Baywatch’s Krista Allen Says Burglar Stole Her Vibrat0r, injured her dog

Krista Allen of Baywatch claims that a lady broke into her Los Angeles house on Thursday, robbed her, and assaulted her two dogs.

The lady allegedly went into Krista Allen’s home, drank the star’s wine, and then snatched her vibrat0r in a case of “too bizarre to be true.”

According to law enforcement officials, Krista returned to her San Fernando Valley house on Thursday and discovered a homeless lady inside. Krista allegedly dialed 911 and held the lady down until the officers came.

Authorities found the vagrant lady at the former Days of our Lives star’s home, who Krista claims brutally harmed her dog.

Allen, 45, announced the news on Twitter late Friday night.

This invader reportedly also “drank Krista’s alcohol and ingested pills that were in the house.”

‘Who knew as soon as I left the house, he would experience such a terrible trauma,’ Krista captioned an Instagram photo. ‘The lady who broke into my house and fractured his neck and spine is in jail, She also kicked Jack’s best friend, Jake the Puggle and hurt his back leg. On way to see @drjeffwerber for some laser treatments for both dogs pain. Jack is hurting really bad, send good thoughts!!”

Fortunately, his injuries were subsequently determined to be minor, and he is currently recuperating, despite the fact that he is “still in tons of pain.”

Jake, her second dog, a Pug mix, injured his back leg.

The actress claims the lady stole stuff from her house, including a very personal item.

“My house was broken into yesterday and I walked in on the person stealing! … Most odd thing she took? … A vibrat0r,” she said on Twitter Friday.

My house was broken into yesterday and I walked in on the person stealing! … Most odd thing she took? … A vibrat0r. Which makes perfect sense why @TMZ is buzzing about it! Thanks again for all your well wishes. XOXO

— Krista Allen (@KristaAllenXO) February 23, 2018

Krista is most remembered for her performances on Days Of Our Lives and her time on Baywatch as Jenna Avid from 2000 to 2001. She shifted to more popular roles after earning her debut in the “erotic cable television series” Emmanuelle in Space. She had roles on The X-Files, Arli$$, and Charmed, in which she portrayed The Oracle. Krista played Bridget Keller on the short-lived TV show What About Brian, and she also starred in the 2009 film The Final Destination. According to IMDB, she had six projects in post-production at the time of publishing, including Misfits, Party Mom, and Eleven Eleven.

Krista and George are said to have started dating when he cast her in the 2002 film Confessions of a Dangerous Mind.

They dated for over two years before breaking up in 2004, but were seen together again in 2006 for a brief while.

The lady is presently in custody, according to Allen, although authorities were unable to confirm this.

Krista also has a podcast called “I’m Fine” with Krista Allen. ” ‘I’m fine’ is pretty much a quote everybody eventually uses,” she said while talking with Forward. “I know there’s times I could be getting mauled by a lion and my boyfriend would say how you doing night say ‘I’m fine.’ I review one self-help book a week with my celebrity friends. It’s more of a companion piece to that self-help book. So we talk about our lives and how it relates to the topics in the book of the week. My comedian/celebrity guests explore their own personal debaucheries while diving into the perplexing world of self-help.”

Allen subsequently expressed her gratitude for her pet Jack’s good health on Twitter, thanking fans and friends for their support.

“My baby boy, Jack, is resting comfortably and we both so appreciate all the sweet messages and concern!” she wrote. “It means so much!! I’m just laying here watching him sleep, thanking God he’s doing better!!! ❤??❤.”