emotional and behavioral changes in a grieving individual. I often remind people that what they are doing is not weird. People are managing the best way they can within their grief. Often, these weird behaviors are healthy and quite normal. Most people who are experiencing a loss and are grieving, probably are doing some weird behaviors that they too, dare wouldn’t share or fear or concern of judgment for criticism.

The interesting thing is that the majority of people who are grieving are probably doing some form of weird thing too, when sharing with others in a safe and comfortable environment. How might just come to see just how connected you are? It might offer you a source of support, see you next month on the third Tuesday at 7, 15 PM for more information visit, our group counseling page.

I thank each and every one of our participants. It takes courage to attend, share, listen and just be there with us, thanks for reading. See you soon.

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