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Guy Puts On The Ugliest Clothes He Could Find, Gets Treated Like A Celeb Model At London Fashion Week

Breaking into the glitzy and glamorous world of high fashion is tough. Just ask any model, successful or otherwise. YouTubers Zac and Jay are by no means, professional models or fashion designers. But they wanted to see if they could convince people at London Fashion Week 2019 that one of their friends was indeed a supermodel. To do it, they sought the help of their pal, Max Fosh, whom they dressed up in the most idiotic outfit. But was it enough to fool anyone?

The Random Guy

Zac and Jay host a YouTube channel that is famous for delivering crazy fun content. But they were about to take on their biggest challenge yet, crashing London Fashion Week! Well, sort of. They weren’t going to send Max Fosh to infiltrate the event. They just wanted to see if he could convince people on the street that he was an in-demand model. But first, they had to dress him up in an outfit that was ridiculous and totally in vogue.

A Blank Canvas Of A Man

Fosh is a nice-looking guy but Zac and Jay needed to dress him up to play the part of a supermodel. After all, he needed some extra pizzazz, don’t you agree? So they used the thriftiest items they could find at a clothing store to put the getup together. Then it was time to see if they could actually fool anyone into believing that Fosh was a legit supermodel.

He Had Reservations

Zac and Jay recorded the entire process for their YouTube channel. But it was clear to viewers that Fosh had some reservations about going out in public in the most idiotic outfit anyone had ever seen. But the boys clearly knew what they were doing. Plus, some of the outfits they came out with looked pretty legit.

Meet Maximillian Bucharest

Max Fosh was gone and, in his place, a supermodel named Maximillian Bucharest was born. It wasn’t long before he went out on the street with his attention-grabbing Zoolander look, which surprisingly made Londoners and photographers’ heads turn. All of a sudden, everyone wanted a piece of Maximillian Bucharest!

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Photographers Surrounded Him

Who knew that becoming a model could be this simple? Zac and Jay obviously proved that with some basic materials and a bit of imagination, it’s easy to pull the wool over everyone’s eyes. But then again, Max does have the body type and handsome good looks to be a male model.

He Totally Rocked Pink

Fosh was a real trooper wearing pink rubber gloves, which when combined with his emo expression, made him look like he just stepped off a Paris runway. He obviously fooled photographers and bystanders. We’re surprised no one asked him for an autograph, though!

The Wannabe Designers

You could hardly call Zac and Jay fashion designers, but they managed to pull off a look that some people found pretty irresistible. But that’s probably because they were convinced that Fosh was, in fact, a high-end model.

Even ASOS Was Inspired!

It seems that all those snaps photographers took of Fosh eventually got to the hands of ASOS designers because they were very much inspired by his look. They created an outfit that’s somewhat similar to Fosh’s original look and sold it for $195.15!

They Didn’t Know The Difference

We’re sure that Fosh wouldn’t have been able to get two feet near the runway at London Fashion Week. But he had gotten plenty of attention from the professional photographers outside of the event. But why didn’t they realize Fosh wasn’t a legit model? It’s simple. It’s their job to take photos, not judge what the person is wearing. This gave Fosh a temporary taste of fame.

It Was A 2-Day Experiment

Fosh was able to get photographers to swarm around him by wearing two ridiculous outfits, but perhaps, it was his chiseled good looks and confidence that tricked people into thinking these designs were legit. This created quite a disturbance on the street. But the photographers probably figured it was worth it because they assumed he was a supermodel. Fosh even took photos with a few “fans.” Now we’re willing to bet that a part of him was laughing on the inside. But they weren’t alone. Their 186,377 subscribers probably got a kick out of this little experiment too, and so did we. Watch the video up next to see how this prankster was able to fool designers, fashionistas, and photographers at London Fashion Week.