Halle Berry has hilarious response to fan saying ‘everyone hated’ Catwoman

Halle Berry has posted a very amusing response to a fan saying they were “shocked” to discover that “everyone hated” the 2004 movie Catwoman.

In the film, Berry played Patience Phillips, a woman who develops cat-like powers based on the popular DC Comics antagonist. Catwoman was mauled by critics, and is frequently cited among the worst blockbusters ever made.

On 10 October, a Twitter user shared a clip from Catwoman with the caption: “When I first seen this when I was a child I really thought this was the best movie in the world so imagine my shock when I grew up and found out everyone hated it???”

Berry then retweeted the post with a crying-laughing emoji and the words: “Imagine mine.”

Last year, Berry opened up about feeling guilty over the failure of the widely panned superhero film.

Reflecting on the movie on Jimmy Kimmel Live!, Berry said: “I wasn’t [disappointed] but it seemed like the people were. I worked really hard to be a catwoman. I learned [Brazilian martial art] capoeira. I did the work.”

She added: “The disheartening part was: I didn’t direct it, I didn’t produce it, nor did I write it. I was just the actress in it. But for all these years, I have carried the weight of that film. And whatever success it had or didn’t have somehow seemed like it was all my fault. But it really wasn’t my fault. But I’ve been carrying it.”

In recent years, Catwoman has been subject to critical reappraisals, with some people celebrating its camp value and Berry’s performance.

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