Jeri Ryan Stalker To Face Trial

A 22-year-old guy was condemned to stand trial Monday for allegedly stalking Jeri Ryan of “Star Trek: Voyager” and a producer.

According to The Associated Press, a Los Angeles Superior Court judge has ordered Marlon Pagtakhan, 22, to stand trial on five counts, including stalking and extortion. Judge Alan Ellis found sufficient evidence that Pagtakhan had threatened the actress and her family on Wednesday.

Ryan is most recognized for her role in the Voyager series as Seven of Nine, the Borg.

Pagtakhan was detained on Nov. 16 and is being held in custody in lieu of $405,000 bail. His arraignment is set for January 31.

Pagtakhan had expressed his “love” for Ryan in a series of progressively incoherent posts on “Star Trek” fan forums.

“Maybe she can take me on my 1st EVER date! I’ve NEVER been on a date before, or maybe she will let me move in with her for awhile!” read one of the posts. “She would be able to Trust Me, I mean NO harm! I’m only victim, and of her beauty” it said.

Mr. Showbiz recently quoted Ryan as saying, “a bit strange to consider how many people there are who are willing to spend hours and hours of their free time designing a Web site for someone they don’t know.”

The defendant also reportedly threatened bodily damage to the actresses’ boyfriend, Brannon Braga, the show’s executive producer, and indicated that if he was paid $10,000, he would leave him alone.

Pagtakhan’s lawyer was unavailable yesterday night, and prosecutor Rhonda Saunders declined to comment.